20 Awesome Raven tattoo Design ideas in 2023

Raven tattoos have become very popular in recent years and are often designed as an alternative to the traditional crow tattoo. The raven is often associated with the devil, but there are many other meanings to this popular bird. Like most birds, ravens are often designed with wings to show freedom or flight. Raven tattoos can also be designed with other animals or symbols, such as roses or daggers, to create a unique tattoo design that reflects your personality and interests.

Raven tattoos can be very diverse. Ravens can be depicted in various positions and poses. They are usually portrayed alone, although some people prefer to get a raven tattoo that shows more than one bird. The wingspan of these birds is usually quite large, so many people choose to get a raven tattoo that covers their entire back or leg.

In general, raven tattoos look best when done in black ink with fine lines. Some people may prefer to incorporate other colors into their design, but most raven tattoos are done in black ink only. You can add some small details, such as flowers or foliage, if you like, but it’s best to keep things simple so that the design looks good even when it’s not fully colored in.

1. Raven With Flowers Tattoo

This is a great option for those who want a design that is more natural or earthy-looking than anything else. You can use flowers such as roses or carnations as part of your tattoo design to represent various aspects of life, including love, hope, peace, and beauty, among others.

Raven With Flowers Tattoo

2. Raven Tattoo With Clock

A raven sitting on top of a clock means that you are aware of your mortality and know that the time will come when everything will be gone. It also suggests that you are living your life to the fullest and making the most of every moment in this world because you know that there’s only so much time left before you die.

Raven Tattoo With Clock

3. Three Raven Tattoo

Ravens are often tattooed in groups of three because they are associated with the Trinity in Christianity. The Celts believed that ravens were sacred to their god of war, and so they had great respect for them.

Three Raven Tattoo

4. Tribal Ravens Tattoos

Many tribal people also have great respect for ravens and have made them part of their cultures. Some Native American tribes have tribal raven tattoos, which can be very impressive. Tribal tattoos can also be done in the tribal style in any culture that has a tradition of tattooing ravens.

Tribal Ravens Tattoos

5. Wolf and Raven Tattoos

The most common design for a wolf and raven tattoo is a picture of a wolf howling at the moon while a raven sits on his shoulder, but there are several other possible designs besides this one. The colors used in these tattoos are typically black and white, grey, or red.

Wolf and Raven Tattoos

6. Raven With Skull on Shoulder

Raven tattoos on the shoulder are popular choices among both men and women. They look great with traditional artwork as well as in a realistic style, and can be placed to look like there is a raven sitting on your shoulder.

Raven With Skull on Shoulder

7. Blue Raven Tattoo

If you love this bird but do not want it too dark, you can try a blue raven tattoo. The birds will be shown in black and white, but they may have a blue hue to their feathers or other parts of the design. This is an especially good idea if you want to add more color to your tattoo.

Blue Raven Tattoo

8. Raven Chest Tattoo

Raven tattoos on the chest can be shown in many different ways. Some men choose to have the ravens flying from one side of their chest to the other, while others may have them sitting on their shoulders or even sitting on their skulls.

Raven Chest Tattoo

9. Raven Tattoo With Skull

A skull and raven tattoo is an excellent choice for those who want to add an element of darkness to their ink. The meaning behind this design varies depending on the wearer, but tends to symbolize death or a past tragedy. This type of tattoo is often associated with pirates or other outlaws, making it a great choice for those who embrace their inner rebel.

Raven Tattoo With Skull

10. Tree With Raven Tattoo

Raven forearm tattoos can work well for both men and women. The placement ensures that the design will be easily seen by others. The forearm also has enough space to accommodate large designs, which makes it an ideal location for raven tattoos.

Tree With Raven Tattoo

11. Watercolor Raven Tattoo

Watercolor-style tattoos are becoming increasingly popular as more people opt for unique designs instead of traditional inked artwork. Watercolor tattoos are ideal for those who want something different than a regular black and gray piece. While they’re certainly

Raven Tattoo Watercolor

12. Clock and Raven Tattoo

Arm raven tattoos are cool and popular among tattoo lovers. These raven tattoos are large and can be inked on your entire arm or half of the arm, covering your biceps. They are also perfect for both men and women. Arm  tattoos can be inked with other elements like flowers, stars, animals, quotes, and many more.

Clock Raven Tattoo

13. Raven Tattoo on Wrist

Wrist raven tattoos are small but equally cool and nice. They can be done in different designs, like flying ravens or birds perched on tree branches with other elements like flowers, butterflies, birds, etc. Wrist tattoos can be inked on the inner or outer wrist, and they are suitable for both men and women.

Raven Tattoo on Wrist

14. Raven Tattoo on Foot

Raven foot tattoos are small but very creative and nice-looking. These tattoos can be done as a flock of beautiful flying ravens or as a single perched raven with other elements like flowers, hearts, trees, stars, etc. However, only a few people like to get their feet tatted because of the pain, but those who do love these types of tattoo designs because they look so amazing on the feet.

Raven Tattoo on Foot

15. Rose and Raven Tattoo

A rose and raven tattoo is one way to combine something beautiful with something mysterious. The rose is a traditional symbol of beauty, while the raven is often associated with darkness, mystery, and even death. A single rose and raven together might represent life and death. A whole bouquet of roses combined with an entire flock of ravens could symbolize “beauty in darkness” or “life through death.”

Rose and Raven Tattoo

16. Cross and Raven Tattoo

The cross is a Christian symbol for faith, hope, and love. The combination of a cross and a raven can have very different meanings depending on how you interpret them. It could represent either “faith through darkness” or “darkness through faith.” If you’re religious, this combination might be perfect for you.

Cross and Raven Tattoo


17. Thigh Raven Tattoo

The thigh is also a great place to get a raven tattoo. You can use raven tattoos to cover your entire thigh area, or you can use it as a small tattoo on your thigh.

Thigh Raven Tattoo

18. Raven Leg Tattoos

Legs are another great place to get a raven tattoo. You should choose a design that you like most and then show it to your artist so he can make an awesome design for you.

Raven Leg Tattoo

19. Raven Hand Tattoos

You can also get a cool black-ink raven tattoo on your hand. Hands are also one of the best places to get a raven tattoo, because when people shake hands with you, they will definitely notice your awesome raven tattoo.

Raven Hand Tattoos

20. Raven Finger Tattoos

If you want a small but cool-looking raven tattoo, you can get it on your finger. The finger is also one of the best places to get small tattoos for men and women.

Raven Finger Tattoos


Raven Tattoo Meanings

When someone gets a raven tattoo, it is often because they like the meaning behind the bird. Ravens are thought to be very intelligent birds and were frequently seen as messengers for their gods in ancient cultures. It was also considered to be an emblem of secret knowledge and wisdom. On the other hand, some people believe that ravens are bad omens and do not have any positive connotations at all. Because they are frequently associated with death, this is most likely why they have such a dark appearance. 

What does a raven tattoo symbolize?

Raven tattoos have their origins in the past. These birds have been a part of tattoos for centuries, and they are often incorporated with other elements. Ravens are known to be intelligent, cunning, and resourceful animals. They're also a symbol of mystery and intrigue. Some people see ravens as harbingers of death, while others see them as protectors.


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