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20 Chic Foot Tattoo Ideas

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One of the most beautiful places to get a tattoo is on the foot. Tattoos look really stunning on this unusual body part. There are so many different tattoos that you can use from a butterfly to a snake – there are really no limits …

Kompass Fuß Tattoo

Tattoos have been very popular for hundreds of years and their popularity hasn’t changed until this day. People who work in high positions where a tattoo is taboo and who do not want to do without a tattoo can get tattoos on places like arm and foot. Where you can hide the motifs well. If you decide to get a tattoo, make sure you find a tattoo studio that takes hygiene standards seriously. A second most important point is that you look at the previous motifs of the tattooed before you sit on the chair, whether you like its type. Don’t forget that this art is kind of permanent.

Foot Tattoo Designs

There are very few people with a foot tattoo. A foot tattoo looks very exotic. It attracts people because it is unique. You have the option to make this tattoo even more eye-catching with bright colors. Here are some ideas on how to get your foot tattoo.


Blumen Fuß Tattoo

Blumen Fuß Tattoo

Blumen und Kolibri Fuß Tattoo

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musical instruments

If you really want your foot tattoo to stand out and attract attention, then you should choose a guitar in orange sunset or sunflower yellow. Two intertwined trumpets and a musical note floating around is also something that would look great on your foot. Or a piano with its keys of different colors is also an excellent unique foot tattoo. That attracts everyone’s attention.

Musikinstrumente Fuß Tattoo

Klavier mit seinen Tasten Fuß Tattoo

Gitarre und Rose Fuß Tattoo

Animal Tattoos

You may like wild animals or soft domestic cats that depends on your personal sensitivity. Imagine how beautiful a howling wolf with flowing tail would look. Or another idea is an elephant with a trumpet and long tusks. For girls, the best animal tattoo is a little cat curled up and eyes closed.

Kaninchen Fuß Tattoo

Schildkröte Fuß Tattoo

Elefant Fuß Tattoo

Fuchs Fuß Tattoo

Marienkäfer Fuß Tattoo

Vogel Fuß Tattoo

Kolibri und hibiskusblüte Fuß Tattoo

Schmetterling Fuß Paar Tattoo

Wasserfarben Schmetterling Fuß Tattoo

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Cute Tattoos

If you say the nicest tattoos, the butterfly is definitely one of them, it is a picture that looks good almost everywhere on the body, especially in vibrant colors. One of the most valuable creatures is the yellow canary (tweety) from Warner Bros. which can look very nice on the foot. A goldfish with heart shaped bubbles is another cute tattoo on the foot. Do you like dolphins if so you can consider getting a dolphin tattoo. Bugs Bunny with a glowing carrot in hand is also a great choice.

Goldfisch Fuß Tattoo

Einhorn Fuß Tattoo

Daffy Duck Fuß Tattoo

As I mentioned at the beginning, it doesn’t matter which symbol you choose, whether wild or soft, whether sweet or colorful.

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