20 Best Joker Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Joker tattoos can be found on many different parts of the body, and are usually done in either black and gray ink or full color. The most popular spot for these humorous designs is the arm, but you’ll also see them on the chest, back, shoulder blade and leg. If you want to get a Joker tattoo, there are many different designs available.

Joker tattoos come in all shapes and forms, but most of them have one thing in common; they all portray this character as a villain. However, sometimes people get different kinds of Joker tattoos. Some people get tattoos that depict him as a hero or antihero while others get tattoos that show him as a clown or funny man. All these different types of Joker tattoos make sense because there is no one type of Joker tattoo that makes sense for everyone.

Joker tattoos are among the most popular tattoo designs. The Joker is a villainous character in the Batman comic books, and has also been portrayed in several movies. As a villain, the Joker displays many characteristics that make him appealing to people who want to get a Joker tattoo design.

1. Batman And Joker Tattoo

There is a long history of the Batman and Joker tattoos. These two characters have been fighting each other since Batman first appeared in the comics. The most famous story is the one where Batman and Robin are fighting the Joker and he shoots Robin in the leg with a gun. In response, Batman beats him up and throws him off a building.

batman and joker tattoo

2. Black And Gray Joker Tatttoo

A beautiful black and gray joker tattoo design that uses simple shading to create depth within the artwork itself. The color scheme used here is very basic so that it doesn’t distract from the overall design itself, but it still creates a striking piece nonetheless.

black and gray joker tatttoo

3. Black Joker Tattoo

Joker tattoos are usually done in black ink but have also been done in color. These tattoos can be done on any part of the body but tend to look best when placed on the upper arm or back area. Some people like using this tattoo design for their chest piece because it shows off the detail well without being too much work for one artist to complete within one sitting time frame.

black joker tattoo

4. Haha Joker Tattoo

The haha joker tattoo incorporates laughter into the design by making it look like he’s laughing out loud with his mouth open wide as if he’s about to laugh hysterically at something funny that happened earlier in life when he was still human before becoming a crazed maniacal killer who just wants to kill people without any real purpose other than pleasure.

haha joker tattoo

5. Joker Smile Tattoo

The Joker smile tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos amongst fans. Fans often get it done on their faces or backs as it symbolizes their love for the Clown Prince of Crime. The design usually features a large grin with sharp teeth, which has become synonymous with the character.

hand joker tattoo

6. Harley Quinn Joker Tattoo

Harley Quinn And Joker tattoos are a popular choice for couples who are engaged or married. These two characters have become so popular in pop culture that they can be found all over the internet in various forms and styles. There are many different ways to get a Harley Quinn and Joker tattoo, but one of the most popular is with matching tattoos on both partners’ forearms.

harley quinn joker tattoo

7. Heath Ledger Joker Tattoo

Heath Ledger played one of the most iconic versions of Batman’s arch nemesis in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight but passed away before its release in 2008. However, he won over both critics and audiences alike with his portrayal of Joker and his performance is still considered one of the best ever by many. His passing shook up many fans across the world and led to an increase in popularity for his tattoos among fans.

heath ledger joker tattoo

8. Joker Card Tattoo

The joker card has a lot of history behind it and is one of the most popular cards in a deck of cards. The Joker card has been around for many years and has always had the same look to him. With the Joker being such a popular card, tattoo artists have taken his image and put it on their body as a tattoo.

joker card tattoo

9. Joker Chest Tattoo

Chest tattoos are very popular among men and women alike. They can be placed anywhere on the chest but typically they’re found on either side of the sternum (center bone). The design can be as simple or complex as desired but it should be large enough to fill up most of the space available on each side.

joker chest tattoo

10. Joker Forearm Tattoo

The most common place for a Joker tattoo is on your forearm. This is because it is easy to hide if you need to, but also because it is such a large area that it can be used for many different designs. One of the most common is just a simple image of the clown face with his signature purple hair and green mouth.

joker forearm tattoo

11. Joker Hand Tattoo

If you want to get a Joker tattoo then you should make sure that it is on your hand so that everyone can see it when you are talking or shaking hands with someone else. This way it will be easier for people to know who you are and what your interests are without having to speak up about it themselves.

joker hand tattoo

12. Joker Leg Tattoo

Joker leg tattoos are one of the most popular types of Joker tattoos. In addition to being easy to find, they’re also very unique and can be placed anywhere on the body. You can get different kinds of Joker leg tattoos that range from small designs to large pieces that cover your entire leg!

joker leg tattoo

13. Joker Movie Tattoo

If you’re a fan of the Joker, then you’ll love these amazing movie tattoos. The Joker is one of the most popular villains in cinema history and he’s also one of the most iconic. There are many tattoos designs to choose from when it comes to the Joker, whether you want a simple tattoo design or something more elaborate.

joker movie tattoo

14. Joker Shoulder Tattoo

The Joker is often associated with playing cards, so it’s no surprise that many fans choose to get a card tattooed on their shoulder or collarbone area as well. A joker card is usually used as a placeholder for another card, but some people choose to have it tattooed on their body because it reminds them of their love for the Joker character or because they think it is funny.

joker shoulder tattoo

15. Joker Sleeve Tattoo

Joker sleeve tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo choices among tattoo enthusiasts and collectors because of their eye-catching designs and cool colors that blend well with your body’s shape. This type of tattoo design can be easily done on any part of your body including arms, chest and back among others. However, if you want it on your arm then you should consider getting either an upper arm or lower arm tattoo design as they.

joker sleeve tattoo

16. Joker Tattoo Drawing

Drawing Joker Tattoo is a good idea to express the love for the movie and its character. But if you want to draw Joker tattoo, you must have some knowledge about this character. The most popular version of Joker is played by Jack Nicholson in 1989’s Batman film.

joker tattoo drawing

17. Killer Joker Tattoo

One type of tattoo that many people like is an image of the Joker as an actual killer. This is an interesting take on the character since it shows him as someone who doesn’t care about others and only cares about himself. There are many different ways that you can portray this type of look on your body, including using colors and shading techniques to make it appear more lifelike.

killer joker tattoo

18. Skull And Joker Tattoo

One of the most popular tattoos for fans of The Dark Knight is a skull with an image of the Joker’s face on it. This tattoo design combines two important symbols from Batman mythology: The Dark Knight himself and his arch-nemesis, The Joker. These tattoos can be done in many different styles and colors, including black and grey or red ink as well as full color tattoos of both skulls and jokers faces.

skull and joker tattoo

19. The Joker Tattoo

The Joker is known for his bright green hair, his white face paint and his red lips. So if you want to get this tattoo, make sure that your artist uses these colors. Otherwise, the design may look strange or incorrect. You can also have other symbols like playing cards or dice in your design to give it a more authentic feel.

the joker tattoo

20. Watercolor Joker Tattoo

Watercolor Joker tattoos are amazing. These tattoos are mostly done by famous tattoo artists around the world and they are considered as one of the best Joker tattoos out there. The watercolor effect is done with a lot of patience and hard work. The tattoo artist uses different colors to make sure that the tattoo looks realistic and appealing.

watercolor joker tattoo


What does Joker tattoo mean?

Joker tattoo is a symbol of freedom. The meaning of this tattoo is to give the wearer the freedom to be themselves and do what they want without being judged by others. The Joker is also a symbol of chaos, which is why many people get it tattooed on their body after they go through a difficult time in their life.

Which hand is the Joker tattoo?

The Joker has a few different tattoos, but one of the most prominent is on his left hand. The tattoo is a smiley face, but instead of having an actual mouth, it has a hole cut out.


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