10 watercolor tattoo ideas

10 watercolor tattoo ideas 61b20cd0f05ca

Colorful tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years, with the watercolor tattoo style emerging. Watercolor tattoos are whimsical, delicate designs that have soft pops of color without being bordered by strong lines.

Watercolor tattoos are definitely alluring, and if you want a colorful design for your next tattoo, the watercolor route might be for you.

What is the difference between color tattoos and watercolor tattoos?

First of all, there is a difference between getting a tattoo with color and opting for a watercolor tattoo. Standard color tattoos tend to be much more saturated while watercolor tattoo colors are more subtle.

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Types of Watercolor Tattoos

You can get super creative with this type of tattooing. You can start with watercolor splatters as a background for a simple blackwork design or a meaningful quote. Flower tattoos can really come to life through the watercolor style. An animal tattoo can take on a new sense of realism with watercolors, think for example of a flamingo in many soft shades of pink.

However, colorful tattoos are not the same as black ink tattoos and various precautions must be taken.

Colors can fade faster than black

Black and colored inks are simply not the same composition, and our bodies can react differently to different types of inks.

For example, red ink is often the cause of allergic reactions in tattooed people.

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All tattoos fade, and no matter what style of tattoo you get, there will be a time when you will have to go back to your tattoo artist for a touch up. However, it is known that colors fade faster than black ink tattoos.

So, if there are no dark and defined lines, will the tattoo design turn into a blob of color as soon as the watercolor ink starts to fade?

The ultimate factor when it comes to the longevity of a tattoo is whether or not you will take care of your new ink and skin and get a tattoo by a skilled artist.

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4 tips to get your watercolor tattoo done last

1. Choose an experienced tattoo artist

Don’t skimp when it comes to a tattoo. Choose a skilled tattoo artist who has spent the hours creating watercolor designs. They know best how to best approach your chosen design – and give you advice if something doesn’t work – so that you can leave the studio with a tattoo that you will love for years.

2. Have a base made of black to hold your watercolor tattoo together

The high differentiation of a dark base in your watercolor tattoo can help your plan age well. At the point when the tones begin to blur, there is still some essential design that characterizes the work.

3. Perform a patch test

This is often recommended for tattoos made with red ink, as this color is known to cause allergic reactions in some people. An allergic reaction to tattoo ink is not a fun experience and can cause a tattoo to not heal well.

If you have sensitive skin or allergies and are concerned about possible side effects of red ink in your watercolor tattoo design, get a patch test. Twenty-four hours before your appointment, your tattoo artist will put a dot of ink on your skin to see if you have any negative reactions.

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4. Take care of your tattoo

Follow the care instructions of your tattoo artist! Making sure your fresh tattoo heals well is an important step to a permanent tattoo.

Wash your tattoo with antibacterial soap and then apply a fragrance-free moisturizer. Before touching your tattoo, make sure your hands are clean – this will prevent the transmission of bacteria. Then all you have to do is wait for your tattoo to heal.

Never forget your sunscreen! The rays of the sun can devastate tattoos – especially brightly colored tattoos – so always lather up with sunscreen before heading out with exposed ink.

5 Small Watercolor Tattoo Ideas

You don’t have to get big with a watercolor tattoo; A small tattoo in this style can steal the show.

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1. Watercolor Flower Tattoos

Flowers are a popular choice when it comes to watercolor tattoos as this design is a great opportunity to get creative with colors. Cherry blossoms with their delicate pink tones, red roses gradually fading from deep red to lighter shades, and the bright yellow of sunflowers are just some of the floral options. Flowers also have deep symbolism so a flower watercolor tattoo can be a meaningful tattoo.

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2. Watercolor Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are no longer a trend that was abandoned in the 90s – modern tattoo styles have revived this theme and the results are mind-blowing.

The popularity of this insect in the tattoo world is due not only to its beautiful colors, but also to its importance. A butterfly tattoo can represent transformation, femininity and beauty.

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3. Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoos

Just like butterflies, hummingbirds also consist of fascinating colors that can be wonderfully translated into a watercolor tattoo.

If you want a colorful design that will remind you to see the positivity of life and enjoy life to the full, this little bird could be the tattoo choice for you.

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4. Watercolor lightning tattoo

If you want more structure in your tattoo, you can choose a clear outline for your design and incorporate softer elements into the outline. For example, a strong lightning bolt shape can contain soft watercolor flowers.

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5. Watercolor quote or single word tattoos

A stroke of watercolor on your skin could be the perfect backdrop for your favorite literary quote or powerful word.

There are so many options when it comes to watercolor tattoos. Unleash your creativity and create a permanent piece of art that you will love on your body.

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