15 Best Zipper Tattoo Design Ideas With Meaning

Zipper tattoos are a unique way to add some flair and personality to your look. They can be worn on the arms, legs, chest, back and even the belly button. The designs are endless, but they typically feature a colorful design with a zipper as the main focus point.

Zippers have been around for quite some time now and they have become an iconic symbol of fashion in today’s society. Zipper tattoos are a great way to pay homage to this popular trend while adding a fresh new twist to it at the same time.

There are many different types of zipper tattoos that you can choose from, including armband zipper tattoos, closed zipper tattoos and more! Each type of tattoo will have its own unique style and design which makes choosing one that fits your personality so much easier than if you were just going with a plain old regular tattoo design instead!

1. Armband Zipper Tattoo

An armband zipper tattoo is a great choice for both men and women. It can be placed anywhere on the arm, from the wrist to the upper arm. The armband can be made from any color or pattern you choose, making it very versatile. This design can also be used to cover up an existing tattoo if you don’t like the placement or color of it.

Armband Zipper Tattoo

2. Closed Zipper Tattoos

A closed zipper tattoo is one where the teeth of the zipper are facing up towards your skin. This allows for many different designs because you can customize how many teeth there are on each side of the zipper, how big they are, and how far apart they are from each other. Closed zippers also give you an opportunity to put in any type of design or pattern on top of them so that it looks like its open when in reality it’s not!

Closed Zipper Tattoos

3. Forearm Zipper Tattoo

A forearm zipper tattoo will cover most of your forearm, from about half way down your arm to almost your elbow joint. This is another popular location for these types of tattoos since they’re easy to hide under clothing and don’t take up much space on your body at all.

Forearm Zipper Tattoo

4. Minimalist Zipper Tattoo

The minimalist zipper tattoo is an excellent tattoo for those who want something simple and elegant. The tattoo features a thin black line that looks like it was drawn with a sharpie pen. This tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body because it’s so small and simple. You can choose whatever color you would like for this design, but black is always a good choice for any type of tattoo.

Minimalist Zipper Tattoo

5. Open Zipper Tattoo

The open zipper tattoo is another popular design that features the same black line as the minimalist zipper tattoo, but instead of being closed, it’s open so you can see inside of it if you want to! The open zipper tattoo can be placed on any area of your body that you want because it doesn’t take up much space at all!

Open Zipper Tattoo

6. Scar Covering Zipper Tattoos

The zipper tattoo can also stand for a scar covering, which is often used as a symbol of overcoming obstacles resulting from an accident or injury. It may also represent the pain and suffering that one has endured while recovering from their wounds. The scars that we bear on our body are marks of our courage and determination to live another day despite all the trials and tribulations that we have been through.

Scar Covering Zipper Tattoos

7. Zipper Scar Tattoos

A scar covering zippered tattoo is usually placed on an arm or leg near your knuckles or elbow joint because these areas have lots of creases where your skin folds together as you flex your arms. This creates a natural fold effect that makes it look like there’s an invisible zipper running through the skin between two creases.

Zipper Scar Tattoos

8. Zipper Tattoo Designs

The first step in getting a zipper tattoo is finding a design that fits your style and personality. A lot of people like to get one on their wrist or ankle because it’s an easy place to hide if need be. There are also some really cute designs available if you have children or grandchildren who enjoy playing with zippers!

Zipper Tattoo Designs

9. Zipper Tattoo ideas

There are many different designs that you can choose from when it comes to getting a zipper tattoo design. Some of the most popular ones include hearts, stars, butterflies and other animals such as snakes or birds. Some people also choose to get their initials done in the form of a heart with a keyhole and lock attached at the bottom of it so that it looks like both their names are written on top of each other in this way.

Zipper Tattoo ideas

10. Zipper Tattoo On Arm

Arm tattoos are a popular choice among men and women. The arm is a large space to work with, but it’s also easy to cover up if you want to change your tattoo later on. Arm tattoos are usually placed on the upper arm or lower arm, but may also be placed on the bicep or forearm.

Zipper Tattoo On Arm

11. Zipper Tattoo On Back

Back tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. This is because they can be placed anywhere on the back, giving you a lot of creative freedom. When deciding on a tattoo design, make sure to think about what you want it to mean. For example, if you choose a name or date, these can be meaningful symbols that represent you or someone close to you.

Zipper Tattoo On Back

12. Zipper Tattoo on Chest

Chest tattoos are another popular body part for getting inked. They can be placed anywhere on your chest and depending on size, can cover your whole torso or just part of it. Chest tattoos are great for showing off your personality and style but make sure to consider how visible it will be when wearing clothes!

Zipper Tattoo on Chest

13. Zipper Tattoo on Leg

Zipper leg tattoos can be pretty cool, especially if they go all the way up the leg or even down both legs. It’s important that you choose an artist who is familiar with this kind of design though because otherwise they might mess it up by trying to draw over top of what already exists instead of working around it or under it as needed.

Zipper Tattoo on Leg

14. Zipper Tattoo On Neck

Neck tattoos have become more popular recently due to their ability to hide under clothing while still being visible when someone wants them displayed publicly. Many people who get neck tattoos use them as an alternative to a traditional necklace, which can be uncomfortable, heavy, and hard to maintain properly.

Zipper Tattoo On Neck

15. Zipper Tattoo On Stomach

Stomach tattoos can be placed anywhere on the abdomen, but they are most often found above the belly button and below the chest. The placement of your tattoo will depend on how much skin you want it to cover, but remember that larger tattoos must have more space allotted for them than smaller ones. If you have an idea of what size you want your tattoo to be, make sure that there is enough room for it on your body before deciding where it should go!

Zipper Tattoo On Stomach


What does a zipper tattoo mean?

The most common meaning behind zipper tattoos is that they represent someone's desire to open up and let someone into their lives. While this may be true for some people, not everyone chooses this tattoo as an expression of their desire for intimacy. People who are getting these tattoos may simply want something unique or cool-looking that represents something important to them.

What symbolize the zipper tattoo?

The symbol behind this type of tattoo varies from person to person just like how there are many different meanings behind getting one in general. For example, some people choose to get this type of tattoo because they believe it represents something good such as hope or love while others believe it represents something bad such as death or heartbreak.


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