25 Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoos in 2023

Cherry blossom tattoos are a popular choice for females to get tattooed. There are many different variations, styles and designs for the cherry blossom tattoo. The cherry blossom is a very aesthetic flower, it is often related to feminine beauty and delicacy. This tree is not only beautiful but also has a deep meaning and symbolism.

Cherry blossom tattoos are a popular tattoo design that has been around for thousands of years. These delicate pink flowers are part of the Prunus serrulata family, and they have been associated with spring and new beginnings since the time of early settlers in Japan.

Cherry blossom tattoos are a beautiful and popular choice for both men and women. They’re a perfect option for anyone who loves the beauty of nature, or anyone looking for a tattoo design with cultural significance. Cherry blossoms look great in a variety of styles and sizes, making them an excellent pick for just about any part of the body.

The cherry blossom is a symbol of spring and Japanese culture, but it is also one of the most popular tattoo designs. Not only do they look beautiful, but their symbolism and meaning is beautiful as well. Some people get them because of the beauty and some because of the meaning, but whatever the reason, these tattoos are fantastic. Here are a few cherry blossom tattoo designs that you may want to consider.

Best Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs ideas

1. Blue Cherry Blossom Tattoo

One of the more unusual colors that can be selected for a cherry blossom tattoo is blue. While this color is not usually found on the flower itself, it is believed to represent honor, love and faithfulness. Many blue cherry blossom tattoos are inked to commemorate a special loved one or friend who has passed away.

Blue Cherry Blossom Tattoo

2. Butterfly And Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Many people choose to combine their cherry blossom tattoo with another symbol or design such as a butterfly, dragon or Japanese Kanji character. This gives the tattoo more meaning and creates a beautiful tattoo design that will be sure to attract attention. When choosing another symbol to go with your cherry blossom tattoo, make sure it is something that you truly believe in or can relate to.

Butterfly And Cherry Blossom Tattoo

3. Cherry Blossom Ankle Tattoo

One of the most common places to get a small cherry blossom tattoo is on the ankle. This location is perfect for those who want a tiny tattoo that can be easily covered up by wearing socks or tights, such as when in an office environment or any other place where showing your tattoo is not acceptable.

Cherry Blossom Ankle Tattoo

4. Cherry Blossom Arm Tattoo

If you want a larger cherry blossom tattoo design then you will most likely choose to have it placed on your arm. The upper arm area, inner arm and forearm are popular locations for getting this style of tattoo. Depending on what size you get, you may need to have it surgically removed if you ever change your mind about having it on your body.

Cherry Blossom Arm Tattoo 1

5. Cherry Blossom Back Tattoo

If you have a feminine back with a small waist, then this is the perfect design for you. The back is a large part of your body, so it has plenty of space for large cherry blossom trees. These branches are beautifully designed with the best details to help bring out the tattoo’s style and definition.

Cherry Blossom Back Tattoo 1

6. Cherry Blossom Collarbone Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos on the collarbone are lovely and subtle. Placing a cherry blossom tattoo here is one of the best ways to show off your design without getting it inked on your face, neck or hands. Plus, this location will make it easy to cover up your tattoo — just in case you need to wear something formal to work.

Cherry Blossom Collarbone Tattoo

7. Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo A colorful cherry blossom tattoo design featured on the foot of a lovely lady. This design was created with pink, purple and blue ink. This is a very cute design for any woman to get inked on any part of her body.

Cherry Blossom Foot Tattoo 1

8. Cherry Blossom Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are incredibly popular among men because they look cool and stylish. They are also highly visible, so you can show them off and never hide them under clothes if you want to. What’s more, the forearm is one of the least painful areas to get a tattoo done on your body, which makes it even better! Cherry blossoms work great for forearm tattoos because they are large enough to be seen from some distance away and because they look really nice on this part of the body.

Cherry Blossom Forearm Tattoo

9. Cherry Blossom Hand Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Hand Tattoo A gorgeous cherry blossom tattoo design featured on the hand of a lovely lady. This design is very detailed with shading and black ink.

Cherry Blossom Hand Tattoo

10. Cherry Blossom Leg Tattoo

The cherry blossom leg tattoo is an excellent option for women who want to use the branch of the tree to create a beautiful effect. The tattoo usually begins in the ankle and goes up the leg, and it can be realist or cartoonish. It’s a very elegant design that looks great in simple black lines and shades.

Cherry Blossom Leg Tattoo

11. Cherry Blossom Rib Tattoo

The cherry blossom rib tattoo has become a very popular choice among girls because of its elegance and aesthetics. The tattoo looks great at the side of the body, on the ribs or waist, where the branch of flowers can be placed with other elements to create a more significant design.

Cherry Blossom Rib Tattoo

12. Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

A cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder is a beautiful and elegant design. For this design, you can choose to have the flowers either in full bloom or beginning to wilt. The full bloom is representative of youth and beauty while the wilting flowers are often seen as a symbol of transience, frailty and mortality.

Cherry Blossom Shoulder Tattoo

13. Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo

Cherry blossom tattoos along the spine are very popular amongst women because of their beautiful style. These tattoos also give you the freedom to add other features like birds and butterflies to enhance their appeal.

Cherry Blossom Spine Tattoo

14. Cherry Blossom Thigh Tattoo

A cherry blossom thigh tattoo is one of the most popular choices for women to flaunt on their legs. They are perfect for those who want a bigger size tattoo or a larger design. Legs have large space, which allows the artist to demonstrate his creativity. The placement of a thigh tattoo is also ideal because it can be easily concealed by wearing pants and skirts, whenever you need. You can also show off your beautiful tattoo at the beach or poolside in your bikini.

Cherry Blossom Thigh Tattoo

15. Cherry Blossom Wrist Tattoo

Wrist tattoos are meant for small designs as they can only fit a small size design that can be easily covered with either a watch or a bangle. But if you want to go big and bold, you can choose the inner part of your wrist, which has more space than the back side.

Cherry Blossom Wrist Tattoo

16. Fine Line Cherry Blossom Tattoo

You can also get a cherry blossom tattoo with a fine line. This means that the lines in the tattoo will be very thin and delicate. You can go for very detailed patterns or have more of a minimalistic approach. The best thing about this type of tattoo is that it doesn’t matter whether you have darker skin or not because the lines help to make it pop out.

Fine Line Cherry Blossom Tattoo

17. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you want to have something more traditional and authentic then a Japanese cherry blossom tattoo is for you. Japanese tattoos are very unique and even though they are often inspired by nature, they aren’t really floral tattoos. They usually encompass different elements and designs that come together to create one large piece of art. What’s great about these tattoos is that they often tell a story, so they are not just there to look pretty but they actually mean something to the person who has them tattooed on their body.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo 1

18. Minimalist Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you want to get a minimalist cherry blossom tattoo, then you should think of getting just a single cherry blossom, or three cherry blossoms together in one stem. This kind of tattoo will look good on your wrist or behind your ear. You can also get this kind of tattoo on your forearm or leg. The color of the flowers can be black and white, pink and purple, pink and blue, red and orange or any other colors you like.

Minimalist Cherry Blossom Tattoo

19. Neo Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo

If you like traditional tattoos, then you should think about getting a neo-traditional cherry blossom tattoo. In this kind of tattoo, the flower can be painted in more details than in the minimalist one. Usually it is accompanied with other elements such as birds or butterflies and they are all placed on an arm or leg sleeve.

Neo Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo

20. Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This is a very popular color for this type of tattoo, and even though they are not normally pink in real life they are pretty cute when done in this color! This is the design that many people choose to have done, and even though it is nothing like the real thing, it’s still a very nice design.

Pink Cherry Blossom Tattoo

21. Simple Cherry Blossom Tattoo

This design has been done in black ink and it’s really quite simple. No color has been used here at all and they look simply stunning on the skin. This is one that many people don’t think about having done, but if you’re looking for something different then this could be just what you need. There are so many designs available when it comes to cherry blossoms.

Simple Cherry Blossom Tattoo

22. Small Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Small tattoos are an excellent choice if you want an unobtrusive tattoo design that’s easy to conceal when necessary. Small cherry blossom designs can be placed almost anywhere on the body, including the wrist, ankle, foot and neckline.

Small Cherry Blossom Tattoo

23. Tiny Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Tiny tattoos are discreet pieces of body art that can be placed almost anywhere on the body — including the stomach, finger, inner ear and back of the neck — without drawing attention to themselves. Tiny designs are ideal for people who want a minimalist tattoo or for those who have never been inked before and want a small design as a first tattoo.

Tiny Cherry Blossom Tattoo

24. Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The traditional cherry blossom tattoo is a very symbolic tattoo. It is often used to represent femininity and love. With that said, the cherry blossom can also take on some masculine qualities. For example, the cherry blossom is a popular design among martial artists. Many tattoo artists draw these tattoos with a great amount of detail.

Traditional Cherry Blossom Tattoo

25. Black Cherry Blossom Tattoo

The black cherry blossom tattoo is another important design for those who are interested in getting cherry blossoms tattoos. The black cherry blossom has similar meanings to the traditional cherry blossom design but with some differences as well. The black color is commonly associated with death or bad luck. Some people may get this tattoo to represent their fearlessness towards death or their ability to overcome obstacles despite tough times or bad luck situations.

Black Cherry Blossom Tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Men

Tattoos for men come in different designs, sizes and patterns. They can be inked anywhere on the body, from shoulder to leg, chest to back or arm to hand. The most common ones are the forearm tattoos. The popularity of these tattoos is due to their location – they are easily noticed by others and they also look very cool.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos For Women

Cherry blossom tattoos are a favorite among women. The cherry blossom is a flower that has been used to symbolize the feminine beauty, sexuality, and grace for many years. It has also been used as a symbol of power, love, and the short life that we live. The cherry blossom is a very popular tattoo for women for these reasons and many more.


What is the meanings of a cherry blossom tattoo?

Cherry blossom tattoos have many different meanings in Japanese and Chinese culture. For example, they represent both beauty and the delicacy of life in China. In Japan, the cherry blossom is a larger symbol of human existence. This flower is seen as a metaphor for the cycle of life. It blooms for such a short period that it represents how humans only have a limited time on this earth before we wither away.

What is the symbolism of cherry blossom?

Cherry trees only bloom for a short time, but when they are in full bloom, it's an explosion of pink and white that takes your breath away. In the past, the same people who admired the beauty of the blossoms would be dispatched to fight on the front lines of a war. The flowers became associated with samurai, who were willing to sacrifice their lives in short-lived battles as easily as the cherry trees sacrificed their blossoms.

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