24 Amazing Parrot Tattoo Design Ideas In 2023

Parrot tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways. These birds are known for their colorful plumage and their ability to speak. The parrot is a popular bird that can be found all over the world. Parrots in tattoo designs can be portrayed in different ways. These birds are known for their bright colors, which means you can use color in your tattoo. You can also portray the parrot with flowers, vines, trees, and other symbols and elements.

Parrots are the kind of birds that are known for their intelligence. The parrot is also very social, making it the perfect pet to have. The parrot tattoos will be a great design to have if you want the world to know that you are a social person who loves to have fun and interact with other people. Both men and women love this type of tattoo design.

Parrot tattoos are becoming more and more popular as time passes. This is in part due to the fact that birds have been used in tattoo designs for centuries, but they were not all parrots. Now, however, we are seeing many different bird species represented in tattoos, including parrots. Parrots are very colorful birds, which makes them visually appealing to the eye. This is one of the reasons why many people choose this type of bird for their tattoo design.

1. Parrot Arm Tattoos

One of the best places to have a parrot tattoo is on the arm. There is plenty of space to place any type of design, whether you want something small or large. Parrots tend to look great with tribal designs, so if this is what you want, you should try getting a parrot arm tattoo. This way, you will have an amazing tattoo that looks great on your arm as well as being very meaningful since it represents protection and freedom.

Parrot Arm Tattoos

2. Blue Parrot Tattoos

Blue parrots symbolize freedom, peace of mind, and wisdom. This is one of the most popular types of parrots in tattoos because it has so many positive meanings. Aside from that, blue looks great on human skin, especially when done in a watercolor style.

Blue Parrot Tattoos

3. Red Parrot Tattoos

Red parrots symbolize power and the strength of the spirit. They also stand for courage and passion. The red color is often used with yellow and green, which makes the whole image look bright and alive.

Red Parrot Tattoos

4. Green Parrot Tattoos

Green parrot tattoos are very popular among men and women, but not everyone wants to have their entire body covered with a green parrot tattoo. It is possible for someone to have a smaller tattoo done on just one part of their body as well. This will help them create an image of what they would like their entire body to be covered in without having to go through the trouble of getting large tattoos all over their bodies.

Green Parrot Tattoos

5. Parrot Back Tattoos

There are many reasons why one could get parrot tattoos on their back. The back is a canvas that can be used to showcase the parrot on a large scale. A large tattoo of a parrot done on the back will give the tattoo artist plenty of room to use their imagination and creativity. This is because the back is flexible when it comes to size. An artist can make any design they want without having to worry about the space available.

Parrot Back Tattoos

6. Parrot Leg Tattoos

Leg tattoos are not only beautiful, but they can also be very personal. For example, if you have a family member or friend that you would like to honor with this type of design, then you could use a parrot leg tattoo as inspiration for your own unique design!

Parrot Leg Tattoos

7. Parrot Sleeve Tattoos

A sleeve tattoo is an amazing way to express your personality and individuality. It’s also something that can be done in a short amount of time. There are many different styles when it comes to these types of tattoos, so there will always be something new.

Parrot Sleeve Tattoos

8. Parrot Ankle Tattoos

Parrot ankle tattoos are some of the most popular types of parrot tattoos. This is due to the fact that an ankle is a great location for this type of tattoo design because it is so easily visible and makes for a great conversation piece when worn with sandals or flip-flops. It’s also simple to conceal if you want to keep your tattoo to yourself.

Parrot Ankle Tattoos

9. Parrot Chest Tattoos

Tattoos depicting parrots on the chest are great for men looking to get some cute body art. Parrots are colorful birds, and so is the tattoo, making it suitable for women as well. The bird is not only colorful but also beautiful, which makes it perfect for a chest tattoo.

Parrot Chest Tattoos

10. Parrot Shoulder Tattoos

The shoulder is an excellent place to have a tattoo of a parrot. Parrot tattoos on the shoulders are usually small, and they look so adorable, especially if you choose the right color and design. You can have the bird inked on either side of your shoulder or even in front. If you want a bigger tattoo, it can stretch to your neck or back as well.

Parrot Shoulder Tattoos

11. Parrot Collarbone Tattoos

The collarbone is the ideal place to have some body art done, as it is not only easily visible but also has a very sexy shape. A parrot tattoo, when inked on the collarbone, will make you look extremely attractive and probably help you attract some attention too.

Parrot Collarbone Tattoos

12. Parrot Hand Tattoos

Your hand is one of the most visible parts of your body, so it is always under the scanner. If you want to get a parrot tattoo, then your hand would be an ideal choice, as it will always be visible and people can check out your tattoo every time you wave at them.

Parrot Hand Tattoos

13. Parrot Wrist Tattoos

Since parrots have colorful feathers, they will look best in color. For this parrot tattoo, you can make some different designs, like adding a red background or making colorful flowers in its surroundings. It is better if you get it from an expert so that it can be made perfectly and will not fade away quickly.

Parrot Wrist Tattoos

14. Parrot 3D Tattoos

Parrots are quite intelligent birds, which is why people love them a lot. If you also like them, then you can get a 3D tattoo of a parrot on your body like this one. In this 3D tattoo, you can see that the parrot has made its home in the branches of the tree and is relaxing there peacefully. In this design, you can also see other things like leaves, a sunflower, and many other things. You will surely fall in love with this design as it looks very attractive and bold too.

Parrot 3D Tattoos

15. Small Parrot Tattoos

If you would love to have a tattoo on your body but are afraid of the pain, small parrot tattoos are a great choice. They look great on your arms and legs, and they will not cause too much pain.

Small Parrot Tattoos

16. Parrot Ear Tattoos

Ear tattoos are very popular with both men and women. The ear is usually one of the most painless places to have a tattoo placed on your body. You can use many different colors when you are making an ear tattoo design. Many people also enjoy having feathers placed in their ears as part of their tattoo design.

17. Parrot Forearm Tattoos

Parrot forearm tattoos are a great idea for those who want to have their tattoo seen from afar. They look great, and you can get them on both arms or just one of them.

Parrot Forearm Tattoos

18. Parrot Rib Tattoos

Parrot rib tattoos are popular among both men and women. Parrots are an ideal fit for the ribs because they are long and narrow with colorful feathers, which lends itself well to this artistic location. The ribs are also a location that is easy to cover up if necessary without too much difficulty.

Parrot Rib Tattoos

19. Parrot Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are very popular these days because they are smaller in size and easier to hide if needed. Since it is such a small space, it is best to draw a small tattoo on your finger so that it looks good on you and does not look too crowded or out of place. You may obtain any type of parrot that you desire.

20. Parrot Geometric Tattoos

Parrot geometric tattoos fit well on areas such as your shoulder or arm. The feathers of a parrot lend themselves well to being drawn as geometric shapes rather than realistic lines, as they are beautiful and symmetrical, which works perfectly for geometric tattoo designs.

Parrot Geometric Tattoos

21. Parrot Foot Tattoos

It is common for women to get a small parrot tattoo on their foot. You can use a variety of colors when you are making this type of tattoo. These tattoos will look nice when they are used with other designs, such as flowers or stars.

22. Traditional Parrot Tattoos

The traditional parrot tattoo is an old-school style of tattoo art. Traditional tattoos are typically bold, colorful, and simple in design. They were often done during the early days of tattooing, when the equipment was not as good as it is today and therefore required big, bold lines that would hold up over time.

Traditional Parrot Tattoos

23. Parrot Neck Tattoos

The neck is one of the most common places for both men and women to get their tattoos inked. If you want your ink to stand out, then you can get your parrot tattoo drawn on your neck. This will ensure that all eyes are on you, and people will not be able to help but stare at your amazing tattoo. You can choose from the many different types of parrots available, such as the green, blue, and red parrots.

24. Simple Parrot Tattoos

Simple parrot tattoos are popular among many people because they do not take up much space on your body and can be easily hidden under clothing if needed. However, there are many people who prefer to get more elaborate designs in order to show off their personalities.

Simple Parrot Tattoos



Parrot Tattoo Meanings

There is not a single meaning for all parrot tattoos, although some meanings are common to many of these tattoos. Generally speaking, parrot tattoos represent qualities of the birds themselves, such as their beauty, intelligence, and loyalty. More specifically, many cultures around the world associate parrots with love and affection. This is because male parrots often perform elaborate mating dances that include singing songs and showing off their colorful plumage. They also form strong bonds with their mates that last a lifetime. In this way, parrots symbolize love and devotion in many cultures.

What Does a Parrot Tattoo Symbolize

Parrots are symbols of intelligence and power, but also of life and fun. Their bright colors and unique personalities give them the sense of character parrots are known for. In some cultures, they're seen as symbols of wisdom and prosperity, while in others, they're harbingers of bad luck and death.

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