30 Best Virgo Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Virgo tattoos are a symbol of a woman’s beauty and grace. Virgos are known to be very hard working and reliable people. They are also very picky about the things around them, hence they do not like to make mistakes. Virgo tattoos are quite common among women as well as men.

The Virgo zodiac sign is associated with the planet Mercury, which also happens to be the ruling planet of Virgos. This means that Virgos are logical thinkers and have a tendency to overthink things. The Virgo tattoo is a great idea for anyone born under this sign because it is a great way for them to show off their personality in a unique way.

Virgos are very practical and can be perfectionists at times. Virgos have a strong sense of right and wrong and they have a tendency to be hard on themselves when they make mistakes or fail at something. They will do whatever it takes to get things done, but they also work hard to avoid anything that might cause them stress or discomfort. Virgos like to keep things simple, so they’re not usually interested in getting tattoos with any kind of symbolism or meaning; they just want something that looks good on their body.

1. Geometric Virgo Tattoo

One of the most popular types of Virgo tattoos is the geometric design. These tattoos are often composed of diamonds or triangles with some type of border around them. The border could be any shape such as circular or rectangular for example. The border can also be made up of other zodiac signs such as Leo or Scorpio for example which would make it more elaborate than just a simple line.

Geometric Virgo Tattoo

2. Male Virgo Tattoos

Male virgos tend to prefer more masculine designs when it comes to their tattoo designs. Some examples include tribal symbols such as claws, feathers or arrows alluding to strength and protection while others choose religious symbols such as crosses or angels as they symbolize hope and faithfulness which is very important in relationships especially when children are involved!

Male Virgo Tattoos

3. Matching Virgo Tattoo

If you have a friend who is also a Virgo, you may want to consider getting matching tattoos that symbolize your friendship. There are several different designs that are perfect for this occasion, such as two hearts with intertwined vines between them or two hands holding each other. These would work well for both men and women, as well as couples who want matching tattoos instead of ones related to their relationship status.

Matching Virgo Tattoo

4. Mens Virgo Tattoo

The men in this category have Virgo tattoos on their arms and legs. These tattoos usually depict a woman with wings who is holding a mirror in her hands. Some women don’t like to have their tattoos visible when they wear bathing suits or crop tops, so they choose to get them on their lower back instead. Other women choose to get theirs on their stomachs because they want something more feminine than having an arm or leg tattoo with an image that looks like a man’s torso!

Mens Virgo Tattoo

5. Minimalist Virgo Tattoo

The minimalist Virgo tattoo is one of the most popular styles for this zodiac sign tattoo. These tattoos are usually very simple, with only one or two lines or dots representing the Virgin Mary holding her scales. They can also be done in black ink, but some people prefer to use vibrant colors instead.

Minimalist Virgo Tattoo

6. Simple Virgo Tattoo

The simple Virgo tattoo is another great choice if you want something that’s easy but still looks amazing. The simple Virgo tattoo can be inked anywhere on your body: on your back, shoulder blade, wrist or ankle. It can also be accompanied by other designs like stars or flowers if you want it to look more intricate than just a simple symbol of the Virgo sign itself.

Simple Virgo Tattoo

7. Small Virgo Tattoos

Virgo tattoos for women can be tiny, discreet designs that express your love of this astrological sign. A small Virgo tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body, from your foot to your chest or wrist. Small Virgo tattoos are often designed with a subtle image of the constellation itself or a symbol associated with it, such as a star or heart. These designs can also be modified to make them look like they’re being held by an angel or butterfly.

Small Virgo Tattoos

8. Tattoo Of Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, and it is a mutable earth sign. Virgos are known for their analytical minds, perfectionism, and practicality. They are also known for their high standards and tendency to be critical of themselves and others. Virgos are hardworking, intelligent, and often shy individuals who prefer to spend time alone rather than with others.

Tattoo Of Virgo

9. Unique Virgo Tattoos

Virgos are interested in everything about life and often want to know how things work. They enjoy learning new things, especially about science and technology. Virgos can be shy when they first meet someone because they like to observe people before they become involved with them. Once they get to know someone better, however, they become more comfortable around them and are able to relax more easily than when they first met them.

Unique Virgo Tattoos

10. Virgo Arm Tattoos

Virgo arm tattoos are popular with both men and women who want an easily hidden tattoo that still has meaning for them. The arms are typically covered with clothing most of the time anyway, so there won’t be any need to cover up your Virgo arm tattoo when you go out with friends or attend religious services. Virgos tend not to tell others about their astrological signs.

Virgo Arm Tattoos

11. Virgo Back Tattoos

The most popular place for a Virgo tattoo is on the back because the design can be easily seen by others. A back tattoo is also an easy location for someone who isn’t sure if they want to get one yet because they can easily cover up the design with clothing if they change their mind later on down the road.

Virgo Back Tattoos

12. Virgo Behind The Ear Tattoo

This behind the ear tattoo is a simple but meaningful design that will look great on any Virgo. It features an image of a woman with long hair holding a mirror in one hand and leaning onto her other elbow while she looks closely at her reflection in the mirror. The background color is light blue and there is no text present in this tattoo design. This tattoo design can be used to represent the characteristics or traits associated with Virgo including perfectionism, loyalty, reliability, honesty, intelligence and attention to detail.

Virgo Behind The Ear Tattoo

13. Virgo Butterfly Tattoo

Another option is to get a butterfly tattoo with your zodiac sign on it. It will be easy to find the perfect design that matches your personality and tastes. There are many designs available online so you can find one that suits both your personality and style perfectly.

Virgo Butterfly Tattoo

14. Virgo Calf Tattoo

The Virgo calf tattoo is a great bit of body art to get as an expression of your love for the astrology sign. It’s a simple design, but it will make a big impact on anyone who sees it. The Virgo symbol is usually depicted as one or two stars surrounded by a circle. This symbol can be found all over the world in the form of tattoos and illustrations.

Virgo Calf Tattoo

15. Virgo Chest Tattoo

A Virgo chest tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wants to show off their love for astrology, or just wants to have a unique tattoo design on their body. This tattoo can be done in any color, including black ink or colored ink. This is another design that looks great in both color and black ink. The font used in this design has been chosen specifically because it looks good with other tattoos as well as with this design alone.

Virgo Chest Tattoo

16. Virgo Constellation Tattoo

If you are born under this zodiac sign, then you might be interested in getting a tattoo design inspired by it. The Virgo constellation tattoo is one of the most popular designs among this zodiac sign because it depicts a woman holding an ear of wheat in her left hand and has a branch in her right hand. This design can be done on any part of your body such as your back or shoulder blades.

Virgo Constellation Tattoo

17. Virgo Flower Tattoo

The Virgo flower tattoo also looks great on any part of your body such as your back or shoulder blades. There are many different types of flowers that can symbolize this zodiac sign but one popular choice is lilies because they represent purity and virginity which are both traits associated with virgins.

Virgo Flower Tattoo

18. Virgo Forearm Tattoo

A Virgo forearm tattoo can be a good choice for someone who wants an easy-to-hide tattoo. It will also look great on women with long arms. A small design can also be used in this area of the body. This is an area where you don’t want to make the mistake of having too much ink because it can draw attention away from your hands and arms when you’re trying to dress up or put on makeup.

Virgo Forearm Tattoo

19. Virgo Rib Tattoo

The Virgo symbol can be incorporated into a rib tattoo by using two different shades of purple ink to create a stained glass effect around it. This tattoo will look best if drawn on someone with fair skin or if it is done on a transparent shirt so that only part of the design shows through at first glance.

Virgo Rib Tattoo

20. Virgo Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo is a great way to show off your zodiac sign without having too much going on in one area of your body. This design is simple yet elegant with its simplistic design that incorporates the circle from the Virgo symbol along with some stars around it. The colors used here are soft pastel shades that help this tattoo look feminine without being too overbearing or flashy on your body.

Virgo Shoulder Tattoo

21. Virgo Spine Tattoo

A Virgo spine tattoo is an excellent choice for anyone who has a strong interest in astrology. This design features a spinal cord with an intricate line design that looks like it’s made up of nerves. The spine is highlighted by a beautiful butterfly at the bottom of the tattoo that represents transformation and change.

Virgo Spine Tattoo

22. Virgo Symbol Tattoo

The Virgo symbol is a circle with a small line at the top and bottom. It is sometimes referred to as the Virgo sign, which represents the constellation of Virgo. The symbol itself represents the virgin goddess Diana, who was known for her purity and chastity. The line above and below the circle are symbolic of her shield and sword. This tattoo design is perfect for those who are looking for a simple yet meaningful tattoo design.

Virgo Symbol Tattoo

23. Virgo Tattoo Design

Virgo tattoos are the most common among all zodiac signs. Virgos are known to be perfectionists and they believe in doing things right the first time. The Virgo constellation is represented by a maiden holding an ear of corn, so it is not surprising that Virgo tattoos feature these elements.

Virgo Tattoo Design

24. Virgo Tattoo Ideas

Virgo tattoos are the perfect way to show off your love for astrology, or to show off your sun sign. Virgo is the sixth sign in the zodiac and one of the mutable signs. Virgos are known for being very hardworking and perfectionist, but also a bit shy and timid. They love beauty and intelligence and make great lovers!

Virgo Tattoo Ideas

25. Virgo Tattoos For Females

The virgo tattoo design is quite popular among women who are born under this sign. It represents purity, chastity and virtue as well as devotion to family values and religion. Both men and women can wear this tattoo design if they want to express themselves as being faithful or loyal to someone or something in particular. Virgos are known for having many interests so choosing just one type of symbol may not be easy for them if they want to get a tattoo with this meaning behind it.

Virgo Tattoos For Females

26. Virgo Tattoos For Men

The Virgo tattoo for men can be designed in many different ways depending on the individual’s personality. A more common design is the Virgin mother with her child on her lap. This design shows how caring and protective Virgos are towards children, especially their own. The Virgin mother can also be depicted holding an ear of corn or wheat in her hands which symbolizes her nurturing nature as a motherly figure for all mankind.

Virgo Tattoos For Men

27. Virgo Tattoos For Women

Virgo tattoos are usually seen on the wrists or thighs of many people. The most common place for a Virgo tattoo is on their wrist, as it represents their personality perfectly. A Virgo tattoo will often have symbols representing their birth month: wheat, grapes, an ear of corn or a sheaf of wheat. Another popular Virgo tattoo is an anchor with wings or a spring motif with flowers blooming around it. There are so many different things that can be incorporated into a Virgo tattoo design, after all, there are twelve months in this sign!

Virgo Tattoos For Women

28. Virgo Thigh Tattoo

The thigh is a popular place for tattoos as it’s easily covered up with clothing if needed. A thigh tattoo will definitely show off your inner Virgo! If you want something small and simple, try getting a constellation of stars on one side of your thigh. If you have more space on your thigh, consider getting an astrological symbol or other design that represents your zodiac sign.

Virgo Thigh Tattoo

29. Virgo Wrist Tattoo

There are many different ways that you can go when designing your Virgo wrist tattoo. You can choose from different colors, fonts, and designs that fit your personality and style. One thing that’s important to remember is that you don’t have to use traditional symbols for each letter in your name or symbolize it with an animal or object associated with your sign. Instead, think about what makes sense for you as an individual and how you want others to perceive you by wearing the tattoo on your body.

Virgo Wrist Tattoo

30. Virgo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Virgo tattoos are often associated with the astrological sign of Virgo, the virgin. Virgins symbolize purity and innocence in many cultures. Virgo is one of the twelve zodiac signs recognized by Western cultures. The moon is associated with this sign because it rules over all things feminine, including fertility and childbirth.

Virgo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Virgos are known for being very intelligent, analytical and practical people. They are also known for being good problem solvers and excellent at organizing things. They can be perfectionists who tend to over analyze things at times. Virgos have a tendency to be workaholics who can be very critical of themselves if they don’t meet their own high standards of performance or behavior. Virgos like everything in its place and will go out of their way to make sure that everything is perfect before they allow themselves to relax or enjoy themselves on any level whatsoever!


What does a Virgo tattoo mean?

Virgos are known for their perfectionism and attention to detail. They like to be in control and will do whatever it takes to be successful. Virgos have an analytical mind and enjoy solving problems. They are also very hardworking, which is why they often achieve success in both work and relationships.

What does Virgo tattoo symbol?

A Virgo tattoo can symbolize this desire to succeed by staying focused on your goals and doing whatever it takes to achieve them. It can also represent the desire for perfectionism by showing how much you care about being organized, clean and tidy.


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