30 Best Taurus Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Taurus tattoos are always a good choice for those born under this sign. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is symbolized by the bull. The sign belongs to the Earth element, which means that Taureans are known to be patient, reliable and steady. They are also very strong-willed and determined people who can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Taurus tattoos are usually done in black ink and are usually tribal designs or tattoo sleeves. The most common places that people choose to get tattoos on their bodies are their arms, neck and shoulder area. Since these tattoos can be large in nature they may take several sittings to complete if you want them done all at once. A lot of people like to have their tattoo artist draw up their design before they begin getting it done so they know exactly what it will look like when finished!

Taurus tattoos are designed to represent the characteristics of this sign. The bull symbolizes strength and tenacity, while the flowers and vines that adorn the design symbolize fertility and growth. Taurus tattoos look great on both men and women, so you don’t have to worry if you’re planning on getting one. The following are some examples of Taurus tattoos:

1. Feminine Taurus Tattoo

A feminine taurus tattoo can be done in any style or color, but it works best with a pastel palette or a light watercolor look. The tattoo should feature symbols that represent fertility and wealth such as flowers and jewelry. A perfect example of this is the design below which features a flower crown around the head of a bull’s silhouette which is holding a coin in its mouth. This design shows that Taureans love money and enjoy spending it on luxury items like jewelry and fine art.

Feminine Taurus Tattoo

2. Geometric Taurus Tattoo

The geometric tattoo of a bull’s head on a circle is quite popular among Taurus men because of its masculine looks and simplicity. This design can be inked on any part of the body including wrists, hands, shoulders and biceps areas. It is also good for those who love small tattoos that can be hidden easily under clothing when needed to do so.

Geometric Taurus Tattoo

3. Male Taurus Tattoos

A male Taurus tattoo can be inked on any part of the body though it is most commonly found on the back, shoulders, or arms. A small tat in black ink is usually preferred by men over women because it suits their masculine style. Men who want a large tat should consider getting one on their chest or back so it will be visible when they wear short-sleeved shirts.

Male Taurus Tattoos

4. Small Taurus Tattoo

If you’re not sure whether or not you want a tattoo, or if you just want something small and discreet, then a small Taurus tattoo might be what you’re looking for. They don’t take up too much space and can be easily hidden with clothing. If you decide to get a large Taurus tattoo later on, it will still look good as it will have been placed over top of your small one.

Small Taurus Tattoo

5. Tattoos Of Taurus The Bull

The bull represents strength and power. Many people choose to get either the head of the bull or its body as their tattoo design. If you decide on the head, it should be done in profile so that all of its features are visible (ears, horns, muzzle). If you want just the body of the bull then make sure that it is standing upright with its legs together so that it looks like it is walking forward rather than just standing there!

Tattoos Of Taurus The Bull

6. Taurus Arm Tattoo

The Taurus arm tattoo is the perfect way to show off your zodiac sign or other symbol of who you are. The bull is a powerful animal, so it’s no surprise that this design is one of the most popular choices for Taurus tattoos. It makes sense, since Taureans are considered to be strong and stubborn.

Taurus Arm Tattoo

7. Taurus Back Tattoo

The Taurus back tattoo is another common choice for Taureans. They like to show off their tattoos, and this one is a great choice for someone who wants their tattoo to stand out. Since it’s on the back, it will be visible when wearing clothing that exposes your shoulders and back. The bull’s horns and fur offer a lot of detail in a small area, making them easy to see on any part of the body.

Taurus Back Tattoo

8. Taurus Bull Tattoo

A bull tattoo is a great choice for anyone born under this sign as it symbolizes strength, determination and patience. You can get a portrait of a bull or a bull’s head tattooed on your body as a tribute to your astrological sign. It could be done in black ink or grey wash style with lots of detail work to make it look realistic. You can also go for an abstract design with bold lines and curves that mimic the animal’s horns and muscles if you want something more unique than just a simple portrait image.

Taurus Bull Tattoo

9. Taurus Chest Tattoo

The Taurus chest tattoo has a lot of different meanings behind it depending on what symbol you choose for your tattoo design. For example if you used an anchor as part of your chest tattoo design then this would mean that you feel secure in your life or maybe you feel like you need something to keep you grounded in life? Or if you used a bull head symbol then this could represent strength and power which is what most people associate with being a Taurean!

Taurus Chest Tattoo

10. Taurus Constellation Tattoo

One way to get a tattoo for your astrological sign is through getting a constellation tattoo done. This type of tattoo design represents the stars that make up your zodiac sign’s symbol. These types of tattoos are usually done in shades of blue and black with some gold or white highlights added in as well depending on how much detail you want included in your design.

Taurus Constellation Tattoo

11. Taurus Finger Tattoo

Taurus finger tattoos are usually consisting of a Bull or a Bull’s head as its main element. The Bull’s head tattoo design is among the most popular tattoo designs for people belonging to this zodiac sign. The other designs that you can choose from include flowers, hearts, butterflies and colorful images such as butterflies or hearts to represent your love for someone special in your life or even just an expression of your feelings towards someone special in your life!

Taurus Finger Tattoo

12. Taurus Flower Tattoo

Another design that can be used by those born under this sign is the Taurus flower tattoo. This design symbolizes warmth and beauty, making it perfect for anyone who wants something beautiful yet simple at the same time. You can choose from various colors when getting this particular design so that it will match any outfit or occasion you wear throughout.

Taurus Flower Tattoo

13. Taurus Forearm Tattoo

The Taurus Forearm Tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs among Taureans because it represents their personality traits well. It’s also one of the most beautiful designs for women as well as men who want to get something unique but meaningful inked on their bodies. This tattoo comes in different styles like portrait tattoos or full body tattoos but I’ll show you some of my favorites below!

Taurus Forearm Tattoo

14. Taurus Hip Tattoo

Taurus hip tattoos are usually very large in size and consist of a picture of an astrological symbol or an image depicting the zodiac sign itself or a combination of both elements together! Other than these two main designs there are many other cool ideas that you can choose from if you want something unique for yourself!

Taurus Hip Tattoo

15. Taurus Leg Tattoo

This is a beautiful leg tattoo design that incorporates all aspects of a Taurus including their symbol, the bull and their birthstone, emeralds. It also features some intricate floral designs to bring balance to the overall piece. This is one of my favorite tattoos because I love how she has incorporated so many different elements into one piece while still keeping it simple enough to not overdo it!

Taurus Leg Tattoo

16. Taurus Neck Tattoo

A neck tattoo is a great way to show off your Zodiac sign without drawing too much attention to yourself. These tattoos are usually small and discreet so that you can wear them at all times without having anyone notice them for what they really are! Neck tattoos can be done in any color or style so if you want something simple but eye-catching then this is perfect for you!

Taurus Neck Tattoo

17. Taurus Shoulder Tattoo

A shoulder tattoo design for Taurus can be very simple or elaborate depending on what you would like to do with it. A simple design might include just the symbol itself or perhaps it could include some flowers or other decorative things around it. If you want something more elaborate, then there are many different designs that you can choose from such as this one shown below.

Taurus Shoulder Tattoo

18. Taurus Sign Tattoo

When it comes to Taurus tattoos, there are several designs you can choose from. One of the most popular designs for this sign is the bull itself. This can be done in a variety of ways, from simple black and white line drawings to detailed portraits that show off the bull’s horns, hooves and tail. The sign itself can also be used as part of the design, with stars or other symbols representing the planets that make up your zodiac sign.

Taurus Sign Tattoo

19. Taurus Skull Tattoo

One popular tattoo design for those born under this sign is the Taurus skull tattoo. This design shows the head of a bull with horns coming out of each side of its head. There are other designs that can be used on this tattoo as well; some people like to use their initials or their birth date in place of their astrological symbol, while others prefer to leave it empty or use something else entirely.

Taurus Skull Tattoo

20. Taurus Symbol Tattoo

The Taurus symbol is one of the most popular tattoo designs, especially for those born under this sign. The bull’s head design can be portrayed in many different ways, but the most common tattoo is a bull’s head with horns curving back into the head. The horns are usually depicted as curved upward or downward depending on whether you are a bull or cow! This design may also be used with other symbols such as flowers or hearts.

Taurus Symbol Tattoo

21. Taurus Tattoo Design

Taurus is one of the most popular zodiac signs. Taurus tattoo designs are also very popular. The bull is a symbol of strength, power and fertility. The bull represents stability and patience. They are known for their stubbornness and determination. This makes them very successful in their lives. Taurus people are usually very strong willed and determined people who do not give up easily on anything they do or want to achieve in life.

Taurus Tattoo Design

22. Taurus Tattoos For Females

Taurus tattoos are the most popular amongst women. Though the bull is a symbol of strength, it can also be a symbol of stubbornness and inflexibility. The Taurus woman is known for her love of material things, but she’s also known for her loyalty and generosity.

Taurus Tattoos For Females

23. Taurus Tattoos For Males

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and represents the bull. Taurus individuals are known for their determination and perseverance. They are loyal and calm individuals. They can also be stubborn at times due to their fixed nature. A bull tattoo is a great choice for anyone born under this sign because it represents their values, characteristics, and traits well.

Taurus Tattoos For Males

24. Taurus Tattoos For Men

Taurus tattoos for men are often depicted as bulls or bull heads. The most popular designs feature a bull’s head with horns or ears on top of a circle or square background. The horns can also be depicted as curved lines extending away from the head of the bull. These designs are usually inked on shoulder blades, upper arms or calves.

Taurus Tattoos For Men

25. Taurus Tattoos For Women

The most popular tattoo design for women in this category is the Bull Head which features a bull’s head on top of a heart or other design. Other popular designs include flowers and roses as well as butterflies or dragonflies. If you’re looking for something more symbolic than this then consider a Yin Yang symbol or an infinity sign because these can represent balance and harmony which are both important qualities in life for all people but especially those born under this sign.

Taurus Tattoos For Women

26. Taurus Thigh Tattoo

A tattoo for a Taurus could involve a bull head or even an entire bull body. A great place for a thigh tattoo would be on the inside of your leg, just above the knee. This is a good location because it will be easy to hide when needed but still visible enough for people who know what it represents. If you choose this location and are looking for inspiration, check out some pictures online or take a look at any pictures from fashion shows that feature models in short skirts or dresses so they can show off their tattoos!

Taurus Thigh Tattoo

27. Taurus Tribal Tattoo

A tribal tattoo design is perfect for those who like bold designs with lots of color. The ancient imagery featured in this style makes it a popular choice among Taurus tattoos. You can choose from animal designs such as dragons, tigers or lions or you can opt for geometric patterns instead if you prefer something more subtle.

Taurus Tribal Tattoo

28. Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Taurus zodiac sign tattoos are a great way to show off your star sign pride! Many people get their star sign tattooed on their wrist or ankle so that they can see it every day without having to look at an astrology chart! If you are looking for something more subtle than this option then there are plenty more out there! Some people choose to get simple band tattoos while others go all out with full body suits!

Taurus Zodiac Sign Tattoo

29. Taurus Zodiac Tattoo

The Taurus zodiac tattoo is a symbol of strength, beauty and a love of nature. The bull is often depicted with its head lowered as if grazing, which symbolizes how easygoing Taureans can be when it comes to life’s problems. They’re also known for being stubborn at times and not wanting to change their minds even when they know they should!

Taurus Zodiac Tattoo

30. Tiny Taurus Tattoo

This tiny taurus tattoo is perfect if you’re looking for something small yet meaningful. The image of a bull has been used throughout history as a representation of strength and virility in men, so this is an excellent choice if you want something masculine yet feminine at the same time. This design also works well with other designs because it’s so simple just make sure to choose a unique color that compliments your skin tone!

Tiny Taurus Tattoo

Taurus tattoos are a great choice for those who are born in the month of April. The tattoo design can be inspired by the Taurus symbol which is a bull. The bull symbolizes strength and perseverance. It also stands for wealth, fertility, and agriculture.


What does a Taurus tattoo mean?

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac cycle and represents the period between April 20th to May 20th. Those born under this sign are said to be patient, determined and stubborn. They are also known for their passion for life and love for the finer things in life.

What does Taurus tattoo symbol?

The Taurus tattoo symbolizes strength, determination and patience. It also represents beauty, sensuality and fertility. The bull is known for its strength, but it can also be stubborn at times as well as determined to get what it wants out of life.


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