20 Best Mothman Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Mothman tattoos have been popular for quite some time now. This is mainly because the creature has become an iconic figure in American folklore. The Mothman is shrouded in mystery and many people believe that there was something supernatural about this creature. It is believed that the Mothman was a harbinger of doom and disaster, which explains why so many people want to get a tattoo of this creature.

The Mothman tattoo designs are usually based on the descriptions of witnesses who claim to have seen the creature. The Mothman’s body is described as being humanoid but with wings and glowing eyes. The head is said to be large and round with two red lights for eyes. These features are often used as inspiration for Mothman tattoos. Other aspects of the creature like its long black coat or its huge wingspan can also be included in these tattoos as well.

Mothman is a mysterious creature that has been sighted in the Point Pleasant area. After the sightings, there was a series of strange occurrences including a bridge collapse and other things. The mothman tattoo is often used by people to commemorate those events or just as a general symbol of fearlessness.

1. Cute Mothman Tattoo

The most popular Mothman tattoos are cute designs that depict the mythical creature flying across the sky or perched on a tree branch. These tattoos can be drawn on any part of the body such as your arm or back. You can also get them tattooed on your wrist or ankle if you want to wear your new ink piece with short sleeves or pants cuffs rolled up during summer season.

Cute Mothman Tattoo

2. Flower and Mothman Tattoo

Flowers can be combined with the mothman in many ways. The flower can be depicted as a tattoo on its own or it can be incorporated into a larger design that includes other elements. One of the most popular designs is to have the mothman flying above flowers or flowers growing from his back.

Flower and Mothman Tattoo

3. Forearm Mothman Tattoo

If you’re looking for a large piece of art on your body, consider getting a Mothman tattoo on your forearm. These tattoos often feature bold colors and are usually done in black and grey ink instead of color. The design often takes up most or all of your forearm and continues onto your hand so that you can see wings from both sides of your arm when it’s fully outstretched.

Forearm Mothman Tattoo

4. Minimalist Mothman Tattoo

If you want to get a mothman tattoo but don’t want it to be too over-the-top, consider getting a minimalist mothman design instead! Minimalist mothman tattoos are simple yet elegant, making them ideal for any guy looking to stand out from the crowd with his ink.

Minimalist Mothman Tattoo

5. Moon and Mothman Tattoo

If you like both moon and moth tattoos then you should consider getting these two designs together on your body. These tattoos often feature a full moon with a moth flying around it or sitting on top of it. The moon could also be depicted in other ways, such as having stars or planets surrounding it or even just being shown as part of an image from space.

Moon and Mothman Tattoo

6. Mothman Heart Tattoo

Mothman heart tattoos are very popular among women who love tattoo art. This tattoo design can be done in different styles and colors, which makes it a great choice for anyone looking for a unique piece of artwork on their body.

Mothman Heart Tattoo

7. Mothman Tattoo Designs

The classic Mothman head design can be done in a number of ways, with some people preferring to use a realistic style while others prefer something more cartoon like. You might also want to consider getting your own face on the side of his head or his arm reaching out towards you.

Mothman Tattoo Designs

8. Mothman Tattoo For Men

Men can get a tattoo of the Mothman on their body parts like back, chest, arm or leg. The design can be simple or complex depending on the choice of the person getting it done. You can have just one mothman or many mothmen flying around your body part with other elements like stars and moon etc.

Mothman Tattoo For Men

9. Mothman Tattoo For Women

Women can also get this tattoo on different parts of their body like neck, back, arms or legs etc., but they should make sure that they don’t go overboard with it because it might look tacky if they do not balance out the design well enough with other elements like flowers or other creatures from nature etc.

Mothman Tattoo For Women

10. Mothman Tattoo ideas

There are so many great ways to incorporate this creature into your new body art! You can get an entire mothman tattoo done on your entire back or chest, or you can just get the mothman’s face done on your arm or leg. If you want a more subtle look, you can always just get an outline of him tattooed onto your body somewhere small like around your ankle or wrist area.

Mothman Tattoo ideas

11. Mothman Tattoo On Ankle

If you want a small, yet noticeable tattoo, then getting one on your ankle is a good idea. The ankle is one of the more common places where people get tattoos, but it can be difficult to find one that suits you. If you have a small ankle and want something unique, then getting a mothman on your ankle might be perfect!

Mothman Tattoo On Ankle

12. Mothman Tattoo On Arm

Tattoos on arms are very common and they come in all shapes and sizes! One of the best places for getting a mothman tattoo would be on your arm. This way, people can see what kind of person they are dealing with when they shake hands with them!

Mothman Tattoo On Arm

13. Mothman Tattoo On Foot

The mothman tattoo on foot is simple and easy to do. It’s also one of the least painful places to get a tattoo. The main problem with getting this type of tattoo is that it takes quite a while to heal because there isn’t much skin area for the ink to bond with.

Mothman Tattoo On Foot

14. Mothman Tattoo On Leg

The Mothman tattoo on leg has become very popular in recent years as well. This type of tattoo gives people more options when it comes to deciding what they want their tattoo to look like, since there’s more space for creativity in designing something that covers an entire leg from ankle to hip bone!

Mothman Tattoo On Leg

15. Mothman Tattoo On Shoulder

A Mothman shoulder tat is probably the most popular type of moth tattoos out there right now, especially among men who want something bolder than just a small print or image on their body without it being too big or too flashy!

Mothman Tattoo On Shoulder

16. Mothman Tattoo On Thigh

This mothman tattoo on thigh looks very beautiful and attractive, there are many designs available for this tattoo like they can add wings or they can add moths around them or they can put some other designs with it. This type of mohammed tattoo will look really impressive and it will be great for men who wants to show their personality through their body art designs.

Mothman Tattoo On Thigh

17. Mothman Tattoo

Mothman tattoos are a popular choice among tattoo enthusiasts. This creature has been a staple in pop culture for decades, and it’s easy to see why. The Mothman is creepy looking, and that’s what makes him so alluring to many people.

Mothman Tattoo

18. Sexy Mothman Tattoo

The sexy mothman tattoo is designed in such a way that it looks attractive and attractive. It can be done on any part of the body such as arms, legs, chest, back, neck and even face. The sexy mothman tattoo has been designed in different shapes and sizes so that everyone can choose according to their choice: small size or larger size depending on how much space they have left on their body where they want to put this sexy mothman tattoo design.

Sexy Mothman Tattoo

19. Small Mothman Tattoo

This small mothman tattoo design is a great option for those who have a smaller amount of space available on their body for an image like this one. The image itself shows the profile view of this legendary creature as it flies through the sky looking down upon its prey below him with its large red eyes shining brightly against him while his wings flap behind him like.

Small Mothman Tattoo

20. Traditional Mothman Tattoo

A traditional mothman tattoo takes more time and work than a smaller one, but it can still be done with just three or four colors if you want something simple. If you want to take your time and do it right, use as many colors as possible! The more colors used on your traditional mothman tattoo, the better it will look when finished!

Traditional Mothman Tattoo

The Mothman is described as a man-sized creature with large wings and red eyes. It was first reported in November 1966 near New Haven, Ohio by five gravediggers. The men claimed that they saw a “large flying man with ten foot wings,” who flew over their heads and floated above them as they fled in terror. That same evening, two local police officers separately reported being chased by something from the woods. The locals soon named the alleged creature “Mothman.”

The Mothman’s description is notoriously inconsistent: some witnesses claim it had no head and instead had two bright red lights where its eyes should be; others claim it had glowing red eyes but no wings; still others state that it had bat-like wings but walked on two legs like a man rather than four like an actual bat; and one witness even claims it was shaped like a gray alien with pincers instead of arms and legs!


What is a Mothman Tattoo?

The popularity of this creature led to many people getting Mothman tattoos in honor of the beast or just because they think it's cool.

What Does the Mothman Tattoo Mean?

A Mothman tattoo can mean many things depending on the wearer's interpretation. Some see it as a symbol of protection and good fortune while others view it as a mark of bad luck or even evil.


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