20 Unique Ring Tattoos to Inspire You

Ring tattoos are a great choice if you’re looking for a subtle tattoo. They can be placed anywhere on the body and can be small or large. Ring tattoos can be worn by both men and women, making them an excellent option for anyone who wants a tattoo but doesn’t want it to be too obvious.

If you’re considering getting a ring tattoo, make sure that it’s something that you can live with for the rest of your life. Not all tattoos are easy to cover up with clothing or makeup, so make sure that you really want this tattoo before getting it inked on your skin.

Ring tattoos can be done in a variety of colors and styles. It’s important to keep in mind that ring tattoos are not always done in black ink. If you’re interested in getting a ring tattoo but not sure where or how to start, here are some tips:

1. Black Ring Tattoo

Black ring tattoos are the perfect way to add a little edge to your look. Black is always the best color for an edgy tattoo because it can make a statement without being too obvious. If you have a black ring tattoo, you can wear any color or style of clothing and still look great.

Black Ring Tattoo

2. Butterfly Ring Tattoo

Butterfly ring tattoos are beautiful and delicate, which makes them perfect for women who want something feminine and sweet. Butterfly ring tattoos are also popular among young girls because butterflies symbolize hope, happiness and love. If you have a butterfly tattoo on your finger, it shows that you’re carefree and happy with your life.

Butterfly Ring Tattoo

3. Celtic Couple Ring Tattoo

Celtic couples ring tattoos are one of the most popular styles for couples who want to get matching tattoos. The Celtic style features knot work, which can be incorporated into a couple’s ring tattoo design. This tattoo style also features animals and plants that represent life, death and rebirth.

Celtic Couple Ring Tattoo

4. Colorful Ring Tattoo

Colorful ring tattoos are another type of ring tattoo that couples have been getting for years. These designs feature bright colors and bold lines that make them stand out against the skin. While these tattoos are often used for weddings or anniversaries, they can be worn by anyone who wants to express their love for someone else in a unique way.

Colorful Ring Tattoo

5. Couple Ring Tattoo

Ring tattoos are a popular theme for couples to get. They symbolize love, commitment and eternity. There are many different types of ring tattoos that you can get, but the most common is the infinity symbol.

Couple Ring Tattoo

6. Cross Ring Tattoo

Cross ring tattoos are another popular design for couples who want matching tattoos. The cross symbolizes faith, hope and love which are all things that you share together as a couple. If you’re both Christians, then this design would be perfect for you!

Cross Ring Tattoo

7. Emerald Ring Tattoo

The emerald ring tattoo is one of the most popular types of ring tattoos. Emeralds are green stones that are traditionally associated with prosperity and good luck. People also associate them with love, which makes sense since they’re often given as engagement rings.

Emerald Ring Tattoo

8. Fine Line Ring Tattoo

Fine line ring tattoos can be very delicate and feminine or bold and strong depending on the person who wears them. They’re typically small and simple designs drawn around the finger, but they can also be larger and more elaborate if you want to make a statement.

Fine Line Ring Tattoo

9. Heart Ring Tattoo

Heart ring tattoos are popular because they represent love and commitment. This type of tattoo is usually done with two hearts, one on each side of the ring, but there are other designs available as well. The heart symbolizes love and affection, so this design is perfect for anyone who wants to express their feelings about their significant other.

Heart Ring Tattoo

10. His And Hers Ring Tattoo

His and hers ring tattoos are similar to the heart ring tattoo, but they feature two rings instead of one. The couple gets their own personal rings tattooed on their fingers, and then they each get the other person’s name tattooed underneath their own rings. This is a great idea if you and your partner both have matching rings that you want to incorporate into your body art.

His and hers ring tattoos

11. Matching Ring Tattoo

Matching ring tattoos can be fun, but they aren’t for everyone. Some people think that they’re tacky or cheesy, but others find them romantic and beautiful. You can go with something simple like two hearts interlocked or something more elaborate like an infinity symbol with a heart around it.

Matching Ring Tattoo

12. Rainbow Ring Tattoo

If rainbow rings aren’t what you’re looking for then maybe rainbow rings will do it for you! These colorful tattoos are fun and bright and will definitely add some extra spice to your love life. Rainbow rings come in many different colors so there is no limit on how many colors you should use when designing this.

Rainbow Ring Tattoo

13. Red Ring Tattoo

Red is the color of passion, which makes red ring tattoos very popular among people who want to express their love for someone special in their lives. Red ring tattoos are also great if you want to show off your femininity.

Red Ring Tattoo

14. Ring Finger Tattoo

If you’re looking for an engagement ring tattoo then you should definitely consider getting one on your finger where everyone can see it clearly. If you want to make it more personal then get a ring tattoo with an engagement ring design that represents something special about your relationship with your significant other like a date or place where you met, etc.

Ring Finger Tattoo

15. Sun Ring Tattoo

Sun ring tattoos are a lovely way to express yourself. They can be worn on any finger and they look great as part of a full hand tattoo. The sun is always associated with happiness and good times, so it makes sense that people choose it for their ring tattoos. This design is also popular among girls who want their body art to be subtle but noticeable.

Sun Ring Tattoo

16. Toe Ring Tattoo

Toe ring tattoos are another popular choice for women. The most common toe ring designs are flowers or hearts, but you can also get something more unique like an animal or even a word written in script. This type of ink looks great on the big toe, but it also works well on any other toe as long as you don’t mind showing it off!

Toe Ring Tattoo

17. Twisty Knot Ring Tattoo

Vine tattoos are one of the most common and popular ring tattoos. The vines can be made from a variety of different colors, with each vine twisting around itself. These are often done in black ink, but some artists choose to use other colors for their vine tattoos. The vines can also be done as a single vine or in a group of vines.

Twisty Knot Ring Tattoo

18. Vine Ring Tattoo

In a twisty knot ring tattoo, the artist creates a knot that is wrapped around your finger. This can be done in many colors and styles, depending on what you prefer. Some people like to have this type of ring tattooed on their thumb or index finger since it is one of the most noticeable places on the hand where they can show off their new ring tattoo!

Vine Ring Tattoo

19. Wave Ring Tattoo

Ring tattoos can be a symbol of a long-lasting relationship or marriage. The waves in this tattoo represent the ups and downs in life, which makes it an appropriate tattoo for a wedding ring. The waves could also represent the ocean and the couple’s love for each other.

Wave Ring Tattoo

20. Wedding Ring Tattoos

Wedding rings represent eternal love between two people who have pledged their lives to each other through marriage. This type of tattoo is usually designed with hearts or flowers around it to make it look more feminine and delicate. The traditional wedding ring tattoo is similar to the tattoo on your finger, but it can be done in a number of ways.

Wedding Ring Tattoo


What does a ring tattoo mean?

The most common meaning of ring tattoos is unity or togetherness. A couple will often get matching ring tattoos for their wedding day as a symbol of their eternal love for each other. Friends can also get matching ring tattoos as a way to bond with each other in a special way that no one else understands but them.

What kind of rings can be used in a tattoo?

The most common ring tattoos are those that are simple in design, with only one line or curve. However, you can add more details to your ring tattoo if you wish to make it look more realistic or colorful.


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