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13 Sexy Valentine’s Day Makeup

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Are you looking for new inspiration for a romantic night after you’ve searched for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him ? Then you are at the right address at Inspired Beauty . We’ve rounded up some of the cutest Valentine’s Day makeup.

1. Soft romantic makeup looks

With dark brows that draw attention to your eyes. Eyebrows with gold and pink in the corner of the eye.

valentine's day makeup

2. Valentine’s Day Makeup

The eyeshadow has an orange hue and a golden shadow over the eyes.

21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f755c8213e

3. Valentine’s Day Makeup

If you are looking for a Valentine’s Day makeup that is good for day and night. Well-groomed eyebrows, shiny matt lipstick. This look depends a lot on the right foundation with full coverage.

valentine's day makeup

4. Valentine’s day makeup look

For a glamorous pink makeup look, this next idea could be what you want. Sharp half-cut fold with pretty needle tones. Use different shades of pink to create departments. and dimension.

valentine makeup look 21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f75606a048

5. Valentine’s day makeup look

For a more natural look, cleaner, winter-inspired look. This requires proper skin care routine to have a minimal makeup look.

21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f7560ec9e5

6. Smokey Valentine’s Day Eye Makeup

Use scissors to apply matte lipstick and sharp eyeliner.

valentine's day eye makeup

7. Dramatic sexy makeup looks

Dark eyes with brown shadows and similar lipstick. The look is an effortless glamor.

sexy makeup looks

8. Glitter Eye Makeup

This look is subtle, but also sexy make-up looks for all special occasions. Valentine’s Day is no exception.

sexy makeup looks

9. Valentine’s Day Pink Makeup

21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f7566307ec

10. Valentine’s Day Wing Makeup

Lush eyelashes with large wings, the focus is on the eyes. The contrast between the eyes and the soft lips.

21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f75676eaed

11. Chic Girl Valentine’s Day Makeup

I love how bright this makeup looks without looking like a cake or a clown. The make-up flatters with well-made brows, fox eyeliner with thick lashes.

21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f756896c8b

12. Flashy Valentine’s Day Makeup

This sexy makeup looks rich and elegant. Clean face with ultra-bright red lip mark.

makeup for valentine's day

13. Love and hearts makeup

If you feel like you are touching this Valentine’s Day, you will love this next creative idea. The talented Instagram makeup artist created bright pink makeup of various shades. Shiny lips, pink eyeshadows, hearts under the eyes.

21 sexy valentinstag make up 618f756b2d9ab

If you are looking for a sleek, effortless look that can go from day to night we have these lovely looks.

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