30 Best Gun Tattoos For Men And Women

Gun tattoos are a popular tattoo design. The gun is an iconic object and it can be used to express many different things. Guns are symbols of power, freedom, strength and protection. They can also be used as a warning or threat. People who have gun tattoos often have their own personal reasons for getting them. Gun Tattoo Meanings

A gun tattoo represents many different meanings depending on the design and placement of the tattoo. It can be used to express one’s love for guns or their dislike for guns depending on what type of gun it is and where it is placed on the body.

Some people get gun tattoos because they like guns but don’t like violence or hurting others with them. They may have gotten one because they enjoy target shooting or hunting but don’t want to kill animals with their weapons.

1. Ak 47 Gun Tattoo

The AK-47 gun tattoo is a favorite of many people. It is a very popular image, which has been used in many different ways. One of the most popular ways that the AK-47 gun has been used is in tattoos. The design can be quite detailed or it can be just a simple outline of the weapon.

Ak 47 Gun Tattoo

2. Angel With Gun Tattoo

The angel with gun tattoos are also very popular, especially among women. These types of tattoos are usually placed on the back, upper back or lower back area so that they can be easily hidden under clothing but still visible enough to show off!

Angel With Gun Tattoo

3. Arm Gun Tattoo

This is one of the most popular tattoos out there. The arm gun tattoo is an obvious choice for those who want a tattoo that easily shows off their love for guns and other weapons. The arm gun tattoo has been around for a long time and many people have one in some form or another.

Arm Gun Tattoo

4. Cross Gun Tattoo

Cross gun tattoos are very popular among men because it symbolizes their faith in God and their love for guns at the same time! Crosses represent Christianity while guns represent masculine power and strength which makes this tattoo design perfect for any man who wants to show off his religion while also showing off his masculinity at the same time!

Cross Gun Tattoo

5. Feminine Gun Tattoo

A feminine gun tattoo is usually done in pink or red colors and they tend to be smaller in size than a masculine gun tattoo. The feminine gun tattoo is often used by females who want to show off their love for shooting without having to draw too much attention to themselves when they do so.

Feminine Gun Tattoo

6. Finger Gun Tattoo

Finger gun tattoos are a popular choice for those who want to get a tattoo that is unique and different. Finger gun tattoos are usually small and can be placed anywhere on the body. This tattoo is perfect for the person who wants to get a unique tattoo but doesn’t want something too big. The finger gun tattoo can also be used by anyone who wants to show their love for guns.

Finger Gun Tattoo

7. Flower Gun Tattoos

A flower gun tattoo is a great way to show off your fun side while still keeping things understated enough for work (if you’re not allowed to have guns). Flower guns are especially popular with women who want a unique design that will make them stand out in a crowd. The flower gun can also be used as part of a larger piece, such as a sleeve or leg piece if you’re looking for something more complex than just one single image.

Flower Gun Tattoo

8. Forearm Gun Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are popular because they can be easily covered up if you need to do so professionally. You can also choose to have your forearm tattoo on your upper arm or lower arm depending on how much space you want between the rest of your body art and this particular design. If you want something small but still want something that looks great then this is an excellent choice for you!

Forearm Gun Tattoo

9. Gangster Gun Tattoo

Gangster gun tattoos are also popular choices. A gangster pistol is usually in black and white or gray scale and features gangster elements like bullets and gold chains. These tattoos are usually placed on the chest or back so they can be easily seen by other members of the gang.

Gangster Gun Tattoo

10. Gun Tattoo Design

Gun tattoos are a popular tattoo design, especially among people who love guns and firearms. The gun tattoo design represents power and success. As a result, many people choose to get a gun or firearm tattoo to represent their passion for shooting.

Gun Tattoo Design

11. Gun Tattoo For Men

If you are looking for a gun tattoo design for men then you will find plenty of options available online or at your local tattoo shop. The designs for men include images of guns, bullets, bullets and even knives. Some people also have combined these images together in one tattoo design which makes it look more interesting than just having one image on its own.

Gun Tattoo For Men

12. Gun Tattoo For Women

Women also love getting gun tattoos on their bodies but they usually opt for flowers or other types of feminine designs instead of guns or weapons. If you want to get a gun tattoo then make sure that the design is not too big so it doesn’t look out of place on your body when wearing shorts or skirts at the beach or poolside during summertime!

Gun Tattoo For Women

13. Gun Tattoo ideas

Gun tattoos can be done in any color you want. The most common colors for these types of tattoos are black and red. This is because both colors represent danger, which is what a gun represents. However, if you’re looking to get a tattoo that represents something other than danger then you can choose whatever color you want!

Gun Tattoo ideas

14. Gun Tattoo On Arm

Arm tattoos are one of the most popular areas for gun tattoos. The arm is a large area of skin and can easily accommodate a smaller gun tattoo design. As well as being a great place to get a gun tattoo, it’s also a good place to get an angel wing tattoo if you’re looking for something feminine and girly.

Gun Tattoo On Arm

15. Gun Tattoo On Chest

Chest tattoos are usually placed on top of the pectoral muscles, but they can be located anywhere on the chest as long as there’s enough skin to cover the design. Chest tattoos are commonly done with black ink, but other colors and shading techniques are available too.

Gun Tattoo On Chest

16. Gun Tattoo On Hand

Hand tattoos are a great way to show off your favorite weapons without having them on display in your home or office. Handgun gun tattoos can be used on both hands as long as they don’t cover up any fingers or knuckles. Handgun gun tattoos can be placed anywhere on the hand except under the thumb joint where they would be hard to see anyway so there’s no need to worry about covering up anything important when getting this type of gun tattoo design!

Gun Tattoo On Hand

17. Gun Tattoo On Hip

This type of tattoo is very popular among women because it looks sexy and feminine. It can be placed in various locations on the hips such as below the navel or above the hips. If you want to get a hip tattoo, then you should consider getting one on your lower left side because it is more visible when you wear low cut jeans or skirts.

Gun Tattoo On Hip

18. Gun Tattoo On Leg

A leg tattoo can be one of the most eye-catching tattoos you can get if it has the right design and placement. A gun thigh tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves weapons and likes to show them off in all their glory. The hip bone is a great place to get this type of tattoo because it will be visible when you wear skirts or shorts.

Gun Tattoo On Leg

19. Gun Tattoo On Rib Cage

Rib cage tattoos are very sexy and sensual because they show off your curves in an artistic way without making it look tacky or too revealing. You can place these tattoos anywhere along your rib cage but make sure that they will be visible when wearing certain clothing items like shirts or dresses that reveal some skin on the chest area.

Gun Tattoo On Rib Cage

20. Gun Tattoo On Shoulder

The shoulder tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. The shoulder area is a good spot to get a tattoo because it is large enough to fit most designs, but not so large as to be overwhelming. It also allows you to get a large piece done at one time, or to start small and build up over time. A shoulder tattoo can be either masculine or feminine, depending on the design and color scheme.

Gun Tattoo On Shoulder

21. Gun Tattoo On Thigh

The thigh tattoo is another very popular choice for those who want to get inked but don’t want anything too visible. Thigh tattoos are usually small and simple, but can be large or complex if desired. If you have large thighs, you might want an image that extends down your leg, as this will help keep the design from looking too small on your body.

Gun Tattoo On Thigh

22. Machine Gun Tattoos

Machine gun tattoos are a classic symbol of power, strength and masculinity. These tattoos represent the strength of the human spirit and the ability to overcome anything. Machine gun tattoos are usually used as an arm tattoo or sleeve tattoo to cover the entire arm.

Machine Gun Tattoos

23. Meaningful Gun Tattoos

A meaningful gun tattoo is a great idea for anyone who wants to show off their love for guns while still having a deep meaning behind it. A lot of people who have these types of tattoos are usually very passionate about guns and enjoy using them for different reasons such as hunting or target practice.

Meaningful Gun Tattoo

24. Minimalist Gun Tattoos

This minimalist gun tattoo is nothing but a simple outline of a handgun. It has been designed as a simple black outline with no colors or details. The artist has left some space at the end of the barrel so that it looks like an actual handgun without actually showing what type it is.

Minimalist Gun Tattoo

25. Realistic Gun Tattoos

This realistic gun tattoo is more detailed than the minimalist version above, but it still has enough detail to look like a real gun. The artist has done a good job of making it look like metal and wood. It’s also worth noting that this tattoo is on the arm instead of the hand, which makes it easier to read from further away (if you were wearing long sleeves or something).

Realistic Gun Tattoo

26. Rose And Gun Tattoo

This rose and gun tattoo is a little more elaborate than the previous one, but it still has a classic feel that makes it look great on its wearer’s body. This design incorporates both roses and guns into its artwork, which makes it an ideal choice if you want something special just for yourself or if you want to give someone else a gift they’ll never forget!

Rose And Gun Tattoo

27. Simple Gun Tattoo

This simple gun tattoo is perfect for anyone who likes the look of classic tattoos but doesn’t want to get too elaborate with their design. The black ink used in this tattoo makes it stand out against its wearer’s skin, making it easy to see even when wearing clothes that cover part of the body.

Simple Gun Tattoo

28. Small Gun Tattoo

The small gun tattoo is a good choice for those who want to get a gun tattoo but don’t want something that’s too bold. The smaller size means that it won’t be as noticeable, and the design can be simple or complicated as you wish. For example, if you want a simple outline of a gun, then this is a great way to go. However, if you want something more elaborate, then an artist can draw up any kind of design that you want them to.

Small Gun Tattoo

29. Tiny Gun Tattoos

Tiny gun tattoos are just like small gun tattoos except that these ones are smaller in size than the former ones. They can also be done on any part of your body where you want them to be placed but make sure that there is enough space for them so that they don’t look crowded and feel uncomfortable when touched or bumped against something else by accident.

Tiny Gun Tattoo

30. Traditional Gun Tattoos

Traditional gun tattoos are often seen as a symbol of power and protection. The traditional gun tattoo is usually a more masculine design and typically features an image of a revolver, pistol or rifle on the upper arm or shoulder blade area. It can also be seen on the back of the neck, chest or shoulders.

Traditional Gun Tattoo


What does a gun tattoo symbolize?

A gun tattoo can symbolize many different things, but the most common ones are strength, protection and power. The gun represents these things because it is an object that can be used to protect yourself or others from harm or death.

What does the AK 47 tattoo symbolize?

The AK 47 tattoo symbolizes power, strength and dominance over others. It's also used as a sign of honor among gangs who may have been involved in gang violence or shootings involving rival gangs.


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