20 Best Monstera Tattoo ideas For Men And Women

Monstera tattoos are popular among women and men. They are colorful, unique and creative. The leaves of this plant are large and heart shaped, which makes it very attractive to tattoo artists. The tattoo designs can be done in a variety of colors and styles, making them perfect for any design you may have in mind.

Monstera tattoos have become very popular in recent years due to their uniqueness and beauty. These tattoos can be done in many different colors including green, yellow, blue, red and purple. Some people choose to get just one leaf while others get several leaves on their body as part of a larger design.

Monstera tattoos can also be done with black outlines around the edges of each leaf or they can be colored in completely with ink that matches the color of your skin tone. This makes them look more realistic as well as easier for people who want to hide their tattoos from other people at work or school by covering them up with clothing when necessary.

1. Arm Monstera Tattoo

The arm monstera tattoo is one of the most popular types of tattoo designs out there today. This type of tattoo represents a person’s passion for nature and their desire to be surrounded by it at all times. If you have an interest in getting this type of tattoo design done on your arms then there are many different ways that you can go about doing so.

Arm Monstera Tattoo

2. Minimalist Monstera Tattoo

A simple, minimalist design is always a good option when it comes to tattoos because they can be easily hidden or shown depending on your mood. This elegant monstera tattoo is small but very beautiful. It looks like it took a long time to complete but the end result is definitely worth it!

Minimalist Monstera Tattoo

3. Monstera Ankle Tattoo

The Monstera ankle tattoo is one of the most popular designs for this plant. This design can be done in any color that you want and features small leaves that are connected by vines that go down the side of your leg. This design looks great on anyone, no matter what their age or gender is.

Monstera Ankle Tattoo

4. Monstera Arm Tattoo

Another popular design for this plant is the Monstera arm tattoo. This plant works well as an arm tattoo because of its curvy lines and small leaves that extend from each other. This makes the design look organic and natural, which is something that most people like when they’re getting a new tattoo done.

Monstera Arm Tattoo

5. Monstera Back Tattoo

A monstera back tattoo is a beautiful way to show off your love of nature in an elegant way. This tattoo can be done in color or black and white depending on your personal preference. The monstera tattoo on the back shown here is done in black ink and features a delicate floral pattern with the word “hello” printed above in cursive script.

Monstera Back Tattoo

6. Monstera Forearm Tattoo

The Monstera forearm tattoo is a full arm piece that features the plant as its centerpiece. The tattoo is done in black and grey, with the spiky leaves coming out of the wrist area and spreading up to the shoulder. The leafy tendrils make it look like the plant is sprouting from your skin and wrapping around your arm. It’s a great way to show off your love of plants in an elegant way, but still get that edgy style that you love so much!

Monstera Forearm Tattoo

7. Monstera Hip Tattoo

If you want something more discreet but still want to show off your love of plants, then consider getting a Monstera hip tattoo instead. This design features a small flower stem sprouting from behind your ear. The stem continues down around your hip bone at an angle toward the front of your waistline where it meets with one of the large leaves. The stem curves around to meet with another leaf on the opposite side of your hip bone before continuing down around.

Monstera Hip Tattoo

8. Monstera Leaf Tattoo

The most common type of Monstera tattoo is the Monstera leaf itself. These tattoos can be done in many different styles but they usually include several leaves together to create a full sleeve or back piece. This type of tattoo is usually done in black ink but some artists may use color to make it pop even more!

Monstera Leaf Tattoo

9. Monstera Leaves Tattoo

Another option for those looking for a Monstera tattoo is to get one that only features the leaves themselves instead of the entire plant like in the previous example. This type of tattoo looks great when placed on any part of your body but especially well on your arm or leg since these areas are generally larger than other parts like the wrist or ankle.

Monstera Leaves Tattoo

10. Monstera Line Tattoo

If you want something simple, then consider getting a monstera line tattoo. This will be a great way to show off your love for this unique plant without having to get something large or detailed. However, if you want something more elaborate then there are plenty of other options that you can choose from as well.

Monstera Line Tattoo

11. Monstera Plant Tattoo

The monstera plant can be used as a symbol of friendship or love between two people. It also represents strength and endurance in times of hardship. For this reason, many women choose to get this design on their lower back or thigh area as a way of showing off their femininity while still being strong and confident in themselves.

Monstera Plant Tattoo

12. Monstera Shoulder Tattoo

Another popular type of Monstera tattoo is the shoulder tattoo. This type of tattoo is done by using lines to create a design that covers just about all of the shoulder area. It can be done as one big piece or several smaller ones that are connected together to make one large design!

Monstera Shoulder Tattoo

13. Monstera Tattoo Design

Monstera tattoos are often associated with nature, health, and even the natural cycle of life. The plant itself is beautiful and intricate, making it an excellent choice for tattoo designs. These tattoos can be rather large or small depending on your preference, but they always look great. They can be placed anywhere on the body, but they are especially popular around the wrist area or on the ankle.

Monstera Tattoo Design

14. Monstera Tattoo Ideas

Monstera tattoos can be used to create any design you desire, but they are most commonly used as a large back piece to cover up scars or other large areas of skin that have become disfigured by disease or injury. This is due to the fact that the leaves of this plant are covered in intricate veins which give them an incredibly intricate look that can be used to cover larger areas of skin.

Monstera Tattoo Ideas

15. Monstera Tattoos For Men

Monstera tattoos for men are popular because they’re easy to work with and don’t require much detail. You can get an image of a monstera plant, or you can get an image of the flower. Either way, it will look great on your arm or leg. Monstera tattoos have been around for decades now and they’ve only gotten more popular over time as more people discover them and want to get inked up with this beautiful design.

Monstera Tattoos For Men

16. Monstera Tattoos For Women

Women like monstera tattoos as well because they’re simple and feminine. You can get an image of the flower or just use the leaf pattern in your design. Just make sure that whatever you choose fits your personality so that it’s not boring when you look at it every day!

Monstera Tattoos For Women

17. Monstera Thigh Tattoo

The Monstera thigh tattoo is a great choice for those who have a positive outlook on life. The tattoo represents strength and perseverance. It also represents your personality and the things you love to do. If you want something that looks good on your legs, then this is it!

Monstera Thigh Tattoo

18. Monstera Vine Tattoo

The Monstera vine tattoo is perfect for those who like plants or gardening. The vine represents growth, renewal and new beginnings. The leaves represent protection from bad luck, negative energy or bad spirits. This is another great choice if you want something that looks good on your legs.

Monstera Vine Tattoo

19. Simple Monstera Tattoo

A simple design such as this one uses only part of the leaf to create a small outline of the monstera flower on your wrist or ankle. This design can be placed anywhere on your body where you have skin showing through clothing. It’s simple but elegant, making it perfect for anyone who likes simple designs with a touch of elegance.

Simple Monstera Tattoo

20. Small Monstera Tattoo

A simple small monstera tattoo can be done on its own or added to an existing tattoo design that already has other elements such as animals, birds or other flowers incorporated into it. If you’re looking for something smaller than most other flowers and plants, then this may be right up your alley! Don’t think that just because something is smaller means it can’t look great!

Small Monstera Tattoo


What is an Monstera Tattoo?

Monstera tattoos are named after the Monstera deliciosa plant, also known as monstera or Swiss cheese plant. This plant is native to Central America and grows in tropical climates around the world. The leaves of this plant have holes in them that look like Swiss cheese, hence its name.

What does an Monstera tattoo mean?

The meaning behind monstera tattoos varies depending on the person who wears one and what their intentions were when getting it done. Some people choose this design because they love how unique it looks on their body, while others may have gotten it as a symbol of strength or resilience.


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