25 Best Meaningful Mermaid Tattoo Designs

Mermaid tattoos are a popular choice for women of all ages. They’re usually small, colorful and feminine, and they can be done in different styles. There are several common designs that include mermaids in the ocean or holding a mirror.

Mermaid tattoos have always been a popular choice for women and men. They are often chosen as a way to represent one’s love of the sea, or simply to have something beautiful on their body. They are often chosen as a way to represent freedom, spirituality and femininity. The mermaid is often depicted with blue hair and a tail. She is also often shown holding the trident, which symbolizes power over the sea.

Mermaid tattoos are a popular choice among women, especially those that want to get inked with a beautiful and feminine design. The mythical creature isn’t just a pretty face; it has a lot of meaning behind it too. Mermaids have long been associated with the sea and water, so if you have an interest in these things then you might want to consider getting some mermaid ink on your body.

1. Aquarius Mermaid Tattoo

Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the zodiac. Aquarians are known for their unique personalities, their progressive thinking and their humanitarianism. They are also known for their love of freedom and independence. Since these traits are shared by mermaids, it’s no surprise that many Aquarius people have mermaid tattoos.

aquarius mermaid tattoo

2. Mermaid Arm Tattoo

Mermaid arm tattoos can be a great way to express your spirit or simply to show off your love of mermaids. These tattoos are usually done in black and white because they look great on pale skin tones. However, they can also be done in full color if you want them to stand out more on your skin tone or if you want to add some extra detail to them like shading or fine lines around the edges of each scale.

Arm mermaid tattoo

3. Mermaid Back Tattoo

The back is an ideal place to get a large mermaid design because it’s such a large canvas. There’s no limit to how big you can make your mermaid tattoo, though small ones look good too. The best part about getting a back mermaid tattoo is that you don’t have to worry about it being visible under clothing, since there’s so much room for creativity on your back.

Back mermaid tattoo

4. Black Mermaid Tattoo

Black ink isn’t just for skulls anymore! Black ink is perfect for drawing dark and moody mermaid tattoos like this one with beautiful flowing hair and realistic eyes that give off an eerie vibe. You can use black ink to create a dark background behind any kind of mermaid design, whether it’s traditional or something more modern like this one.

black mermaid tattoo

5. Colorful Mermaid Tattoo

One common type of mermaid tattoo is colorful, which is often depicted with red hair and green skin. These tattoos usually feature a blue tail, white scales and an exotic headdress made out of shells or seaweed. Some people choose to add other elements such as flowers, vines or seaweed onto their colorful tattoos as well.

Colorful mermaid tattoo

6. Cute Mermaid Tattoo

Another popular design is cute mermaids with small faces that look more like baby girls than magical creatures from under the sea! These tattoos are typically drawn in black ink with pink lips and green eyes for extra detail. Some people choose to add other elements such as flowers, vines or seaweed onto their cute mermaid tattoos as well.

Cute mermaid tattoo

7. Dreamcatcher Mermaid Tattoo

The dreamcatcher symbolizes protection from bad dreams and negative energy as well as good luck and happiness. It’s said that if you hang one over your bed, it will catch all of your bad dreams and keep them away from you while you sleep so that only good dreams come your way while you rest. The dreamcatcher is often used in Native American culture as well as other cultures around the world.

Dreamcatcher mermaid tattoo

8. Evil Mermaid Tattoo

The evil mermaid has been depicted in many different ways over time, but she is most commonly thought of as having green skin, sharp teeth and long black hair that flows behind her as she swims through the water with an attitude that suggests she’s up to no good! There are many variations on this theme, including those that depict her with scales or fins instead of legs.

evil mermaid tattoo

9. Fine Line Mermaid Tattoo

Fine line mermaid tattoos use thin black lines to create the image of the mermaid. These are usually done on the wrist or ankle, but they can also be found on other parts of the body. They’re perfect for those who want an alternative to traditional bolder designs.

Fine Line mermaid tattoo

10. Mermaid Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are usually bolder than other types of designs because they take up more space on your skin. The most common place for these tattoos is on either side of your forearm, but some people choose to have them go all the way down their arms instead. If you’re interested in getting this type of tattoo, make sure that you choose one that’s easy to cover up with clothing if it becomes necessary!

Forearm mermaid tattoo

11. Goddess Mermaid Tattoo

Goddess mermaid tattoos are a very popular design, as the goddess represents female power. Mermaids are often portrayed as half-man and half-woman, which is why they’re such an excellent choice for goddess tattoos. The combination of the two creates a powerful image that’s perfect for showing off your feminine side.

goddess mermaid tattoo

12. Mermaid Leg Tattoo

Mermaid leg tattoos are another popular design that’s becoming more and more popular every year. These tattoos feature beautiful mermaids swimming up your leg towards your hip or thigh area, where they meet at the top of your leg with another mermaid on either side of you. The design is meant to look like you have a tail instead of legs!

Leg mermaid tattoo

13. Mermaid Planet Tattoo

Mermaid Planet tattoos are a tattoo design that is inspired by the beautiful mermaids of the ocean. The planet tattoo is usually a small moon or planet inked onto the body, often somewhere near the wrist or ankle. This can be done in a variety of colors and styles but it’s always done in a cute way so that it fits into those areas well. This type of tattoo is perfect for people who want to get something small but creative.

mermaid planet tattoo

14. Mermaid Scale Tattoo

Another popular option for mermaid tattoos is to get them on your feet or legs as scales! These pieces are usually done with colorful designs and bright colors that reflect what you would see on an actual fish scale. Some people like to go for more realistic looking scales while others prefer something more cartoonish.

Mermaid Scale Tattoo

15. Mermaid Tail Tattoo

If you want something that represents the beauty of mermaids but isn’t as obvious as a full body piece, consider getting a mermaid tail tattoo. These designs are usually small and sometimes even have scales on them. They also tend to be very feminine with flowing lines and bright colors. If you want one like this, look for someone who does these types of tattoos well so that your mermaid tail doesn’t look like an afterthought or a bad sketch.

mermaid tail tattoo

16. Minimalist Mermaid Tattoo

If you want an elegant tattoo without any frills or decoration, then minimalist mermaid tattoos might be perfect for you. These designs usually consist of just one or two lines that create the shape of a mermaid tail or head. They can be done in almost any color combination imaginable so that they blend into your skin seamlessly and don’t stand out too much from.

minimalist mermaid tattoo

17. Pin Up Mermaid Tattoo

Pin up style is one of the most popular styles in tattoos today. Pin ups are usually women with lots of curves, but pin up mermaid tattoos can also be on guys too! This style is usually very colorful with lots of bright pinks, purples, blues and greens. The mermaids in these tattoos often have long hair that flows back over their shoulders or down their backs. The mermaids in pin up style may be shown wearing cute little outfits like bikinis or lingerie like corsets and garter belts.

pin up mermaid tattoo

18. Mermaid Rib Tattoo

Rib cage tattoos are very popular right now because they can be done in so many different ways depending on what you want your tattoo to look like. Some people get beautiful flowers or vines wrapped around their ribs while others get detailed pictures of mermaids swimming through the water with dolphins or other sea creatures swimming around them as well!

Rib mermaid tattoo

19. Sexy Mermaid Tattoo

If you’re looking for something sexy, check out these sexy mermaid tattoos! These sexy designs show more skin than traditional tattoos do, which makes them perfect for showing off during those hot summer months! These sexy tattoos feature beautiful mermaids with long flowing hair and lots of curves in all the right places!

sexy mermaid tattoo

20. Mermaid Shoulder Tattoo

The shoulder is an ideal spot for a mermaid tattoo because it’s an area that can be easily covered up if needed. Mermaid tattoos on the shoulder usually wrap around the arm and end near the wrist. A typical design will have a woman’s face with long hair and possibly a crown on top of her head. Some designs show only half of the face so that it appears as though she’s underwater looking up at you!

Shoulder mermaid tattoo

21. Skeleton Mermaid Tattoo

Skeleton Mermaid Tattoos are often done by tattoo artists that specialize in black and grey tattoos. The skeleton design is usually done in a way that makes the mermaid look like she is rising from the ocean floor. There are many different variations of this type of tattoo including using other types of sea creatures like octopus, jellyfish and starfish. Some people also use skeletons in their mermaid tattoos as well.

skeleton mermaid tattoo

22. Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo

A Mermaid Sleeve Tattoo is a full body suit with multiple mermaids on it instead of just one small one on your ankle or wrist. These tattoos can show off the entire chest area up to the neck and down over both arms all the way down to the hands and fingers if desired by the person getting this type of tattoo done on their body.

Sleeve mermaid tattoo

23. Small Mermaid Tattoo

One of the most popular types of mermaid tattoos is the small design on someone’s ankle or wrist. This is usually done with simple black ink that fades easily into your skin tone if you want to cover it up later on down the road. It’s also possible to create these designs using various shades of blue or green in order to make them appear more like real ink than just an outline on your body.

small mermaid tattoo

24. Mermaid Thigh Tattoo

Mermaid thigh tattoos are among the most popular types of mermaid tattoos, as they can be placed in visible areas of the body that will be visible even when wearing clothes. The thigh is a great spot for this kind of tattoo because it’s easy to hide with jeans or shorts if you’re not too keen on showing it off.

Thigh mermaid tattoo

25. Traditional Mermaid Tattoo

Traditional mermaid tattoos are often pictured as having long flowing hair and colorful scales all over their bodies. These kinds of mermaids can either have long or short hair, depending on what you prefer. Traditional mermaids also usually have tails instead of legs; however, some artists may draw them with human legs instead of tail fins.

traditional mermaid tattoo


What do mermaid tattoos mean?

Mermaids represent many things to different people, including freedom, femininity, the ocean and water itself. Some people get mermaid tattoos because they want to feel like these mythical creatures, while others simply like the design.

What does a mermaid tattoo symbolize?

Mermaids are symbols of beauty, femininity and fertility. They also represent transformation, rebirth and intuition. The mermaid’s tail represents the water element, which can be considered feminine in nature.

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