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Female Goddess Tattoos for Women

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Female goddess tattoos for women
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Did you know that monotheism is not dominant when it comes to religions? In fact, there are more polytheistic religions in the world. Polytheism has a rich history of gods and goddesses fighting battles and leading humanity.

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The Viking goddess Freya

Do you have a fascination for the Vikings or are you perhaps a descendant of these Nordic warriors? If so, Freya could be the goddess for you.

According to Britannica, Freya was the most famous of the ancient Norse goddesses and she was responsible for love, fertility, struggle and death. She had a chariot drawn by cats and taught the sir (a tribe of gods) in witchcraft.

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In fact, she valued warriors so much that she took half of the soldiers killed in battle to her own version of Odin’s Valhalla, Fólkvangr.

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A Freya tattoo can symbolize love and matters of the heart as well as a warrior spirit. For this Viking goddess tattoo, you can go the minimalist route with a rune symbol that means ‘Freya’ or you could choose a portrait of this goddess in the company of her carriage cats. When getting a portrait tattoo, photorealism is a popular tattoo style.

The Greek goddess Athene

Athena was worshiped as the goddess of wisdom and war in ancient Greece and was both respected and feared.

Her birth is unusual: she came out of the head of Zeus after he was struck with an ax to relieve a painful headache.

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Athena was a virgin and refused to be influenced by love or passion. But she had a soft spot for the heroes of the time. She helped all the major names with their quests, including Hercules, Jason, Odysseus, and Perseus.

It was not only the heroes that Athena liked to help, but also people who practiced crafts.

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An Athena tattoo could also be a symbol of strength and wisdom.

When it comes to an Athena tattoo design, owls as a representation of her wisdom and a shield (that could turn people into stone) are often subjects.

The Egyptian goddess Isis

Isis is probably the most famous goddess of ancient Egypt.

She resuscitated her husband and brother Osiris and played a crucial role in a person’s transition to the afterlife – she brought them to life.

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An Isis tattoo can be a reminder of strength in troubled times as Isis needed to find and revive her husband and protect her son Horus from her murderous brother. She has been through a lot and grown well.

The hieroglyph of Isis is a throne.This deity is also often depicted with wings so it would be appropriate to incorporate wings into an Isis tattoo portrait.

The Sumerian goddess Inanna

In the ancient kingdom of Sumer there was a goddess who was often depicted riding lions.

Inanna was the goddess of love, sensuality, fertility, reproduction and also of war.

Inanna was never the mother figure, but was seen as an independent woman who did what she wanted.

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An Inanna tattoo can represent the independence of the tattooed person and not want to play by the rules.

For a tattoo design by Inanna, she is mostly depicted as a young woman for portrait tattoos. If you are looking for a simpler tattoo design since she was the goddess of fertility, one of her symbols is a pile of reeds. As she has often been pictured with the king of the jungle, a lion tattoo is an amazing representation of Inanna.

The Greek goddess Selene

Mankind has always been fascinated by the moon.

The moon goddess Selene would drive her chariot across the sky to bring light into the night sky. She was actually a titan goddess, so she preceded the Olympians.

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A tattoo design of this goddess could be a representation of the beauty that comes with the night and a symbol of femininity (the sun is often viewed as male while the moon is viewed as female).

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A Selene tattoo could be a simple crescent moon or a portrait of a goddess with a billowing cape (which she was usually depicted in) on a chariot.

If you want your next tattoo to represent feminine strength and power, look back on ancient mythologies for inspiration.

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