20 Best Mortal Kombat Tattoo Design ideas

Mortal Kombat Tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs among men and women. This design is a great way to show off your personality and attitude. The Mortal Kombat tattoo is just as popular as the game itself. It shows that you have a rugged, tough side to you that is not afraid to show it!

Mortal Kombat, one of the most popular fighting video games of all time, has been around for over 20 years. The game is set in a mystical world where warriors fight to the death in an arena to prove their worthiness to the gods. The characters and story lines are very complex and detailed, which makes them perfect for tattoos.

Tattoo is considered as an art and it has been used as a form of expression for many years. There are many people who like to get their body inked with some tattoo designs but they don’t know which design to choose. In this article, you will find 20 Mortal Kombat Tattoo ideas that will surely inspire you to get your own body tattooed with those designs.

Mortal Kombat Tattoo Designs

1. Mortal Kombat Logo Tattoo

A tattoo of the Mortal Kombat logo is a great idea for fans of this popular video game series. You can get it in black, or you can use other colors like red or green to add elements of color. The logo is also versatile enough to be placed in multiple parts of your body, so you can choose whether you want it on your arm, leg or chest.

Mortal Kombat Logo Tattoo

2. Scorpion Tattoo

A scorpion tattoo is a great way to show your love for the Mortal Kombat series. The game’s most iconic character is Scorpion, and you can get inked with his symbol or even just his face. This makes a great tattoo idea if you’re already a fan of the franchise but haven’t decided on what character you want to represent you in the real world yet!

Mortal Kombat Scorpion Tattoo

3. Sub-Zero Tattoo

The sub-zero tattoo is one of the most iconic of all classic Mortal Kombat characters. The most popular Sub-Zero tattoos are those with the character’s mask and his name on it, but you can also get a more subtle version that includes just the character’s name if you don’t want to go too crazy with it. If you want to add some color, then look for an artist who is willing to do an airbrush job on your tattoo as this will give it an extra vibrancy and make it stand out even more from other tattoos.

Sub Zero Tattoo

4. Raiden Tattoo

Raising your hand and sending a thunderbolt to strike an enemy is a Mortal Kombat move, but it can also be a way to express yourself. If you want to show off how much you love Raiden, one of the best Mortal Kombat characters, getting his tattoo is definitely an option for you. There are many different ways that people decide to go about their Raiden tattoos. You could have him on your forearm or behind your ear as if he’s in flight like he does in the game’s logo. You could even get the lightning bolt from his fist if that’s what catches your eye!

Raiden tatttoo

5. Cyber Sub-Zero Tattoo

A Cyber Sub-Zero tattoo is an amazing idea for those who have a passion for Mortal Kombat and the characters. The character of Cyber Sub-Zero was introduced in Mortal Kombat 4 and has since been one of the most popular fighters in the game. This tattoo will be a great addition to your body art collection and will help you stand out from other people. You can get this tattoo placed on your back or arm depending on where it fits best.

Cyber Sub Zero Tattoo

6. Baraka Tattoo

Baraka is a character from Mortal Kombat. He’s a nomad from Outworld and a warrior with blades for arms. The warrior is one of the most popular characters in Mortal Kombat, and that’s why many fans choose to get tattoos of him on their bodies. Baraka tattoos can be designed in different ways, depending on how you want it to look like. You can design it yourself or ask your tattoo artist to do so for you if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Baraka Tattoo

7. Kitana Tattoo

If you have an interest in the character of Kitana, then this tattoo is for you. The movie star is portrayed as a dazzling beauty with long legs and a black dress that has been embroidered with bright flowers. Her image is surrounded by a green circle that reads “Mortal Kombat.” This image would make a great choice if you want something simple yet elegant on your body.

Kitana Tattoo

8. Kung Lao tattoo

Kung Lao is a classic tattoo design. You’ll find the teal and purple colors of his costume in most Kung Lao tattoos, but there are always variations on this theme. Sometimes he’s depicted with his hat or mask off and showing his full face; sometimes he’s shown wearing a cloth bandana instead of the headdress. You can also see him holding a different weapon or pose altogether, as long as there’s still enough of that bright green color to remind you which character you’re looking at!

Kung Lao tattoo

9. Ermac tattoo

Ermac tattoos are for the fans of the Mortal Kombat video game series. A warrior with magic powers, Ermac first appeared in the first game as a secret character and then reappeared again in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy. His name means “one who was created from a single thought”. He is also known as simply The Soul Warrior because he has no mind of his own but pulls energy from other souls to gain form and strength.

Ermac tattoo

10. Mileena tattoo

A popular tattoo for Mileena fans is her mask. The mask is one of the most recognizable parts of the character, so getting it tattooed would be perfect for someone who loves her and wants to show it off. Mileena is also known for her sword, so if you want something more unique, you can get that instead!

Mileena tattoo

11. Dragon Tattoo

A dragon tattoo is a timeless symbol that represents strength, power and good fortune. Mortal Kombat features many dragons in its story, most notably in the first game where Shang Tsung summons a Fire Dragon to fight Liu Kang. Dragon tattoos can be placed anywhere on your body but they look best when they are large and positioned on an area of the body that’s visible when you wear a tank top or dress.

Mortal Kombat Dragon Tattoo

12. Mortal Kombat Forearm Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are one of the most popular types of body art because they are easy to hide if necessary and they can be very expressive and powerful. Some people choose to decorate their forearms with a dragon, but others like tribal designs or other images that reflect their personality and interests.

Mortal Kombat Forearm Tattoo

13. Mortal Kombat Hand Tattoo

Hand tattoos are another option for those who want to show off their love for the series without getting something too obvious that would make them stand out in a crowd or at work. A simple design such as an image of Scorpion’s mask is perfect for this type of spot because it can be easily concealed if necessary and it doesn’t take up too much space on your body either.

Mortal Kombat Hand Tattoo

14. Mortal Kombat Leg Tattoo

A leg tattoo will usually feature Scorpion or Sub-Zero on one leg while Liu Kang appears on the other leg. In some cases, this tattoo design may also feature other characters like Raiden or Johnny Cage as well. These tattoos are often done in black ink with red highlights added to make them look more realistic. It’s important to note that these tattoos should only be placed on one side of your body so you don’t.

Mortal Kombat Leg Tattoo

15. Sindel Tattoo

Sindel is a character from the Mortal Kombat series who first appeared in Mortal Kombat 4. She is the mother of Kitana and Mileena and the wife of Shao Kahn. Sindel’s main weapon is her hair which she uses to choke her enemies with before finishing them off with an energy blast from her mouth.

Sindel Tattoo

16. Johnny Cage Tattoo

Johnny Cage was one of the original characters from Mortal Kombat 1, but he didn’t actually appear until Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 when he lost all his moves from previous games and then gained new ones like his trademark “Fist Of Fury” move that allows him to throw a flurry of punches at once while ducking under enemy fire.

Johnny Cage Tattoo

17. Mortal Kombat Sleeve Tattoo

A sleeve tattoo is one of the most popular Mortal Kombat tattoos. The sleeve tattoo uses a series of symbols that represent several characters from the game. The design typically consists of a character’s head, wings ornaments and weapons. The tattoo may also include other elements such as a dragon or butterfly.

Mortal Kombat Sleeve Tattoo

18. Mortal Kombat Tattoo Designs

Mortal Kombat Tattoos can be done in just about any style you want. If you’re looking for something more traditional, then a sleeve or back piece would be ideal. You can also get a small Mortal Kombat Tattoo on your ankle or wrist if you don’t have much space left on other parts of your body.

Mortal Kombat Tattoo Designs

19. Mortal Kombat Tattoo ideas

The Mortal Kombat series is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. The games feature a cast of characters with a wide variety of fighting styles and weapons. Some of the characters have tattoos, which can make for an interesting tattoo design.

Mortal Kombat Tattoo ideas

20. Mortal Kombat Thigh Tattoo

A thigh tattoo is another type of Mortal Kombat tattoo that features many different characters from the game. This design uses a number of characters from different periods in time to create a unique look for your leg area. Some examples include Scorpion and Mileena from the original Mortal Kombat trilogy and Cyrax from Mortal Kombat X.

Mortal Kombat Thigh Tattoo

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