40 Best Jellyfish Tattoos For Men And Women

Jellyfish tattoos are one of the most popular forms of body art in the world. These creatures are beautiful and graceful, but they’re also mysterious and deadly. Tattoo artists have been drawing them for thousands of years. They can be found on ancient Egyptian mummies, Mayan temples and Roman catacombs. Jellyfish tattoos have inspired artists from all over the world to create their own versions of these delicate creatures.

Jellyfish tattoos are a beautiful design that looks great on the skin. The jellyfish has been used as a symbol for many years, and it is one of the most popular tattoo designs out there. There are many different types of jellyfish tattoos to choose from.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes. These sea creatures are a great choice for any type of tattoo design including small, medium or large size tattoos. The delicate tentacles can be decorated with flowers, hearts, stars or whatever you like in order to create a unique and personal tattoo.

1. American Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

The traditional American jellyfish tattoo is an image of a bright orange jellyfish floating against a blue sky with white clouds and colorful fish swimming below it. The background may include other sea creatures such as dolphins or whales, but the focus is always on the jellyfish itself. This kind of design has been popular since the early 20th century when sailors first brought home photographs of exotic animals they encountered while traveling abroad.

American Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

2. Behind The Ear Jellyfish Tattoo

A behind the ear jellyfish tattoo is one of the most popular types of body art for women. This type of tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body, but it works best behind an ear because it gives the illusion that the jellyfish is swimming through your hair or hanging from it like a charm. The design itself can vary greatly from artist to artist, but they all share some common elements: vibrant colors and intricate detail work within the lines of each tentacle.

Behind The Ear Jellyfish Tattoo

3. Belly Jellyfish Tattoos

If you want to get a jellyfish tattoo on your belly, it’s best to choose one that has an image of the whole creature and not just the tentacles. The tentacles have their own meaning, but they’re also known as stinging tentacles, so if you want to avoid that connotation, consider getting an image of the entire creature instead.

Belly Jellyfish Tattoo

4. Black And Grey Jellyfish Tattoo

Black and grey jellyfish tattoos are another great option if you want something simple but still attractive. These tattoos are usually small in size but can be larger if needed. They often feature dark colors like black, grey or blue ink along with light colors like white or yellow ink to help create contrast between each color used in the design.

Black And Grey Jellyfish Tattoo

5. Black Jellyfish Tattoos

A black jellyfish tattoo is an excellent choice if you want something that will stand out against your skin tone. Black ink is also one of the most popular colors used by tattoo artists today because it looks great on almost every person. Black tattoos tend to look better on darker skin tones than they do on lighter ones because the contrast between the two colors makes them pop out more prominently against each other.

Black Jellyfish Tattoo

6. Colorful Jellyfish Tattoos

If you’re looking for something colorful but still want something unique and eye-catching then consider getting a colorful jellyfish tattoo! These designs are super trendy right now and come in all sorts of colors including bright purple, blue and green. They can also be done in different styles including dotwork and line work which will give them a more modern feel while still maintaining their uniqueness as a design choice.

Colorful Jellyfish Tattoo

7. Cute Jellyfish Tattoos

You can get a simple jellyfish tattoo done on your wrist or ankle with a dark blue background color. This type of tattoo looks beautiful when done in black ink with colorful outlines around it. To give an extra touch to this design, you can add some glitter around the edges so that it looks more attractive than ever and catches people’s attention easily when they see it for the first time!

Cute Jellyfish Tattoo

8. Dandelion Jellyfish Tattoo

The dandelion jellyfish tattoo is one of the most creative designs available. It features a dandelion seed head in place of the tentacle stinger at the top of the jellyfish body with other dandelion seeds scattered around it. This design will add a whimsical touch to your tattoo collection!

Dandelion Jellyfish Tattoo

9. Floral Jellyfish Tattoos

Floral tattoos are on trend right now, which makes them perfect for summertime! You can get a floral jellyfish tattoo done in several different styles: realistic or abstract, black and white or color. Some people choose to have their floral jellyfish tattooed on their ankle, wrist or foot. Others like to have it somewhere more visible like their forearm or upper arm.

Floral Jellyfish Tattoo

10. Flower And Jellyfish Tattoo

A flower and jellyfish combo is an interesting combination because the two subjects don’t seem like they would go together at first glance! However, if you take a closer look at these two subjects individually, each one has its own merits that make them appealing on their own merits. Flowers are delicate and fragile while jellyfish have stinging tentacles that can be dangerous for humans if not handled correctly!

Flower And Jellyfish Tattoo

11. Geometric Jellyfish Tattoos

Geometric jellyfish tattoos typically feature geometric shapes in different colors. The most common design is a circular design in black or grey ink with colored geometric shapes inside of it. These are often done in black and white as well. This style of tattoo is easy to do and can look great on anyone who wants an easy but interesting design.

Geometric Jellyfish Tattoo

12. Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Tattoo

Glow in the dark jellyfish tattoos aren’t as popular as some other types of jellyfish tattoo designs, but they’re definitely worth mentioning here because they’re so unique and cool looking! Glow in the dark tattoos have become more popular lately thanks to advancements in technology and there are now several different ways you can make your own glow-in-the-dark jellyfish tattoo!

Glow In The Dark Jellyfish Tattoo

13. Jellyfish Tattoo Black And White

A black and white jellyfish tattoo is a great way to add some flair without overwhelming the rest of your body art. You can even get it done in color if you prefer. A black and white jellyfish tattoo is a great way to add some flair without overwhelming the rest of your body art. You can even get it done in color if you prefer.

Jellyfish Tattoo Black And White

14. Jellyfish Tattoo On ankle

A jellyfish tattoo on the ankle is a great choice if you want something small. This particular design has a lot of detail and looks like it’s floating above the surface of your skin. You can get this design done in any color scheme you choose, but black and white tends to work well with it because it helps highlight all of the intricate details that make up the image itself.

Jellyfish Tattoo On ankle

15. Jellyfish Tattoo On Arm

A jellyfish tattoo on the arm is not only a good idea for men but also for women. This tattoo looks great when it is inked on one shoulder and extended over to the other shoulder. It can also be done in the form of a sleeve. The intricate design of this tattoo is suited for both men and women, as it can be given any kind of color combination that suits your taste.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Arm

16. Jellyfish Tattoo On Back

A jellyfish tattoo on the back can look elegant and attractive when done properly. The best thing about this tattoo is that it can be made to look like a part of your body, which makes it even more attractive. You can either get it done in black ink or any other color that you like. If you want to make sure that your back does not look dull after getting this kind of a tattoo, then you should consider getting it done by an expert who knows how to do such kind of artistry properly.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Back

17. Jellyfish Tattoo On Calf

The calf is one of the most popular areas for women to get tattoos. This area is often covered up by clothing, so it may not be visible when you wear shorts or skirts. However, this area is usually exposed when wearing a swimsuit, so it’s important to make sure that your tattoo will look good in that situation. If you want to get a jellyfish tattoo on your calf, make sure that you choose an artist who has experience working in this area.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Calf

18. Jellyfish Tattoo On Forearm

Another great option for getting a jellyfish tattoo is on your forearm or upper arm. Jellyfish tattoos look great in this area because they have room to breathe and move around without appearing too crowded or overcrowded in one spot. A jellyfish tattoo can be placed anywhere on your forearm or upper arm where there isn’t any hair growing yet.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Forearm

19. Jellyfish Tattoo On Hand

The most common place for people to get jellyfish tattoos is on the back of their hands. The simplicity of this design makes it easy for anyone to recognize the tattoo as one that represents the ocean or water in general. This type of tattoo is often done in black ink because it is easier to hide if someone does not want others to know about their beliefs or interests.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Hand

20. Jellyfish Tattoo On Hip

Another common place people choose to get jellyfish tattoos is on their hips near where their pants would naturally fall so that they can cover them up when they are wearing clothes if they do not want others to see them while they are out and about. This design is also very popular among women who want something feminine but not too obvious when they are out in public without any clothes on!

Jellyfish Tattoo On Hip

21. Jellyfish Tattoo On Leg

If you want a jellyfish tattoo on your leg, then the best place for this design would be near the ankle. This area can be easily hidden if necessary, but it still shows off the beauty of your new body art. Jellyfish tattoos are very feminine and can make an elegant addition to any woman’s collection of ink.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Leg

22. Jellyfish Tattoo On Rib Cage

If you want a more unconventional location for your tattoo then try getting one on your rib cage! Jellyfish tattoos look great on this area because they have a lot of curves and lines that accentuate the shape of the ribs. This makes it easy to create an interesting design that will stand out in a crowd.

Jellyfish Tattoo On Rib Cage

23. Jellyfish Tattoo On Shoulder

The shoulder is a great place for a large jellyfish tattoo because it’s not too visible when you wear short sleeves or open-backed shirts. It’s also easy to hide with clothing if you need it to be more discreet at work or school. If you have multiple tattoos, this could be a good place for another one!

Jellyfish Tattoo On Shoulder

24. Jellyfish Tattoo On Thigh

If you want a large jellyfish tattoo then it might make sense for you to get it on your thigh instead since this area can usually accommodate larger designs than other parts of your body like arms and legs. Jellyfishes are very colorful creatures so it can be fun choosing different ones that represent different emotions or memories for you!

Jellyfish Tattoo On Thigh

25. Jellyfish Tattoo On Wrist

Getting a jellyfish tattoo on your wrist is one of the most popular locations for this type of design. This location makes it easy to hide if you need to because most people don’t want others seeing their tattoos when they are doing something professional or when they are around their friends and family members who don’t know about their new body art. Getting this type of design on your wrist also gives you an opportunity to get another tattoo with your husband or wife if they also want one done at this location!

Jellyfish Tattoo On Wrist

26. Jellyfish Tattoo Outline

If you want your jellyfish tattoo to stand out, then you should consider getting an outline of it instead of getting colored ink put into your body. Outlined tattoos are easier to see on darker skin tones than colored ones, so if you have dark skin then an outlined jellyfish will probably look better on you than any other type of jellyfish tattoo design would look on you.

Jellyfish Tattoo Outline

27. Meaningful Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish tattoos can be used to represent a number of different things. For example, some people get them because they like jellyfish and want to honor them by having this sea creature adorn their bodies. Other people get them because they have lost someone close to them who was like a jellyfis or because they have been stung by one and want to commemorate that event in some way. Finally, there are some people who get these tattoos simply because they think that it looks cool!

Meaningful Jellyfish Tattoo

28. Minimalist Jellyfish Tattoos

Minimalist jellyfish tattoos usually have only one color in them, with perhaps just enough detail to make them recognizable as jellyfish but not so much detail that it becomes too busy for its own good. These types of tattoos are ideal for those who want something simple but still want something that has meaning behind it and will stand out from all the other tattoos out there!

Minimalist Jellyfish Tattoo

29. Mushroom Jellyfish Tattoos

The mushroom jellyfish tattoo is another popular type of jellyfish ink that has been gaining popularity over the years. The mushroom jellyfish has a round shape and looks like it came out of outer space from an alien planet! This type of ink can be found on both men and women alike but again it tends to be more popular with women than men because it represents femininity so well!

Mushroom Jellyfish Tattoo

30. Realistic Jellyfish Tattoos

The realistic jellyfish tattoo is one of the most popular types of ink you can get. This type of ink is usually done using realistic colors and shading techniques that make it look like you are looking at an actual jellyfish in real life. These types of tattoos can be found on both men and women alike, but they tend to be more popular with women than with men.

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo

31. Red ink Jellyfish Tattoos

A red ink jellyfish tattoo can be done in any style you choose, but these creatures typically look best in realistic styles. Because they are so delicate and translucent, dotwork designs are also very popular with people who want red ink jellyfish tattoos. However, if you want to create a more traditional looking tattoo that features all of the details of this creature’s anatomy, realism is probably going to be your best option.

Red ink Jellyfish Tattoo

32. Simple Jellyfish Tattoos

A simple jellyfish tattoo can be done with just one color or multiple colors depending on how detailed you want your design to be. It’s also possible for an artist to add some shading or highlights to make the design look more realistic by using different shades of red, pink and purple.

Simple Jellyfish Tattoo

33. Sleeve Jellyfish Tattoos

A sleeve tattoo design is a large tattoo that covers the entire arm from shoulder to wrist and sometimes even beyond this. Most sleeve tattoos contain many smaller designs that make up one big piece of art work covering most of the skin on the arm. A sleeve tattoo is usually done by an artist who specializes in this kind of work and it takes quite some time to complete one because it is so extensive.

Sleeve Jellyfish Tattoo

34. Small Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish tattoos are usually small, simple and colorful. They are popular among women and girls as they look elegant and sweet on the skin. The color of these tattoos can be either dark or light. The design of jellyfish itself is very simple, but you can add some details to make it more attractive. Jellyfish tattoos can be done in different positions like on the back, shoulder blade or arm. They also look good when put on your lower back or hip bone area.

Small Jellyfish Tattoo

35. Space Jellyfish Tattoos

Space jellyfish tattoos are one of the most popular types of jellyfish tattoos out there because they have an outer space feel to them. The look and design can vary greatly depending on the artist who is creating them. Some artists will use bright colors while others will use darker tones.

Space Jellyfish Tattoo

36. Spongebob Jellyfish Tattoos

If you loved watching SpongeBob SquarePants as a kid, then you might want to consider getting one of these cute little jellyfish tattoos as an adult! They’re simple designs that are perfect for anyone who wants something fun and whimsical on their body!

Spongebob Jellyfish Tattoos

37. Tiny Jellyfish Tattoos

If you want a tiny jellyfish tattoo, then you should check out these examples. They are all beautiful but what makes them so special is how small and simple they are. They will look great anywhere on your body but make sure you get the right artist for the job. If you do not know how to draw, then ask them to draw it for you or get a stencil from them. These examples below are just a few that we found online but there are many others out there as well!

Tiny Jellyfish Tattoo

38. Traditional Jellyfish Tattoos

A traditional jellyfish tattoo is larger than a tiny jellyfish tattoo and has more detail in it. This type of jellyfish tattoo has been around for years and is still very popular among those who wish to get one done. Traditional jellyfish tattoos can be done in any color combinations that you prefer, as well as black ink only if desired by the wearer.

Traditional Jellyfish Tattoo

39. Uv Jellyfish Tattoos

Jellyfish tattoos can be done in black ink or color ink. Color jellyfish tattoo designs add more life to the design, making them more attractive than black ink jellyfish tattoos. A good artist will use colors that compliment each other well so that your tattoo looks great even at a distance without losing its beauty or meaning.

Uv Jellyfish Tattoo

40. Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoos

Watercolor jellyfish tattoos are beautiful to look at and can be quite colorful depending on how much detail they have in them. These types of jellyfish tattoos are not only popular among women but also men as well because they are very unique in appearance when compared to other types of sea life tattoos such as fish or dolphins that we see every day on people’s bodies.

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo


What Do Jellyfish Tattoos Symbolize?

A jellyfish tattoo can symbolize many things. Some people get them as reminders of loved ones who have passed away or as a symbol of their own personal struggles. Other people get them because they love the ocean and want to show their appreciation for its beauty.

What Does a Jellyfish Tattoo Mean?

The meaning behind getting a jellyfish tattoo depends on the person getting it. Some people believe that getting this type of tattoo will help them overcome their fears, while others believe it will bring good luck in life. Others use jellyfish tattoos to represent their love for the ocean and aquatic life forms like dolphins and whales.


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