15 Best Gypsy Tattoo Designs

Gypsy tattoos are a popular choice with many people because they have a very unique and interesting look to them. These tattoos can mean different things to different people depending on the person who is wearing them and what they mean to them.

Gypsies have tattoos on their bodies as well as other signs of body modification such as piercings, scarification and other forms of body modification which leaves them open to being discriminated against because of their differences from the mainstream population.

Gypsies have different types of tattoos based on where they come from or what type of family they belong to in order for others to identify them easily. Their tattoos are usually placed on areas which can’t be covered easily by clothing like their chest or back but also include their arms and legs depending on what type of work they do or if they are just going out for fun.

1. Beautiful Gypsy Girl Tattoo

These types of gypsy girl tattoos often feature flowers or roses in them. This can be done in a number of different ways, such as having the flowers on the bracelet or having them as part of her dress or skirt.

beautiful gypsy girl tattoo

2. Black And Gray Gypsy Tattoo

Black and gray gypsy tattoos are very popular among women who want something simple yet elegant. These tattoos tend to be small in size so they are easy to hide if needed. They look great with other tattoos as well as being worn on their own.

Black And Gray Gypsy Tattoo

3. Black Gypsy Tattoo

Black ink is the most popular choice for gypsy tattoos, but it can also be done in color. The tattoo artist will usually use a black ink that dries quickly so that they don’t have to spend too much time working on one part of your body. If you have an existing tattoo, you may want to go with a bright color instead of black because it will stand out more against the dark background.

Black Gypsy Tattoo

4. Colorful Gypsy Tattoo

You can also get colorful gypsy tattoos that feature hearts, flowers and other symbols associated with this culture. These are usually done in bright colors like reds and pinks as well as blues and greens. This type of design is especially popular among women who love their femininity but also enjoy being individuals with their own style.

Colorful Gypsy Tattoo

5. Crying Gypsy Tattoo

The crying gypsy tattoo is one of the most popular gypsy tattoos that you can get. It represents the hardships that they have faced and how they are still fighting for their freedom. It also represents how they do not give up easily and will fight for what they believe in no matter what obstacles come their way. This tattoo is usually done on its own or combined with other symbols such as hearts or roses to signify love, friendship, or family values.

Crying Gypsy Tattoo

6. Fortune Teller Gypsy Tattoo

The fortune teller gypsy tattoo is one of the most common gypsy tattoos that you can find these days since there are so many people who want to know about their future but do not want to go to a psychic for help because it is too expensive or time consuming for them. This tattoo symbolizes how these people want to know about their future so badly that they would.

Fortune Teller Gypsy Tattoo

7. Gypsy And Rose Tattoo

Gypsy rose tattoos are a popular choice for many women. The reason for this is because gypsies have always been known for their beauty and love of nature and flowers. This can be seen in their clothing, accessories, and tattoos. Gypsies have been around for centuries, so it’s no wonder that they would have such a strong influence on tattoo designs.

Gypsy and Rose Tattoo

8. Traditional Gypsy Tattoo

Traditional gypsy tattoos are also very popular with women. These types of tattoos are usually made up of a lot of different colors that can be used to create something unique and beautiful on the skin. They often include nature symbols like flowers, butterflies, and birds along with bright colors like reds and oranges.

traditional gypsy tattoo

9. Gypsy Hand Tattoo

Gypsy hand tattoos are one of the most popular gypsy tattoo designs. These tattoos can be small or large and they look great on women’s arms. They can also be placed anywhere else on your body as well. Gypsy hands usually have swirls, flowers, hearts and other intricate designs on them.

Gypsy Hand Tattoo

10. Gypsy Bicep Tattoo

Gypsy bicep tattoos are another popular choice for men who want to get a gypsy tattoo. A gypsy bicep tattoo is usually done in black ink because this color helps to show off the details of the design better than other colors would. When you get a gypsy bicep tattoo done, make sure that it has enough detail so that it will look great when it is finished being healed.

Gypsy Leg Tattoo

11. Gypsy Moon Tattoo

Gypsy Moon Tattoos are a great way to show your love of the night sky. The gypsy moon represents freedom, wanderers, and free thinking. It also represents change, which is why it’s a great tattoo for those who want to start a new chapter in their life or go on an adventure.

Gypsy Moon Tattoo

12. Gypsy Shoulder Tattoo

The gypsy shoulder tattoo is a popular choice among women because it’s easy to hide with clothing. The sun and moon represent opposites, which means that they work well together as tattoos. You can get them in any color you want, but black ink is usually the most popular choice for this type of tat.

Gypsy Shoulder Tattoo

13. Gypsy Snake Tattoo

Gypsies believed that the snake had great healing powers and were said to have been able to cure certain ailments by using the snake’s venom. Gypsy snake tattoos can be done in various ways: as a realistic portrait of an actual snake or as an abstract design.

Gypsy Snake Tattoo

14. Gypsy Thigh Tattoo

Gypsy thigh tattoos are also based on symbols from the Romani people. These tattoos often feature red hearts with wings and snakes coiling around them. The hearts represent love, while the snakes represent protection and freedom. Gypsy thigh tattoos can also feature butterflies or birds to represent freedom and flight away from problems in life.

Gypsy Thigh Tattoo

15. Neo Traditional Gypsy Tattoo

Neo traditional gypsy tattoos use elements from traditional designs but incorporate more modern styles into them such as bright colors and unique designs that don’t look like anything else out there!

neo traditional gypsy tattoo


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