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Best Butterfly Tattoo Design

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Best butterfly tattoo design

The butterfly is the epitome of natural beauty. It reminds us of how a storm eventually recedes and gives way to sunshine. In keeping with this universal truth, butterfly tattoos are a wonderful symbol of life changes. Butterfly tattoos also represent faith, freedom and constant participation in our lives. Every butterfly inspires us to stay positive and hopeful through thick and thin. They remind us that the most difficult times are passing phases in life. These winged beauties result from a wonderful, natural transformation – from caterpillar to butterfly. I’m sure every trending butterfly tattoo in this article will inspire both men and women to get one. But rest assured, if you fall in love with one or more of these tattoo designs, you can discover more from the artist. To help you, the artist / source can directly find their work under each design.

Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Ready to be overwhelmed and immensely inspired by the beauty? Here are some of the most elegant butterfly tattoos that are making the rounds on the internet:

1. Watercolor technique Butterfly Tattoo

Watercolor Technique Butterfly Tattoo

Behind the ear is a difficult placement both in terms of tattooing and the pain sensation during the needle operation. But as you can see, the result is well worth the pain, cost, and time of the wearer. The two butterflies are not too big, but they fly perfectly around the upper neck.

2. Behind the ear butterflies tattoo

Behind the Ear Butterflies Tattoo

While two butterflies flying together (see previous picture) symbolize Behind the ear is a difficult placement both in terms of tattooing and the pain sensation during the needle operation. But as you can see, the result is well worth the pain, cost, and time of the wearer. The two butterflies are not too big, but they fly perfectly around the upper neck.

3. Rib Placement Butterflies Tattoo

Rib Placement Butterflies Tattoo

While two butterflies (see previous picture) flying together symbolize undying love, three butterflies have a special meaning. More than two butterflies symbolize a long life.

4. Hand tattoo of the butterfly

Hand Tattoo of Butterfly

Another painful place when tattooing is the hand. The reason is the thin skin and dense bones of the hands. But like all things that require patience, pain, and other sacrifices, this one too leads to great results. The above hand tattoo shows a beautiful black butterfly.

5. Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo

The above tattoo in the ankle area shows a beautiful blue, pink and black butterfly that has landed on a pile of pretty pink flowers. Butterflies are known to fly over flowers, just as young people do with their social life. So this intricate tattoo represents freedom, life and happiness.

6. Butterfly Tattoo on Center Chest

Butterfly tattoo on Chest Center

The center of the upper chest is a popular spot for a large butterfly tattoo. The above piece in black and white has intricate details and is bold and beautiful. Another advantage of such designs is that they can be easily hidden because you can cover them with clothing.

7. Colorful butterfly and flower tattoo on calf

Colorful Butterfly and Flowers Tattoo on Calf

Butterfly tattoos are just as popular with men as they are with women.The large pink flowers provide the perfect backdrop while the butterflies hang around them. The largest butterfly, the yellow and black, is the focus, while the two shaded green form the balancing act in the overall picture.

8. Thigh Butterfly Tattoo

Thigh Butterfly Tattoo

A great part of butterfly tattoos is that they can be applied to most parts of the body. It’s a classic example of how butterflies aren’t in too many colors need to be colored to look alive.

9. Tiny butterflies near the collar bone

Tiny Butterflies Near Collar Bone

Tiny butterflies are exquisite. For example, in the above tattoo, two tiny butterflies represent undying love. It’s a beautiful tattoo for a woman that can be worn anywhere around her upper chest area.

10. Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

Tribal Butterfly Tattoo

For smaller variations of the butterfly design, anywhere along the wrist circumference is a great place. For example, the above tribal style tattoo in black and white sits perfectly in this region.

11. Upper Abdominal Butterfly Tattoo

Upper Abdomen Butterfly Tattoo

A relatively large butterfly tattoo can look great anywhere along the front of your body. In the above case, the butterfly is colored in the middle of the upper abdomen and looks great!

12. Music notes & butterfly tattoo

Musical Notes & Butterfly Tattoo

Nature and music go hand in hand. When we think of butterflies, flowers and the like, there is an unconscious fine-tuning in our heads. We imagine this melody as the beautiful, colorful butterflies fly around on their flowery hillside. The above tattoo captures this emotion fabulously.

13. Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Arm

Butterfly Tattoo on Upper Arm

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you have a large upper arm, the above style of butterfly composition would suit you. An incredible amount of color, multiple elements in the game, and modern accents make the tattoo amazingly awesome.

14. Gorgeous patterned butterfly tattoo on chest

Beautiful Patterned Butterfly Tattoo on Chest

Here’s another gorgeous large butterfly tattoo that sits flawlessly on the man’s center chest. Incredible details, color contrasts and other effects set this tattoo apart from the rest. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece, go for this one!

15. Spine Butterfly Tattoo

Spinal Butterfly Tattoo

The above tattoo on the spine area proves that butterflies, when oriented vertically, cannot look out of this world. If you pay close attention, every butterfly is different. Wingspan or individual detailing – the artist has made this unique piece a delightful setting for sore eyes.

16. Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

As you may have noticed, the forearm is another widely used placement of butterfly tattoos. The rose stands for love, the butterfly – among other things for transformation and freedom. Is there some other reason to get one on your forearm soon?

17. Butterfly and Lettering Tattoo

Butterfly and Lettering Tattoo

The butterfly design can be added to embellish a name, quote or phrase tattoo. The side forearm tattoo above is the perfect example. The artist only did this job in black ink and I have to say the job is well done!

18. Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Simple Butterfly Tattoo

With simple hand-engraved outlines, you can get beautiful butterfly tattoo designs of any color.

19. Butterfly Puzzle Tattoo

Butterfly Puzzle Tattoo

It’s always fun to get a tattoo that requires two hands or two feet to connect into one complete image. For example, each side of the hand on top has half the appearance of the butterfly. If you bring them together and show them to your friends, they will be amazed and smile with happiness. Most popularly, these halves are made for couples instead of both hands of the same person to represent their love and togetherness.

20. Pretty Rainbow Style Butterfly Tattoo

Pretty Rainbow Style Butterfly Tattoo

If you want your butterfly tattoo to be unrealistic but incredibly pretty and feminine, the style above should inspire you. You can spot each color of the rainbow in the watercolor technique in the forearm piece above.

21. 3D butterfly tattoo on ribs

3D Butterflies Tattoo on Ribs

Finally, to end this list of beautiful tattoos, you may see beautiful butterflies. You look so realistic; Spectators will feel as though they are about to fly away. The technique is 3-dimensional tattooing.

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