25 Best Infinity Tattoos For Men And Women

An infinity tattoos is a common style of tattoo that is often used to symbolize the infinite love of a couple. The infinity symbol is used in many different ways and has a variety of meanings from religion to science. The most common meaning is that of never ending love, which is why it’s so popular among couples.

Infinity tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs. Infinity symbolizes love, friendship, loyalty, eternity and more. Infinity tattoo meaning can be different for everyone depending on their own experience in life or on the context in which they are used. The infinity symbol is often used as a symbol of being endless or unending and is common in many cultures around the world.

Infinity tattoos can be a symbol of love, friendship and infinity. The infinity tattoo designs can be simple or complex, depending on your choice. The infinity tattoo designs are available in different colors and styles to suit your personality. You can choose from a variety of infinity tattoo designs because they are highly popular among people of all ages.

1. Anchor Infinity Tattoo

Anchor tattoos are another common infinity tattoo style. While these tattoos are similar to regular anchor tattoos, they have an added twist with the addition of an infinity symbol between two anchors. Like regular anchor tattoos, these infinity anchor tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, but they tend to be most popular on feet or ankles.

Anchor Infinity Tattoo

2. Animal Infinity Tattoo

Animal infinity tattoos are another fun way to show off your love for someone special. These designs feature animals such as dog and cat along with their smaller counterparts like rabbits and kittens. Animal infinity tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body except for your face or neck area due to their size and complexity.

Animal Infinity Tattoo

3. Arrow Infinity Tattoo

The arrow is also an ancient symbol of love, fertility and protection. It’s also a common depiction of Cupid -the Roman god of love who shoots arrows at people to make them fall in love with each other. This type of arrow infinity tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body but it’s especially popular behind the ear area where it will be easy to see without being too obvious and too distracting from other types of tattoos such as sleeves or chest pieces.

Arrow Infinity Tattoo

4. Behind The Ear Infinity Tattoo

This type of infinity tattoo behind the ear is so subtle yet very beautiful! It almost looks like a small earring with just a bit more detail than what you would normally find in ordinary jewelry! This design works well with any skin tone since there are no colors involved and therefore doesn’t stand out too much.

Behind The Ear Infinity Tattoo

5. Colored Infinity Symbol Tattoo

The colored infinity symbol is one of the most popular ways to get an infinity tattoo. Colorful infinity tattoos are always eye catching because they show off your colorful personality! A colored infinity tattoo will make an excellent addition to any outfit!

Colored Infinity Symbol Tattoo

6. Compass Infinity Tattoo

A compass infinity tattoo is another popular way to express yourself with an infinity tattoo design. A compass with an arrow pointing towards its center represents infinite possibilities in life. This type of infinity tattoo can be worn by people who want a sense of direction in their lives or those who desire more adventure in their lives!

Compass Infinity Tattoo

7. Double Infinity Tattoo

Double infinity tattoos are another popular option for couples who want to show their devotion to each other in an artistic way. They’re usually designed as two interlocking infinity symbols, but they’re not limited to this design alone. You can choose any design that suits you and your partner’s style best!

Double Infinity Tattoo

8. Heart Infinity Tattoo

Heart infinity tattoos feature an infinity symbol inside of a heart shape instead of two curves on top of each other. This design is great if you want something more feminine than what double infinity tattoos offer, but it still has its own unique meaning behind it!

Heart Infinity Tattoo

9. Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoo

Infinity symbol finger tattoos are one of the most popular designs among women. They are easy to wear, look beautiful and can be hidden easily. If you have small hands, then this is the best tattoo design for you. You can also get a few infinity symbols on each hand as it will look very cute and beautiful.

Infinity Symbol Finger Tattoo

10. Infinity Symbol Paw Print Tattoo

If you love pets and want to show your love for them then this is the best tattoo idea for you. These paw print tattoo designs will look cute and adorable on animal lovers like you. You can even get a few paw prints on both hands to make it look more attractive and beautiful.

Infinity Symbol Paw Print Tattoo

11. Infinity Symbol with Hearts

Infinity symbol with a heart is a great tattoo idea for those who are looking for something simple and meaningful. The infinity tattoo is made up of two separate elements and the infinity sign is used to represent the endless love while the heart is used to show the love that has no boundaries. These tattoos are very popular among women who want something small and simple on their bodies.

Infinity Symbol with Hearts

12. Infinity Tattoo Designs

You can also get an infinity tattoo design that has been combined with other symbols such as stars or flowers which represent different things according to their color. For example, if you want to get a purple star and an orange flower then this combination would mean that your relationship will always be like magic because those two colors go together perfectly well!

Infinity Tattoo Designs

13. Infinity Tattoo Family

Infinity tattoos represent the love and bond between two people, friends or family members. They are also used as a symbol for eternity and life. With an infinity tattoo you can show your love for someone, no matter how far away they are from you.

Infinity Tattoo Family

14. Infinity Tattoo ideas

Infinity tattoos are a popular symbol of love, affection and commitment. They can be worn by men or women, and they can be placed anywhere on the body. As with any tattoo design, there are infinite possibilities for placement, size and style

Infinity Tattoo ideas

15. Infinity Tattoo On Arm

The most common place to get an infinity tattoo is on the arm. This placement represents having an infinite amount of time with your loved one or friend. The infinity tattoo also symbolizes everlasting love and loyalty to your significant other. If you choose to get an arm tattoo, make sure it is in a visible spot so that everyone can see your commitment to your relationship or friendship.

Infinity Tattoo On Arm

16. Infinity Tattoo On Chest

Infinity tattoos on chest are very popular among men and women alike. This type of tattoo design is usually worn on the chest area, right below the neckline. You can choose to have one big infinity tattoo or several small ones in different sizes and styles. The infinity tattoo on chest looks great when it’s done with black ink but it also looks equally beautiful with other colors such as blue or red ink as well!

Infinity Tattoo On Chest

17. Infinity Tattoo with Names

Some couples choose to get infinity tattoos with their names written in them. This makes for a unique design that will make others envious of your relationship. If you decide on this kind of tattoo, make sure that it does not overwhelm other parts of your body because it will stand out more than other designs would.

Infinity Tattoo with Names

18. Matching Couple Infinity Tattoo

This is one of the most popular designs that couples choose when they are getting inked together. It’s easy to find matching couple infinity tattoos online or at your local tattoo shop. If you do go with this design choice, make sure that both sides of the infinity symbol match up perfectly so that there is no confusion about which side belongs to whom!

Matching Couple Infinity Tattoo

19. Meaningful Infinity Tattoos

Another popular choice for people who want an infinity tattoo design that has meaning behind it is having their own names incorporated into the design itself instead of just using the actual infinity symbol. This can be done by simply having your name written out in cursive along with some other elements.

Meaningful Infinity Tattoo

20. Name Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos are a common choice for people who want to express the idea of infinite love, commitment and friendship. The infinity symbol is also a popular choice for couples who want matching tattoos.

Name Infinity Tattoo

21. Rose Infinity Tattoos

If you’re looking for a unique tattoo design, consider getting one that includes roses. Roses are one of the most popular flowers and can be incorporated into many different kinds of tattoos. Rose tattoos can be designed in many different styles, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t find one that appeals to you.

Rose Infinity Tattoo

22. Sibling Infinity Tattoos

Infinity tattoos with siblings’ names are also very popular. This is a great way for siblings to show their love and support for each other in a permanent way. If you have a sibling who has passed away, an infinity tattoo with their name can be a beautiful tribute to them and help you remember them forever.

Sibling Infinity Tattoo

23. Small Infinity Tattoos

The small infinity tattoo is a simple design consisting only of two lines which make up the infinity symbol. This tattoo is usually placed on the hand or wrist. The placement of this tattoo is important because it can easily be covered up with clothing if necessary.

Small Infinity Tattoo

24. Snake Infinity Tattoos

The snake is one of the most popular animals used in body art. It is often used to represent evil or temptation, but it can also represent wisdom, rebirth and healing. If you have an interest in snakes, consider getting a snake infinity tattoo on your wrist or ankle.

Snake Infinity Tattoo

25. Wrist Infinity Tattoos

If you are looking for a meaningful tattoo that only takes up a small amount of space, then a wrist tattoo might be perfect for you. The wrist area is not only small but it is also easily hidden under clothing if you don’t want people to see it all the time.

Wrist Infinity Tattoo


What is the meaning of infinity tattoo?

Infinity symbols are popular tattoos because they represent everlasting love and commitment. They can also be used to represent eternity, which means “without end” or “forever”.

What does double infinity tattoo mean?

Double infinity tattoos consist of two circles that overlap each other. They can be worn as a single symbol or paired with another design. Double infinity symbols are often used by couples who want to show their connection in life and death.

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