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30 Most Attractive Small Tattoo Designs For Women

Thinking about getting a tattoo comes to every woman’s mind from time to time. If it’s your first tattoo, you can be very undecided and go into the search for a small tattoo model for women. The fact that the tattoo will be small does not mean that the effect will be small. Small female tattoos have a lot of meaning and can add value to the place where they will be made. Small female tattoo can be your first step. It suppresses your desire to get a tattoo and can enable you to express yourself. Small female tattoos may fade a small faster than larger ones. But at the tattoo shop, you can simply go over it and return it to its former vibrant color for a cheap fee. Age is of great importance in small female tattoos. If your soul is still a child, you can make a small teddy bear or micky mouse. Meaningful small female tattoos are also tattoo styles that never lose their popularity. If you have a favorite song lyric, the name of a loved one, or a child, getting their name tattooed can be a good start. For more classical people, tattoos made with black ink can be a good option. If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time and you’re afraid it might hurt, plain tattoos are ideal for you.

1. Small Fire Tattoo

Small meaningful tattoos are not just about writing or numbers. A small piece of fire can be very effective in a special area of ​​​​your body.

küçük anlamlı dövme bayan

2. Cute Small Tattoo

In small tattoos, the cute heroes preferred by the young ones come first. Kittens, panda, a small dog can add a cute mood to you.

küçük panda dövmesi

3. Meaningful Small Tattoo

Small meaningful tattoos can have a very powerful effect. You can always see your life philosophy by having it done on your hand or wrist. Small meaningful tattoo can mean a lot for women. A meaning can be very specific, reflecting a philosophy of life, a special moment, or a belief.

anlamlı kadın dövmesi

4. Small Simple Tattoo

Simple tattoos are among the most preferred models in first tattoos. If you want to pay less pain and less cost, such models can be useful for you. Simple tattoos can be of higher quality than mixed and colored tattoos.

parmak dövmesi kadın

5. Butterfly Tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are among the most preferred models among women. Butterflies are the most elegant animals that reflect nature. It adds a very feminine air to women. You can get a small butterfly tattoo done in color or black ink.

küçük kelebek dövmesi kadınlar için

6. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflowers have been at the forefront of decorative arts since ancient times. Sunflower tattoos, a very important religious symbol in ancient beliefs, represent wealth and fertility. Sunflowers that always follow the sun represent warmth, joy and wealth for many.

ayçiçeği dövmesi ufak

7. UFak Heart Tattoo

Heart tattoos have always remained popular, especially for women. Simple but very meaningful for women, the heart tattoo looks beautiful on every part of your body. Heart tattoos represent romance, love or family.

küçük kalp dövme modeli

8. Small Elephant Tattoo

The elephant tattoo, which represents luck and prosperity, has a special place. Also, elephant tattoos represent tenderness, wisdom and longevity. A small elephant tattoo on your wrist or neck can mean a lot to you.

ufak fil dövmesi

9. Angel Wing Tattoos

Angels with protective features also symbolize freedom.

ufak melek dövmesi

10. Anchor Tattoo

Most preferred by sailor girls, anchor tattoos look very nice on ankles or wrists. It signifies safety and robustness. Although it is the model that men like very much, women often get small anchor tattoos.

kadın çapa dövmesi

11. Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos, a symbol of self-confidence and courage, are also very fashionable among women. It will be enough for you to have a small tattoo for a lion tattoo, which shows its meaning very well.

aslan dövmesi ufak

12. Lotus Flower

Lotus flower tattoos are very fashionable these days. With its open shaped leaves, it relaxes and improves the soul.

lotus çiçeği

13. Tiny Cat Tattoo

A tiny cat tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos done by cat-loving women. Cats, which come to mind at first sight because of their cuteness and nine lives, would be a beautiful tattoo model on the wrist.

ufak kedi dövmesi

14. Mountain Tattoo

Mountains are figures that represent both freedom and our ability to overcome difficulties. Women get their small mountain tattoos done a lot after hard times. Although small, they can mean big.

dağ dövmesi kadın için

15. Quote Tattoos

Quote tattoos are generally applied to the arm areas. You can easily show the reader a sentence or word you like. It can be easily applied to the neck and many parts of the body, except for the arm areas. They preserve their meaning in every region and in every color, and convey their message to the other side.

alıntı dövme

16. Sun and Moon Tattoo

When used side by side, sun and moon tattoos represent human personality and emotions. You can get the sun and moon tattoo model done with your spouse or your best friend.

güneş ve ay dövme modeli

17. Small Tree Tattoo

Tree tattoos are among the tattoo models depicting nature and long life. A small tree tattoo will look great on any part of your body.

ufak ağaç dövmesi

18. Compass

Compass tattoos are wonderful tattoos that can tell the direction of your life and your determination. The most popular are compass tattoos with two large arrows. You can also get this tattoo done with your friend.

pusula dövmesi

19. Dragonfly Tattoo

In ancient cultures, the dragonfly had many meanings. You can easily get this cute tattoo, which tells about purity and re-existence, on any part of your body.

yusufcuk dovmesi

20. Small Skull Tattoo

The skull tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo styles. Skulls expressing immortality or fearlessness make a very nice look on the shoulder or neck.


21. Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Generally, dreamcatcher symbols are very common in western culture. Dream cage motifs, which are used by great-grandmothers and Indians, can also be used as tattoos.

düş kafesi dövme modeli

22. Small Snake Tattoo

Snake tattoos suit women’s bodies very well because of their curves. You can get a small snake tattoo done on your leg or chest.

küçük yılan dövmesi

23. Small Star Tattoo

Stars add a different beauty and atmosphere everywhere. Among the small female tattoos preferred by women, stars take the first place. It is among the most loved models of those who are related to the zodiac signs. Sequential star tattoos also signify a journey.

yıldız dövmesi

24. Tribal

Tribal tattoos consisting of different shapes are ideal for those who want to show themselves differently. If you want to do something different from the usual shapes, tribal tattoo models are for you.

tribal dövme

25. Small Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo models are still in fashion, as always. Small rose tattoos, which are suitable for all ages and all walks of life, are mostly applied on the arm or chest. The rose, which is a symbol of elegance and quality, can also be a method of expressing your love.

küçük gül dövmesi

26. Owl

Owls that represent wisdom can be a mystical and mysterious choice as a tattoo.

baykuş dövmesi

27. Phoenix

Phoenix, which is the symbol of transformation and rebirth, is among the small tattoo styles preferred by women.

anka kuşu dövmesi

28. Geometric Tattoos

Geometric tattoos can be made with both an old style and a new futirist drawing. You can have it done in black as well as in colour.

geometrik dövme modeli

29. Minimalist Tattoo

The popular trend of the time, minimalism tattoos are also reflected. If you are thinking of getting a small and simple tattoo, you can look at minimalist tattoo options.

minimalist dövme kadın

30. Handwriting

Handwriting is among the small tattoos that every woman wants to have. Although it has lost some popularity, it is preferred because of its quality and elegant stance. You can get a handwritten tattoo of your child or spouse’s name.

el yazisi dovmesi ufak

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