30 Best Red Hair Color Ideas For Women in 2023

Red hair color has always been a popular choice but the trend is getting more and more popular. The red hair color has been around for a long time, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Whether you want to go bold or subtle, there are so many red hair color ideas that you can choose from.

Red is one of the most dynamic and exciting hair colors for women. Red hair color is a natural hair color, but it can be enhanced with the help of dyes or other products. There are many shades of red, from deep burgundy to bright red. Red hair color can be worn by anyone and it looks great on all skin tones.

Red hair is a unique color that can be difficult to pull off. The best way to find the perfect shade of red is by trying out different shades on your skin and hair. In general, natural red hair colors are deeper and darker than artificial ones, so try not to go too bright with your first attempt at this color. If you have dark skin, avoid using too-bright shades of red as they can look garish and unnatural on dark skin tones.

1. Auburn Red Hair

Auburn hair can be extremely versatile, and it looks best when it is styled in loose waves or curls. The lightness of this color allows for many other colors to be added to create an interesting look. The best way to achieve the perfect look is by going to a professional stylist and letting them know what you want. Auburn red is a reddish-brown color that has a hint of orange. It’s a beautiful red hair color that looks great on any skin tone. If you are looking for a bold and daring look, this is one of the best shades to consider.

Auburn Red Hair

2. Balayage Red Hair

Balayage is a technique where hair is painted on by hand. It can be used to create natural looking highlights or lowlights in your hair without any harsh lines. Balayage coloring can also be used to create bolder looks with multiple colors in one head of hair. Balayage hair is a beautiful highlighting technique that gives your locks a sun-kissed effect. If you want to go really red, choose this style!

Balayage Red Hair

3. Black And Red Hair

Red hair and black hair are two of the most popular hair colors in the world. They are both very hot and look great on almost anyone, but they also have their own distinct characteristics. The color red is a bright and bold shade that can stand out in any crowd of people. The color black is more subtle and sophisticated looking, but it can still be very striking when done properly. These two colors can be combined to create some very interesting results, especially when you add some highlights into the mix.

Black And Red Hair

4. Black Hair With Red Highlights

Red highlights can make your black hair look even darker than it actually is, while adding some extra dimension to your hairstyle as well! Red highlights can be added to any color of hair as long as it’s light enough for them to show up well against the base color of your hair. If you have dark brown or jet black hair then you want to go with a red shade that has more orange in it instead of pink or purple because those shades will tend to blend in too much with your dark brown or jet black base color which defeats the purpose of adding red highlights at all!

Black Hair With Red Highlights

5. Bright Red Hair

Redheads can go bold or soft with their style choice. Bright reds look amazing on dark complexions and light complexions alike. For those with dark skin tones, try choosing a bright cherry red shade that works well with your complexion tone and eye color. For light skin tones, try a deeper burgundy shade that will give your face some warmth against such a cool palette.

Bright Red Hair

6. Brown Red Hair

If bright red isn’t quite your cup of tea but still want something bold, brown red may be right up your alley! This color is darker than bright red but still has some brightness to it as well as depth and richness which makes it perfect for anyone who wants a little bit more than just plain brown hair. Brown hair is one of the most common colors that you will find on people all over the world.

Brown Red Hair

7. Brownish Red Hair Color

Brownish red hair color is a mix of brown and red. It is also known as chocolate brown hair color or dark red hair color. The shades of brownish red are warm, rich and vibrant. Brownish red is perfect for women with warm skin tones and it suits both light skin tone and dark skin tone. Brownish red hair color looks best on women with thick and wavy hair texture. The best part about brownish red hair color is that it can be easily customized according to the preferences by adding highlights, lowlights or ombre effect to it.

Brownish Red Hair Color

8. Burgundy Red Hair

Burgundy is a deep crimson red color which has a hint of purple in it. Burgundy is a great choice if you want to add some drama to your look without going overboard with bright colors like pink or purple. Burgundy is one of the most flattering shades for medium to dark complexions because it provides a beautiful contrast between your skin tone and the shade of burgundy that you choose for your locks!

Burgundy Red Hair

9. Cherry Red Hair Color

If you have dark hair and want to try out the cherry red trend, look for a shade that’s rich and warm. An orange undertone can give the impression that you’re going too far in one direction and make it hard for anyone who sees your new style to tell if it’s actually red or not! If you like bright colors, cherry red might be the perfect shade for you!

Cherry Red Hair Color

10. Copper Red Hair Color

The copper shade is similar to the cherry red but has more golden undertones instead of the burgundy ones found in cherry shades. This shade looks great on people with fair skin tones who don’t want their hair color too dark but still want something bold enough for them to stand out in a crowd.

Copper Red Hair Color

11. Dark Red Brown Hair

Dark red brown hair is the most popular shade of red hair. It is a very dark shade of red, which has more brown in it than any other color. It can be made by mixing burgundy and brown hair dye together or by using a base color of dark red with highlights. Dark red brown hair looks great on all skin tones, but especially on darker skin tones. It’s also very versatile and can be worn in many different ways.

Dark Red Brown Hair

12. Dark Red Hair

This is one of my favorite shades of red hair because it’s still very bright and bold but has a lot more depth to it than regular red. It also works well for both warm and cool complexions and for those with light to medium skin tones. This shade would look best on someone with lighter skin and blue eyes or hazel eyes. It would also work well for those who have darker features like brown eyes or black hair as long as you don’t want a bright red color.

Dark Red Hair

13. Hair Color For Red

Red is a very powerful color, and it can make you look like a beauty queen or a punk rocker. Red has many hues. You can choose from bright red to dark red, from orange to ginger, from pink to fuchsia. Red hair color for women is the most popular among them all. It’s because red hair looks best with pale skin tone. Moreover, it’s an eye-catching style that can make you stand out in the crowd!

Hair Color For Red

14. Light Red Hair

The light red hair color is a bright hue with subtle hints of copper, gold and orange. This color is perfect for women who want to rock a natural look without going too bold. It will brighten up your complexion and make your skin glow. This shade looks great on women with blonde or brown eyes, but it can be worn by anyone who has lighter skin tone.

Light Red Hair

15. Neon Red Hair Color

This bright and colorful look is ideal for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Neon red hair color looks amazing with tanned skin and green or brown eyes. The neon look requires frequent touch-ups because it fades easily over time. If you don’t mind spending money on your hairdo, then this style is right up your alley!

Neon Red Hair Color

16. Red And Black Hair

This combination may sound strange at first, but it actually looks amazing together! Red and black hair looks good on most women of any age or body type because these two colors complement each other well. The black helps bring out the red tones in your hair while still allowing it to shine through clearly.

Red And Black Hair

17. Red And Blonde Hair

The most common type of red hair color is bright red, which can look great on women with fair skin tones. Red and blonde hair looks particularly good with pale skin and blue eyes and makes a great contrast between the two colors. When choosing bright shades of reds, choose ones that aren’t too dark or they won’t show up as well on your head. Red and blonde hair is one of the most popular combinations. Blonde hair is one of the most common colors in women’s hair and red is one of the most popular colors for men’s hair.

Red And Blonde Hair

18. Red And Purple Hair

Purple is another popular choice when it comes to dying hair red because it gives the best contrast to your natural skin tone. Purple is a lighter shade than most other colors so it works well in combination with other colors like brown or blonde without being overpowered by them. The downside is that purple can fade fast in sunlight so keep that in mind before choosing this color for yourself! Purple hair is a color that has been around for quite some time, but it’s still one of the most popular shades to try.

Red And Purple Hair

19. Red Blonde Hair

If you are looking for a dramatic change from your current look, then red blonde hair color is the way to go. This shade can be achieved by lightening your hair with foils or by using a chemical dye. Red blonde hair color will give you a slightly warmer tone than if you had chosen to go red with blue undertones. The lighter shade of red blonde will look great against darker skin tones as well as lighter ones.

Red Blonde Hair

20. Red Brown Hair Color

Red brown is a great choice for those who want something bolder than just plain brown, but do not want to go all out with their new look just yet! This shade would work well on anyone because it has enough red in it to make people notice without being too much of a commitment!

Red Brown Hair Color

21. Red Curly Hair

If you have curly hair and want to try red, you can go with a deep burgundy or a bright fire engine red. You could also try one of the coppery shades that are popular right now. This can give your curls a lot of dimension while still keeping them soft and natural looking. Red curly hair is one of the most popular choices for women who want to experiment with this bold color.

Red Curly Hair

22. Red Hair Color

If you already have red hair, then there are many different hues that you can choose from when deciding on your next style. The most popular ones right now include copper and strawberry blonde, but there are other options out there if those don’t appeal to you or if they’re not quite right for your skin tone or eye color.

Red Hair Color

23. Red Hair Ideas

Red hair is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to stand out in the crowd. It’s bold, fun and exciting, making it one of the most popular choices for women with long hair. You can have a variety of different shades of red, from deep burgundy to bright pink. Red also goes well with almost any skin tone so there are no limits as far as what type of style you choose!

Red Hair Ideas

24. Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you’re looking for a more subtle approach to wearing red in your hair, then blonde highlights are definitely the way to go! This look works best on lighter shades of red but can be adapted for darker colors as well. The blonde highlights give off an elegant vibe while still adding some fun flare into your look!

Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

25. Red Ombre Hair

Red ombre hair is one of the most popular hairstyles for women these days. This style involves changing your hair from dark brown or black to a fiery red at the tips of your hair. You can choose from many different shades of red such as deep burgundy, bright cherry red and even strawberry blonde!

Red Ombre Hair

26. Red Orange Hair

The red orange hair color is a bold choice that looks great on those with skin tones that are warm or olive. It also makes blue eyes pop, and it’s a perfect choice for brunettes who want to add some flair to their look. Red orange hair is created by mixing red shades with orange ones. This makes your hair look like it has been colored with a permanent dye or even highlights. It’s also possible to use semi-permanent dyes to get this shade, but they tend to fade faster than permanent ones.

Red Orange Hair

27. Red Purple Hair

Purple hair is one of the most popular and beautiful hairstyles. Purple is a great color for fall, and it looks amazing with other colors like black and yellow. Purple hair can be worn short or long, and there are many different styles to try. Purple hair is a bold choice that can make you stand out in a crowd. If you’re looking for a new look, then purple might be right for you. Purple hair doesn’t have to be too bright; it can be subtle or dark as well.

Red Purple Hair

28. Red Hair Color ideas

There are many different shades of red hair color ideas available from deep burgundy to bright pink. The most common shade of red is auburn which is a brownish-red color that resembles the tone of dark chocolate or mahogany wood. This color can be customized by adding different hues of yellow or orange to create different shades of red hair color ideas such as strawberry blonde, copper red, and golden red.

Red Hair Color ideas

29. Short Red Hair

Short hairstyles look amazing on everyone, but they can be especially flattering on those of us with round faces or square jawlines who might not fare as well with longer styles. If you’re looking for something new that will elongate your neck and add some polish to your overall appearance, consider getting an asymmetrical bob or pixie cut.

Short Red Hair

30. Trendy Red Hair Color

Red is a very popular hair color, and it’s easy to see why. Red haired women are incredibly striking and can pull off almost any hairstyle, from long curls to short pixie cuts. There are so many shades of red that are beautiful, but let’s take a look at some of our favorite red hair colors for women.

Trendy Red Hair Color


How to get red out of hair?

The best way to get red out of hair is with some good old-fashioned shampoo and conditioner. If your hair isn't too damaged by the dye, this should do the trick. If your hair is severely damaged by the dye, you'll need to use a deep conditioner instead.

How to remove red hair dye?

To remove red dye from your hair, start by mixing equal parts water and cornstarch together. Rub this mixture on your hair until it is fully saturated with it. Then place a towel around your shoulders and apply heat to the mixture with a blow dryer on low or medium heat for about five minutes. This will help loosen up any dye residue left on your scalp and allow you to rinse it away easier later on when you shampoo your hair!


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