30 Best Cute Blonde Hair Color ideas For 2023

Blonde hair has long been the color of choice for many women. The beautiful, sun-kissed shade looks great on all skin tones, and can be styled in so many different ways. If you’re considering going blonde, or just want to freshen up your look with a few highlights, here are some tips to get you started!

Blonde hair is a beautiful color choice and it can be achieved in many different ways. The most common way to get blonde hair is by bleaching the hair until it is a pale yellow color. Once this has been achieved, you can tone it down to your desired shade by adding in highlights or lowlights. This will create dimension and interest in your look.

Blonde hair is a beautiful and natural shade. It can be as light as a mix between brown and white, or as dark as dark brown or black. Blonde hair looks great on any skin tone, so if you have brown eyes and want to highlight your hair with blonde highlights then it will give you a very striking appearance.

1. Ash Blonde Hair

This shade of blonde hair is a warm, soft and natural looking blonde. Ash blonde is not to be confused with platinum blonde which is a much brighter shade. The ash color ranges from a light brown to a medium brown shade with golden highlights. It’s the perfect color for anyone who wants to try out a new hairstyle without having to make any major changes.

Ash Blonde Hair

2. Balayage Blonde Hair

This is a French word that means “to sweep” and in this case refers to the technique used to create this look. Balayage involves freehand painting or sweeping color onto the hair using a brush or comb. This technique creates soft transitions between colors and allows for more natural looking highlights than traditional foil techniques.

Balayage Blonde Hair

3. Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you want an edgier look then you should definitely consider adding some highlights to your black hair with blonde highlights. This is a very popular style right now and it’s easy to see why! The contrast between the two colors looks great together, especially if you have darker skin tones because the contrast will really stand out on your face!

Black Hair With Blonde Highlights

4. Blonde Hair Colors

There are many different types of blonde hair colors. You can have blonde hair that is light golden, light sandy or even dark ash blonde. Blondes can also be platinum blonde or strawberry blonde, which are both lighter shades of blonde than light golden blonde. These shades will look great on any skin tone so you should feel free to experiment with them all!

Blonde Hair Colors

5. Blonde Hair Ideas

The perfect blonde hair colour can be hard to achieve, but it’s worth it. Blonde is such a versatile colour that can be worn in any season and on any skin tone. Whether you’re looking for an icy hue or a warm, natural shade, we’ve got everything you need to know about blonde hair.

Blonde Hair Ideas

6. Blonde Hair With Highlights

If you want to add a little color and dimension to your blonde hair, highlights are a great option. Highlights can be done in any shade of blonde and you can either choose to have them done professionally or do them yourself at home. The downside of doing them yourself is that it takes a lot of time and patience to get the color right and avoid streaks or lines in your hair. However, the upside is that it’s a very inexpensive way to experiment with different shades of blonde until you find one that suits you best.

Blonde Hair With Highlights

7. Blonde Hair With Lowlights

If you want to go blonde but are afraid of the commitment, try adding lowlights instead. The color will still be dramatic, but it won’t be as drastic as a full head of highlights. If you have dark hair, this is especially important because it will make your darker roots more noticeable.

Blonde Hair With Lowlights

8. Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

If you have naturally dark hair and want to go blonde with highlights, consider doing them in shades of red or brown instead. These colors will blend in better with your base color than blonde would. They’ll also help camouflage any grays that might come through from time to time.

Blonde Highlights On Brown Hair

9. Brown Blonde Hair

Brown is the most common hair color. It comes in many shades, from light brown to dark brown. Brown is also a natural color that can be found in people with blonde and red hair. Brown hair has a wide range of hues and can be light to medium brown or dark brown with red undertones.

Brown Blonde Hair

10. Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights is a popular color choice for many women. It can be worn as a natural color or dyed to achieve a more dramatic look. The style of the highlights depends on your personal preference, but generally speaking, you should keep them on the top of the head and avoid using too much highlighter at the back of your neck and nape area.

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

11. Dark Blonde Hair

Dark blonde is the darkest shade of blonde on the spectrum, but it’s not so dark that it looks like brown or black. It’s a rich tone that has some golden and red hues mixed in with it to give your hair dimension. It looks best on people with fair complexions and blue eyes because it gives them an extra pop! Dark blondes can also look great on people with brown eyes and medium skin tones, but they work best when paired with a bright lipstick color like fuchsia or red rather than nude or beige tones.

Dark Blonde Hair

12. Dirty Blonde Hair

Dirty blonde hair is a shade of blonde that has a slight hint of brown. It is a very common color, especially in natural blondes. Dirty blonde hair is a mixture of light brown and blond shades, with no clear definition between the two. The color can be best described as an off-white, dirty white or greyish color. The best way to achieve this color is through high-quality permanent dyes, which will allow you to maintain it for longer.

Dirty Blonde Hair

13. Golden Blonde Hair

Golden blonde hair can be achieved through several different methods. It can be achieved through bleaching your natural dark brown hair or dark red hair, but this method usually results in a much lighter result than if you were to bleach your natural blonde or light brown hair. Golden blonde hair is one of the most popular colors because it is such an easy look to achieve and maintain.

Golden Blonde Hair

14. Honey Blonde Hair

Honey blonde hair is a shade that is somewhere between light blonde and medium blonde. It has a warm, golden hue and an almost copper tone to it. This color is great for those with dark skin tones because it will help to brighten up their complexion. This color also looks amazing in the sunlight, so it’s a great choice if you love to go outside in the summer.

Honey Blonde Hair

15. Light Blonde Hair

The lightest of all blonde shades, light blonde hair has a pinkish hue to it. It’s a very feminine color that works well on fair skin and blue eyes. Light blonde hair can be dyed from any shade of brown or black and will suit anyone looking for an easygoing style that doesn’t require frequent maintenance or upkeep.

Light Blonde Hair

16. Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

Light brown hair with blonde highlights is a great choice for those who want to add some spice to their hairstyle without going too far off the beaten path. The highlights give you a chance to play around with different colors and create some fun effects that will surely turn heads wherever you go!

Light Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

17. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde hair is the ultimate in cool shades. This shade of blonde is so light that it can almost be white, with a hint of platinum mixed in. The color works best on darker skin tones and darker haired people. It looks amazing when paired with gray eyes, as they really stand out against the blonde hair. If you have naturally dark brown or black hair, you will need to bleach your hair first before applying this color.

Platinum Blonde Hair

18. Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

If you love red hair but want to try something new, adding some blonde highlights will instantly brighten up your style. The best part about this look is that you don’t have to commit if you’re not feeling it after a few weeks, just re-bleach your roots and go back to your regular color!

Red Hair With Blonde Highlights

19. Short Blonde Hair

To have a short blonde hairstyle is no less than a dream for many women. Short blonde hairstyles are very popular among women because they look so good on them. Moreover, when you get bored with your long blonde hairstyle, you can try a new short hairstyle without having to worry about growing out your hair every time you make a change!

Short Blonde Hair

20. Strawberry Blonde Hair

Strawberry blonde hair has more red in it than gold or yellow. It’s a beautiful natural looking color that comes from having red tones in your hair and highlights. This is the most common blonde color and one that most people can wear because it flatters almost all skin tones.

Strawberry Blonde Hair

21. Medium Blonde Hair

Medium blonde hair falls somewhere between light and dark. It has more depth than light blonde but still doesn’t have much warmth or dimension to it like dark blonde does. Medium is probably the most popular type of blondes because it works well with many different skin tones and eye colors while still being low maintenance and easy to style every day!

Medium Blonde Hair

22. Blonde Hair With Red Highlights

If you’re going for a more daring look, try adding red highlights into your blonde strands! This is usually done with bright red hair dye but it’s also possible to use semi-permanent dyes or even temporary products such as spray paint to achieve this effect. Red highlights give off an edgy vibe while still maintaining a feminine appearance so this might be worth trying if you want something with more pizzazz than just plain old blonde!

Blonde Hair With Red Highlights

23. Blonde Ombre Hair

A subtle transition from light to dark can make your looks more interesting. Blonde ombre hair is the perfect solution if you want to add some flair to your look while still maintaining your natural color. This style looks great on both long and short hair lengths, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style best!

Blonde Ombre Hair

24. Dark Roots Blonde Hair

The dark roots blonde hair is also another popular look for many women out there who want to go for a more natural look when it comes to their hair color. This is also a great option if you want to have lighter roots but still keep your dark color in your ends.

Dark Roots Blonde Hair

25. Silver Blonde Hair

Silver blonde is a cool-toned shade of blonde with a hint of grayish blue. It’s often referred to as ash blonde or platinum blonde, which means that it contains no warm undertones at all. Silver is an excellent choice if you have cool skin tones, such as blue eyes and pale skin.

Silver Blonde Hair

26. Icy Blonde Hair

The icy blonde hair color is another variation of silver blonde hair that has a slightly more blue undertone to it than classic silver. This color is also achieved by bleaching your hair blonde and then using a toner to fix it at that color. However, unlike other shades of blond, which are usually warm tones, icy blondes are known for having cool tones instead. These cool tones can range from light grayish blue to bright white depending on how much gray there is in your natural hair color before you start bleaching it out.

Icy Blonde Hair

27. Blonde And Black Hair

Blonde and black hair color combination is one of the most popular colors for women. It is a great choice for those who love to experiment with their looks and are not afraid of risks. The combination looks amazing on all skin tones, especially if you have light eyes and dark hair. The blonde highlights will make your complexion look even more radiant.

Blonde And Black Hair

28. Blonde Curly Hair

Curly hair is another popular hair color option among women these days. The curls add volume to your overall look and make it appear more voluminous than it already is! Curly hair looks best when it is layered; however, if your face shape doesn’t suit layers then ask your stylist to cut them short instead! Choosing a right color for curly hair isn’t an easy task; therefore, consult an expert before making any.

Blonde Curly Hair

29. Blonde Bob Hairstyles

If you have short blonde hair, consider getting a bob haircut. The bob hairstyle is classic and versatile enough that it will work for any occasion. It can be worn straight or curly, depending on your preferences and styling needs. The best part about this hairstyle is that it works well with almost any face shape, so whether you’re round faced or angular, you’ll be able to find a style that flatters your features best.

Blonde Bob Hairstyles

30. Natural Blonde Hair

Natural blonde hair takes more time than other colors because it grows out faster and requires more touch-ups throughout the year. A natural blonde color is achieved by bleaching the hair until it turns yellow before dyeing it with a blue-toned dye or toner. While this technique produces beautiful results, it’s important to know what your natural hair color is before bleaching because too much lightening.

Natural Blonde Hair


What to tone blonde hair with?

To maintain your blonde hair's brightness, you'll want to avoid using toners that are too dark. This will cause the color to appear muddy and dull. Instead, use products that will add shine and brightness without darkening your locks.

What causes brassy blonde hair?

Brassy blondes are often the victims of bad dye jobs or going too light on the first try. Brassy blonde hair can also be caused by excessive exposure to UV rays, which turn the hair more orangey yellow over time.


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