25 Best Cute Auburn Hair Color ideas in 2023

Auburn hair is a color that can be described as a mix of red and brown. It’s the color most commonly associated with the phrase “ginger,” though it doesn’t have to be limited to just redheads. Auburn hair can also be found in brunettes and even some blondes, depending on the hue. It’s not uncommon for people with blonde hair to want to add red highlights, which is why auburn hair color is so popular.

Auburn hair color is a shade of red that has a warm and intense tone. The hair color is often described as a combination of red, brown, and gold. It works perfectly with many different skin tones, but it’s especially flattering on girls with dark skin. Auburn is one of those shades that look great on all skin types because it adds warmth to the face.

Auburn hair is not as trendy as other types of reds and brunettes are, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try this gorgeous color for yourself! If you want to know more about how this shade will suit your complexion and eye color in particular, we invite you to read on!

1. Auburn Brown Hair Color

Auburn Brown Hair is a shade of brown hair color that has red or orange undertones. This color is also known as auburn hair. Auburn Brown Hair color is a natural color, although some may want to add highlights or lowlights to make the color more vibrant.

Auburn Brown Hair Color

2. Auburn Brown Hair

If you’ve got brown hair, but you’re looking for something different, you can also opt for this shade. Auburn brown is similar to natural chestnut or mahogany shades, but there are different variations on this color as well. You can choose between warm and cool variations of the shade depending on your preferences.

Auburn Brown Hair

3. Auburn Color Hair

Auburn color hair is a beautiful mixture of red and brown. It has been a popular choice among women who are looking for a natural hair color with a touch of boldness. This color works best on light to medium skin tones and gives you an elegant look.

Auburn Color Hair

4. Auburn Hair Colour

Auburn hair color is available in many shades and tones such as deep auburn, light auburn or strawberry blonde. You can choose from various shades based on how much warmth or coolness you want your hair to have. If you want to add some dimension to your existing shade of blonde, auburn highlights will be perfect for you! They give your hair more depth and dimension while making it look more vibrant than ever before!

Auburn Hair Color

5. Auburn Hair With Blonde Highlights

Auburn hair is a beautiful shade of red that can be worn by anyone. It’s very versatile, and can be dyed in different shades of red. Auburn hair with blonde highlights is a great way to add interest to your style, while still keeping it simple. If you’re looking for an easy way to spice up your look, this style is perfect for you.

Auburn Hair With Blonde Highlights

6. Auburn Hair With Highlights

This look shows off some beautiful red highlights throughout the mane of hair. The top layers are done in dark brown or black color, while the bottom layers are colored in a light honey color. This makes for an interesting mix of colors that will give you a unique look that no one else will have.

Auburn Hair With Highlights

7. Auburn Red Hair Color

Auburn hair color is one of the most popular red hair color choices. Auburn is a shade of red that lies somewhere between brown and blonde. The word “auburn” was originally used to describe the color of red-haired people, but today auburn can refer to any shade of red that has brown undertones. Auburn hair color works well on people with light skin tones. The best part about this shade is that it looks great on all skin tones and eye colors!

Auburn Red Hair Color

8. Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your brown locks, red highlights are an excellent option. However, if you want to add a splash of color without going full-on redhead, try adding some subtle golden highlights instead. The contrast between light brown and dark red is striking enough that it will really make your hair stand out without being too dramatic or bright.

Brown Hair With Auburn Highlights

9. Chestnut Auburn Hair Color

Chestnut auburn hair color is similar to chestnut brown, but with more red in it. This shade works well for women who have dark brown or black hair but want to add some warmth without going too light. Chestnut auburn hair color looks good on people with light skin tones who want a natural-looking red shade without any orange tones in their hair.

Chestnut Auburn Hair Color

10. Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair color is a rich, deep red that has a lot of brown mixed in it. This shade looks best on people with light skin and dark eyes because it can enhance their features, making them stand out even more than usual. It also works well with black or dark brown eyes because it helps to bring out their color as well.

Dark Auburn Hair Color

11. Dark Auburn Hair

Darker shades of auburn are also referred to as brunette or chestnut. This type of hair color ranges from golden brown to dark chocolate brown and has more depth than light auburns do. In fact, some people prefer using terms like dark blonde or chestnut blonde instead of dark auburn because they don’t want to be associated with gingers or redheads who may otherwise be mistaken for having dyed their hair when in reality they just naturally have this color!

Dark Auburn Hair

12. Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn is a rich chocolate brown with a touch of red. It’s deeper than strawberry blonde but lighter than mahogany brown. This shade flatters fair skin tones and dark eyes, but it doesn’t work well with olive or golden undertones since they tend to clash with this rich shade. If you have hazel eyes, light auburn will enhance them beautifully! Light auburn hair color will also make blue eyes appear more vibrant and green eyes stand out even more than they already do!

Light Auburn Hair Color

13. Light Auburn Hair

Light auburn hair is the most common type of this shade and has subtle red highlights throughout. It also has some light brown tones in it, which make it look like brown with red tinted highlights when it’s wet or freshly washed. This kind of light auburn is easier to maintain because there aren’t any strong colors in it that would fade quickly or turn brassy over time. It’s also possible for someone with light skin tone to go for this type of coloring if they want their locks to appear darker at first glance than they really are once dry.

Light Auburn Hair

14. Natural Auburn Hair

If you want to keep things super natural, you can always keep your hair dark brown and add some red highlights to it for a more unique look. This is perfect if you have naturally dark hair because it won’t require as much maintenance as lightening up your entire head of locks would.

Natural Auburn Hair

15. Auburn Hair Color ideas

Auburn hair is a very popular color, and there are many different ways to approach it. You can go with a natural shade or try out highlights or lowlights. You can also take the red out of your hair completely and dye it blonde. Whatever your preference, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in these auburn hair color ideas.

Auburn Hair Color ideas

16. Medium Auburn Hair

If you have medium skin tone and dark eyes, you can get away with a deeper red shade. This will bring out the green in your eyes and make them stand out even more. A darker shade of Auburn can also look good if you have light skin and dark hair.

Medium Auburn Hair

17. Deep Auburn Hair

Those with fair skin tones should opt for a lighter shade of Auburn. This will give off an alluring glow and look great on those with light eyes such as brown or blue. If you have dark eyes, it’s best to stay away from this color since it won’t bring out their natural beauty as much as lighter shades would do so.

Deep Auburn Hair

18. Red Auburn Hair

Auburn hair comes in many shades of red, from bright reds to deep burgundy and everything in between. Red is a very versatile color that can be both subtle and dramatic depending on how much of the red hue you want in your hair. Auburns are also typically more subtle than blondes or brunettes because there are fewer pigments in their hair than other colors.

Red Auburn Hair

19. Medium Auburn Hair Color

A medium shade of red auburn has an orange tint, which makes it perfect for those who have naturally dark brown or black hair and want to add some dimension with their locks. Medium shades will usually need at least two applications of color per visit to get the right hue, but they’re worth it because they look so unique!

Medium Auburn Hair Color

20. Chestnut Auburn Hair With Highlights

Chestnut auburn is one of the most popular shades of this beautiful shade because it’s so easy on the eyes especially when combined with highlights! For chestnut auburn highlights, choose golden blonde tones with hints of copper rather than platinum blonde. This will give your natural color depth without going too far overboard with highlights!

Chestnut Auburn Hair With Highlights

21. Natural Auburn Hair Color

A natural auburn has more red than brown, so if you have naturally dark hair and want to go lighter with your color, this is the best option for you. It gives your locks a subtle shine while still maintaining the warmth of your natural shade.

Natural Auburn Hair Color

22. Brown Auburn Hair

Brown auburn hair is a darker version of the same color. It has more depth and dimension than regular auburns because the brown in this hue makes the copper tones stand out more. Brown auburns are often seen on people with naturally dark or medium-toned hair but they also look great on lighter complexions when combined with other colors like blonde or red highlights.

Brown Auburn Hair

23. Mahogany Auburn Hair Color

Mahogany is a dark auburn shade with warm undertones that gives off a deep red hue. This style works well with short hairstyles because it can help to frame your face while adding depth to your features by deepening your complexion. The best part about this style is that it works well with both natural and colored hair!

Mahogany Auburn Hair Color

24. Natural Dark Auburn Hair

Natural dark auburn hair can be difficult to achieve at home, as it requires toning down natural red highlights. A professional colorist will be able to safely tone down your natural tones and create a rich dark auburn that doesn’t clash with your skin tone or eye color.

Natural Dark Auburn Hair

25. Dark Auburn Hair With Highlights

Auburn hair can be beautiful in its own right, but it can also be enhanced with highlights. The darker shades of auburn are best complimented with highlights that are lighter than the root color. Darker auburns should have highlights that are two shades lighter than the base color, while medium auburns should have highlights that are one shade lighter than the base color. Light auburns can have highlights that fall anywhere between three shades lighter than the base color and being equal to the base color.

Dark Auburn Hair With Highlights


What Is Auburn Hair?

Auburn hair is a natural brown hair color with ashy undertones and reddish highlights. It’s often confused with strawberry blonde, which is also a brown hair color but with more golden undertones and less ashiness than auburn.

What color is auburn hair?

Auburn hair is light brown with reddish tints in it. Its root is usually golden brown, while its ends are bright red or copper. A person with this type of hair can have many shades and tones. Some people have very dark-colored roots, but their ends are still redder than the roots.


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