20 Best Cute Balayage Hair Color ideas in 2023

Balayage hair color is a technique that uses a freehand method to paint on highlights. It’s a great way to add dimension and interest to your hair without resorting to full-on highlights. Balayage is best for medium to long hair, but can be done on shorter lengths too. It’s named after the French word “to sweep,” which is exactly how this look comes together.

Balayage is a French technique that uses freehand painting with no foil or sectioning of the hair. The colorist will use their brush to apply the dye as they see fit, painting it directly onto your strands, rather than applying it in foils. This makes for more natural-looking results and allows more control over how light or dark you want your colors to be.

Balayage is a method of hair coloring that is used to create natural-looking highlights. Unlike traditional hair painting techniques, balayage allows the colorist to paint lightener directly onto the hair using a brush instead of applying it with a sponge or tinting brush. Balayage can be used on all hair textures and can produce subtle or dramatic results depending on the desired effect.

1. Balayage Blonde Hair

Balayage blonde hair can be used to add depth to an existing color or even cover gray hair. It is ideal for people who want to avoid harsh lines in their hair but still want some dimension and shine. Balayage blonde hair can be applied to any light shade of blonde or even brown hair if you want to add some subtle highlights. This technique gives the appearance of natural sun-kissed highlights without having to spend hours in the sun each day!

Balayage Blonde Hair

2. Balayage Brown Hair

Balayage Brown Hair is one of the most popular balayage hairstyles today! Dark brown or chocolate brown tones create an interesting contrast against light blonde hues for a look that’s ideal for brunettes with warm undertones. The combination of these two colors can be quite versatile; it works well on almost any skin tone, but especially fair complexions that need some added warmth and depth in their appearance.

Balayage Brown Hair

3. Balayage Curly Hair

Curly hair is often difficult to work with when coloring because the curls tend to absorb more color than straight hair and make it harder for your stylist to see where their brushstrokes are going. Balayage on curly hair takes longer than traditional highlights because it requires more time for the stylist to paint individual sections of hair.

Balayage Curly Hair

4. Balayage Dark Brown Hair

Dark brown balayage is a great choice if you want to add some subtle highlights to your hair without making it look too obvious. This hairstyle looks best on medium length hair because it will draw attention away from your face and make your eyes stand out more.

Balayage Dark Brown Hair

5. Balayage Dark Hair

Balayage on dark hair is one of the most popular looks in the industry right now, but it can be tricky to get right. When done correctly, balayage highlights will transform your look and make you feel like a million bucks. However when balayage goes wrong let’s just say it doesn’t have the same effect. If you’re thinking about adding some balayage highlights to your hair then make sure you read these tips first!

Balayage Dark Hair

6. Balayage For Dark Hair

If you have dark brown or black hair, you can still get balayage highlights without having to bleach your hair first. This technique is called reverse balayage, or root shadowing! The key with this look is making sure the transition from dark roots to lighter ends is seamless so it doesn’t look like someone just slapped some color onto your head. If you have naturally lighter roots than darker ends or vice versa, then reverse balayaging will work for you!

Balayage For Dark Hair

7. Balayage Hair Color ideas

The balayage technique is perfect for those who want to add dimension and natural highlights to their locks without going too blonde or too bold with their color choice. It’s also ideal for people who don’t want to commit to a single shade of hair color because it allows them to try out different hues without having to go through the process of getting a full head of highlights or lowlights every time they want a change.

Balayage Hair Color ideas

8. Balayage Hair Color

Balayage hair color is a technique in which the lightener is painted onto the hair, resulting in a freehand look that blends naturally with your own highlights or lowlights. This technique gives you a lot of control over the color and highlights of your hair, so it’s perfect for those who want something more unique than just basic highlights or lowlights.

Balayage Hair Color

9. Balayage Light Brown Hair

If you have light brown hair with warm undertones, balayage will give your locks a sun-kissed glow without making them look overly processed or unnatural. Balayage works best on medium brown hair with cool undertones because it brings out the natural tones in your strands without making them appear brassy or yellowish in tone.

Balayage Light Brown Hair

10. Balayage Long Hair

If you have long hair, balayage is an ideal way to refresh your look without having to cut off all your beautiful locks! You can choose from a variety of colours and styles depending on your personal taste, but bright reds and oranges are always popular options for long hairstyles.

Balayage Long Hair

11. Balayage On Black Hair

Balayage on black hair can be done in a variety of ways depending on what look you’re going for. For example, if you want something natural and low maintenance, then you might opt for a more subtle application with darker tones throughout your strands to add depth without being too obvious. If you want something more glamorous and bright, then go for lighter shades throughout your strands with beautiful golden blonde highlights.

Balayage On Black Hair

12. Balayage On Brown Hair

Balayage on brown hair can be done in many ways. This can be done with just one balayage technique or several combined together to create an amazing style. One of the most popular styles is when highlights are placed on top and bottom layers of the hair while leaving some natural base color in between. This creates a very natural looking effect that looks great on all types of brown hair!

Balayage On Brown Hair

13. Balayage On Dark Brown Hair

Balayage on dark brown hair is another great option for those who want something different than traditional highlights. Balayage is also great for brunettes because it allows you to have your own unique style without having to spend hours getting ready each morning! It’s perfect for women who don’t want to spend time in front of a mirror each day but still want stunning locks!

Balayage On Dark Brown Hair

14. Balayage On Dark Hair

Balayage on dark hair is a great option for anyone who wants to add some lighter pieces of color to their hair without going blonde. This style looks great on curly, straight and wavy textures alike because it helps blend all of these textures together into one cohesive look.

Balayage On Dark Hair

15. Balayage Red Hair

Redheads should try balayage if they want to lighten their locks without going too light or unnatural looking. Balayage will help blend the red tones in your hair so that they don’t stand out quite as much as they would with traditional highlighting techniques such as foils or bleach.

Balayage Red Hair

16. Balayage Short Hair

Balayage is especially popular among women with short hair. It’s an easy way to add dimension and depth without having to worry about damaging your ends by using bleach. To get this look, ask your stylist for balayage highlights that are around two inches apart from each other. This will give you a nice transition between your natural root color and the highlight color, making it easier to style your hair afterwards.

Balayage Short Hair

17. Balayage Straight Hair

If you have straight hair and want the balayage look without having to worry about styling your hair every morning, ask your stylist for highlights spaced out two inches apart from each other as well as lowlights placed underneath the highlight area. This will give you a multidimensional look that is easy to style every morning by simply blow drying your hair straight and adding some curl defining cream or mousse.

Balayage Straight Hair

18. Black Hair Balayage

This is the most common type of balayage on black hair. The stylist will paint the color on with their fingers or a brush, whatever works best for you. This look looks best on short or long hair and it can be done in any color combination. You could have blonde with red highlights or even brown and green!

Black Hair Balayage

19. Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

This is a beautiful balayage done on dark brown hair. The blonde color is applied in a light and thin layer to give a natural look. This style is perfect for those who want to add some highlights to their hair without going too bold or bright.

Blonde Balayage On Brown Hair

20. Caramel Honey Balayage Hair

We love this caramel honey blonde balayage on dark brown hair! This color is not only flattering on brown hair but also makes it look sun-kissed and healthy. This is a great option if you’re looking to go lighter but don’t want to go too crazy with your colors.

Caramel Honey Balayage Hair


What is Balayage?

Balayage is a type of hair coloring technique that involves freehand painting. Instead of using foils or a cap to create more uniform highlights, as you would with traditional foil highlights, balayage highlights are handpainted onto the hair and appear more natural than foil highlights would. The best result comes from using highly pigmented colors on bleached hair.

How Does Balayage Work?

Balayage is a subtle form of highlighting that gives your hair beautiful, natural-looking definition and dimension without making it too obvious or harsh. The highlights can be placed randomly throughout your head of hair or they can be strategically placed on certain areas like around your face or around the crown of your head.


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