Best Hold Fast Tattoo ideas And Their Meanings

Hold fast tattoos have always been a popular design for the sailors. This type of tattoo is also liked by those who are not related to the sea.

Hold fast tattoos have always been a popular design for the sailors. This type of tattoo is also liked by those who are not related to the sea. But, where did these tattoos come from? In this article, we will discuss the history and meaning of hold fast tattoos.


For many years, anchor tattoo designs have been popular among sailors and other seafarers who have traveled across seas on boats and ships. However, after some time, another tattoo design started gaining popularity among them named as ‘hold fast’ tattoo design. The term hold fast has come from the English language and it means that you must be firm in your efforts and never let go no matter how hard things get. The phrase was probably used by sailors so they could motivate themselves to fight through stormy weather or whatever else they may come across while at sea.

Hold Fast And Anchor Tattoo

Hold Fast And Anchor Tattoo

The Meaning of Hold Fast Tattoos

Hold Fast tattoos are a popular theme in tattoo art.

The meaning of the word, “hold fast” is to hang on and to keep your grip; remaining steadfast and true when things get difficult.

It was coined by sailors who always had to hold fast while sailing the high seas. This term was also used in combat by sailors and pirates alike.

The meaning of the phrase has carried on throughout history despite the fact that we no longer use the term in everyday life.

The hold fast tattoo can be designed in a variety of different ways. The most common design is the anchor. Anchors have been used for centuries and they were designed as symbols of hope, stability, and strength.

Anchors were also used to show one’s love for the sea or as a symbol of religious faith; “anchoring” their soul in Christ.

The anchor tattoo can mean different things to different people; since it has so many meanings, it is important that you take time to view all the different meanings and decide what you want your anchor tattoo to represent for you and for your individual personality.

Hold Fast Hand Tattoo

Hold Fast Hand Tattoo

The Meaning of Hold Fast Tattoos

Hold fast tattoos can be a meaningful and beautiful tattoo. The meaning behind the phrase is to have courage, to remain strong and to hold on in the face of adversity, but there is more than one way to get that message across, and you have many options to choose from when getting this tattoo.

The phrase comes from sailing, which means that the sailors are holding onto their rope as they fought against the elements. It can symbolize that people should stay true to themselves no matter what happens.

A Hold Fast tattoo may also include an anchor. This design shows that you want to be anchored down in life, instead of drifting around aimlessly.

One of the more popular tattoo choices for sailors is the anchor. It’s a symbol that has been used for centuries by those who spend their lives at sea but the anchor is not the only tattoo that sailors like to get. Hold fast tattoos are also very popular among those who work on ships and boats and there are several different meanings that can be associated with hold fast tattoos.

Hold Fast Foot Tattoo

Hold Fast Foot Tattoo

Hold Fast Tattoos and Their Meaning

The term hold fast is a nautical term that refers to someone who is holding tight to something. It can be used in place of hang on or gripping something with all your might. The phrase is generally used interchangeably with belay which refers to either tying or anchoring something down. The phrase hold fast is used by the Navy, merchant marines, and fishermen alike and it has been around for many centuries.

The meaning behind hold fast tattoos varies depending on who you ask but most people associate the tattoo with a strong grip. It could mean gripping tightly to life as we know it or a person holding onto his or her beliefs so tightly that nothing can break them away from them. It could also mean gripping onto certain values or relationships so tightly that they cannot be broken apart so easily.

Hold Fast tattoos are very popular in the tattoo world. They are mostly done as wrist tattoos, but also can be done anywhere on the body. The meaning behind a Hold Fast tattoo is very meaningful and here I will explain what it means to have a Hold Fast tattoo.

Hold Fast Arm Tattoo

Hold Fast Arm Tattoo

Hold fast tattoos are usually seen with an anchor or a banner. This type of tattoo is commonly used by Navy, Sailors, Marines and other Military branches.

It is known that the term “hold fast” was used by sailors as a call to action, to dig in and hold their position. For example, if there was rough weather and the ship was about to capsize a sailor would yell “hold fast”. The shipmates would then grip anything they could and hold as tight as possible until the storm had passed. This phrase was also used by pirates during battles. Mostly when they were under attack and were trying to hold off their enemy until help came.

One of the most popular tattoos among sailors is the hold fast tattoo, which symbolizes their dedication to their job. It is a simple symbol that shows how much they love their life and work in the seas.

The phrase ‘Hold Fast’ originates from the times when sailors would tie themselves to a rope to not fall down the ship. This phrase has different meanings and interpretations, depending on who you ask. But most commonly it is used to show someone’s commitment towards something or someone.

Hold Fast Finger Tattoo

Hold Fast Finger Tattoo

Types of Hold Fast Tattoos

There are many different types of designs available, as well as many different ways that you can interpret this one. Some people might just have the words ‘Hold Fast’ on their bodies, while others might have a picture of an anchor or any other nautical symbols with them.

The Meaning Of Hold Fast Tattoos

Most commonly these tattoos are used to show someone’s dedication towards something or someone. This can be a symbol of your love for your wife or girlfriend or just a reminder that no matter what happens in life, you will always be there for them.

You don’t need to be a sailor in order to get this tattoo, but it does help if you have some sort of connection with them so that

Hold Fast tattoo is a very popular and widespread tattoo design, especially among sailors and naval forces. The Hold Fast tattoo meaning comes from the Naval forces that were involved in the Pacific War.

This tattoo symbolizes the commitment of naval crews to their ship or vessel. If a sailor got a Hold Fast tattoo, it symbolized that he was fully committed to his ship and his fellow sailors, who he saw as brothers.

The Hold Fast tattoo was first worn by sailors in the 1800s and has since become an iconic piece of body art that is still popular today. In this article, we will discuss the history of the Hold Fast tattoo, variations of this unique design, and what it means to wear one.


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