Hedgehog Tattoo ideas With Meanings

Whether you’ve chosen a Sonic the Hedgehog tattoo or just love to read the stories of the rabbit and the hedgehog, hedgehogs and porcupines have a strangely lovable place in our hearts – despite their prickly looks. As a tattoo motif for this article, you will get to know the motifs and meanings of the hedgehogs and the porcupines and of course the history of the two animals.

Tattoo Igel mit Blatt und Blüte am Unterschenkel

The story of the hedgehog and porcupine

How they got their popular elements in children’s stories and fairy tales is still unclear. There are innumerable stories from ancient Greece about the animal’s tendency to use and fit its quills like a backpack. It skewers grapes and berries and carries them to their shift. Pretty funny when you think about it! Why struggle with this task when you can easily bring the grapes home on your back? The difference between hedgehog and porcupine is usually some confusion when it comes to distinguishing between a hedgehog and a porcupine. While it’s easy to confuse the two based on their physical similarities, the animals are not even related to each other.

Realistisch Igel mit Blumen Tattoo Design

Porcupines are rodents and have more in common with rats than hedgehogs. They are large herbivores (63-91 cm or 25-36 in) with prominent, distinctly colored spools. On the other hand, hedgehogs are not even remotely related to rodents. They are much smaller and wider, and munch everything that comes under their eyes (plants or insects) no matter what, the main thing is to eat.

Stachelschwein Tattoo Design am Oberarm

The meaning of hedgehog and porcupine tattoos

These fascinating little animal totems embody a wide variety of meanings, including:

  • ingenuity
  • Provision
  • Energy
  • Protection
  • Intelligence
  • Fertility

Abstract Bunte Igel Design auf der Bein

Hedgehog and porcupine tattoo variations

Hedgehog and porcupine tattoos are not among the most popular animal tattoo designs as the spiritual meaning of these prickly critters is often unnoticed and underestimated. For those individuals who identify with these animals, there are a few popular designs and elements to consider.

The most popular hedgehog and porcupine tattoo variations include:

Tribal hedgehog and porcupine tattoos: Both animals are considered totems by Mother Nature and are believed to share a close spiritual connection with the natural element of the earth. With such a tribal hedgehog or porcupine tattoo, you can show your spiritual “roots” and your love for nature.

Igel Design Tribal

Cartoon hedgehog and porcupine tattoos when they get the word Dr. Listening to Robotnik, Mobius and Tails and ringing bells in their heads they probably spent Saturday mornings as a child watching TV. Cartoon hedgehog and porcupine tattoos are for nostalgic, fun-loving, and creative souls, so getting one shows not only your appreciation for the animal’s spiritual symbolism, but your love for fun as well.

Sonic, der blaue Igel Tattoo Design

I have now shown you the two most popular motifs as an example, but of course there are more different variations that I will show you in the article with pictures, take a good look at the pictures before you decide. Until next time.

Stachelschwein Tattoo Design am Oberschenkel

Igel mit Blumen Tattoo Design am Unterschenkel

Kleiner Igel mit Blumen Tattoo Design am Unterarm

Kleiner Igel Tattoo Design um den Hals

Bunte Igel Tattoo Design auf dem Arm

Igel mit Blume Tattoo Design Schwarz am fuß

Realistisch Igel mit Blumen Tattoo Design

Kleiner Igel Tattoo Ellenbogen Frau

Kleiner Stachelschwein Tattoo Design am fuß

Igel mit Blüte und Namen Design am Unterarm

Kleiner Igel Design am fuß

Igel mit Herz Ballon Design am Unterarm

3D Igel Design am fuß

Kleiner Igel mit Namen Tattoo Design am Handgelenk

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