Feather Tattoos: Designs, Ideas, and Meanings

The beautiful feather tattoo design is sought after by those who admire body art and Native American traditions and heritage. The feather designs have deep symbolic meaning, they are worn by men and women who choose to use this symbol to represent their beliefs and heritage or to represent a spiritual aspect. Feder Tattoo Watercolor am fuß

The feather as a Native American symbol

Birds featured prominently in many Native American creation myths and the feather has always been an important symbol to you, often as a design feature in your hairstyle, clothing, Show weapons, tools, jewelry and dream catchers. Feder Tattoo am Schulterblatt Frau

The Indians believe that souls exist in living things (humans, animals, and plants), but also in stones, feathers, and other natural phenomena — they believe that every part of nature is alive and has an inherent quality, virtue, power and wisdom.

Bunte Feder Tattoo mit sprüche am Unterarm

Feather is perceived as a gift from heaven. When it falls from heaven to earth, the Indians believe that it represents the power of thunder from the gods, wind and air.

Indian chiefs wear many feathers during the ceremonies to represent the connection to spiritual worlds and the warriors receive the feather as a special gift if they were extraordinarily brave or honorable in battle. Feder mit Schädel Tattoo Design

They believed that the birds wander their way through the various phases of life as spirit guides: offering teaching, guidance and protection. Eagle feathers are one of the most honored, it has great symbolic significance.

Feather symbolism in the Christian, Celtic, Egyptian and other religions and cultures

The pen was also symbolic in ancient Christianity, it is a symbol of virtue, it is mentioned many times in the Bible. For example, verse four of Psalm 91: “He will cover you with His wings, and under His wings you shall find refuge; His truth is your shield and shield. ”You can see three of them bent into a signet ring – one represents hope, one faith, and one charity. Tattoo Feder aus der Vögel Fliegen am Oberschenkel

It was also symbolic of the Celts, whose druids wore feathered robes in ceremonial events. The Egyptians believed that they associated with the gods of heaven. for many other cultures and religions, they have special spiritual or symbolic meanings. Feder Tattoo am Handgelenk Bilder

What a Feather Tattoo Can Represent?

As you’ve read, the feather is very symbolic of multiple cultures and civilizations, and in each context, the meaning is slightly different. Below is a partial list of different ideas you can come up with:

  • Truth
  • Speed ​​
  • Ease
  • Flight
  • Dreams
  • High Spirit
  • Purity
  • Freedom
  • Courage
  • Valor
  • Promise
  • Journey of the Soul
  • Travel
  • Magic
  • Levitation
  • Weightlessness
  • Freedom

Of course, the meaning of the tattoo depends on the wearer. One of the best things about the feather that fits well in a variety of different places on your body. The arms, legs, sides, ankles, upper back, lower back, upper shoulders, and behind the ears are all possible locations.

die Schönsten Feder tattoo am Oberschenkel Frau Feder Tattoo mit Schriftzug auf dem Arm Feder Tattoo Design Ideen auf Unterarm bei Männern Feder Tattoo auf Finger für Frau
Feder Raben Tattoo am fuß für Frau Feder Tattoo Farbig am Unterarm Frau Feder Tattoo am Unterarm Innerseite Endlos Feder Tattoo mit Namen auf der Brust Frau
Aquarell Feder Tattoo für das Bein Feder Tattoo Unendlich Watercolor mit Leben lieben Fallende Feder Tattoo am Schulterblatt Frau Feder Tattoo hinter dem Ohr für Frau Tattoo Feder aus der Vögel Fliegen am Bauch
Pfeil und Feder Tattoo im Nacken Feder Tattoo Mandala am Oberarm Tattoo Feder mit Kompass am Rücken

Feder Tattoo mit Vogel auf dem ArmFeder Pfau Tattoo am fußrücken Feder Tattoo mit Buchstaben am Bauch Herz und pfeil mit Feder Tattoo Bunte Tattoo Feder mit Taschenuhr am Oberschenkel Feder Tattoo mit Datum am fuß Feder aus der Vögel Fliegen Tattoo Sprüche Feder mit Schmetterling Tattoo am Fuß für Frau.

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