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12 QR Code Tattoo Ideas

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12 QR Code Tattoo Ideas

There are many reasons that can lead someone to tattoo a QR code: the futuristic aesthetic of the code, its functionality or pure fun. The first question that many may have is: does it work? Yes, the tattooed QR code works. Want to know more about this creative type of tattoo?

How does a QR Code work?

A QR code consists of a combination of black squares arranged in a grid, being a combination of four different encoding models (alphanumeric, numeric, kanji and binary).


The QR code is a 2D code, with a square shape, which can be read by modern smartphones and can store up to 7,089 characters.

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A QR Code is an augmented reality tool to link specific information such as text, videos, audio, photographs or virtual addresses.

How do QR Code tattoos work?

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Some people encode a link to their social network, such as their business card, YouTube video, personal website, a gif, a phrase, a poem, a song lyrics, a biblical psalm, finally, the possibilities are many.

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The QR code is created in advance and tattooed by the tattoo artist accurately. It is important to choose a large, flat part of the body for it to work. Therefore, regions such as the chest, back, nape and arm are more suitable, always choosing the flattest part of the skin.

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By following all of the above tips, it’s very possible that your tattoo will work. However, it may not work forever, as the ink may swell, your skin may change, and any slight change may affect your smartphone’s recognition.

QR Code Tattoo Tips

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Check out some tips that will help you succeed in this endeavor:

  • Choose a large, flat region of the body.
  • Choose a tattoo artist with a lot of experience and precision in the stroke.
  • Use an online QR code generator to encode yours.
  • Avoid body parts that have veins, bumps or undulations.
  • Before getting the tattoo, test the code to see if it works.
  • Print your code with high DPI to allow the tattoo artist to realistically reproduce it.
  • You need contrast for the code to work. Therefore, for darker skin, it is recommended to use lighter ink, while lighter skin requires darker ink.

Brief History of QR Code

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QR codes may look like recent inventions, but they’ve been around for a while. They were created by Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota, in 1994. Originally, their purpose was to optimize Toyota’s production lines.

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At the time, the bar code already existed, but with a smaller capacity for storing information. A QR code could store 300 times as much data using the same amount of space.

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The popularization and multiplicity of uses of this technology started with the popularization of smarthphones and the popularization of the use of the internet.

Today, the QR code has revolutionized markets, such as the Chinese payment market, which is practically made with QR code, making it easier for people to make their financial transitions – and replacing traditional systems like the credit card.

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In addition, he is an integral part of a new emerging industry, the augmented reality industry. The consequences, we will see in time.

Curious and Commercial Uses of QR Code

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A qr code tattoo is already a somewhat unusual use. Many people got out of their comfort zone and innovated by applying this technology in curious ways. Check out some curious and commercial uses of the qr code.

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