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Sun Tattoos – 25 Ideas, Meanings & Tattoo Designs

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Sun tattoos are probably one of the most popular symbols in tattoos and also have important meanings in different cultures. In this article you will learn more about the history of the sun and what sun tattoos mean in each individual. The story of the sun As I said, the sonnen has important meanings in many different cultures, sometimes negative, sometimes positive, depending on the culture. Without the sun there would be no life. With too much sun; all life would perish. Under the above and its application, you can see how the sun could take on many meanings and historically be blamed for good and bad events. The love of the sun runs deep. Sun worshipers, for example, still bathe in its glorious rays, even when we are all warned of the dangers. The sun is simply irresistible and that goes for sun tattoos too.

Sonne im Gesicht Desgin am Unterschenkel

The meaning of the sun tattoos

The sun is represented in all cultures. The sun itself symbolizes life. Without the sun there would be no life. The sun stands for the course of life and something that recurs through the rising and setting. Sun and Moon Tattoos – Sun and moon tattoos can have many different symbolic meanings that are personal to you. There are, however, some generally accepted meanings as well. Some of these commonly shared meanings for sun and moon tattoos are the amalgamation of opposites, unity in diversity and cooperation rather than controversy. In some religions the sun and moon tattoos represent life, strength, achievement, energy and rebirth. Sun and moon tattoos are often seen on the body side by side in a circle design with one half the sun, and the other the moon.

This tattoo design will allow you to add a lot more detail for that personal touch. Wasserfarben Sonne und Mond Desgin am Unterarm

Rising Sun Tattoos can mean a new beginning or new life. The rising sun is usually seen as a masculine symbol with both majestic and divine powers. Some other popular meanings for wearing the rising sun tattoos are vitality, knowledge, courage and energy. The Japanese rising sun tattoo was and still is very popular because of its cultural history and good looks. Many people use this tattoo to show their love for the sport of automobile drifting, which is very popular in Japan and in the United States, martial arts fans who have had the rising sun have been using the rising sun tattoos for many years. Steigende Sonne Desgin am Rücken

Sun Fish Tattoos – Sun Fish Tattoos show images of a very mysterious sea fish. These fish are called the Mola Witch in Latin and the definition is related to their plump shape.

The mola has a strange habit of floating and sunbathing on the surface of the ocean for long periods of time; hence the name sun fish. These are oddly shaped fish with their bodies twice as wide…

The sun fish tattoo design is most commonly seen on the human body in a side view and look great in a tribal design. Sonne Fisch Tattoo Desgin

Tribal Sun Tattoos – Tribal sun tattoos, in the recent past, have made a huge comeback. The tribal sun patterns give meanings such as new life, strength and power. With their bold flames or barbed wire design – patterns coming out of a dark circle, it looks like it is slowly turning and moving. There are tons of tribal sun tattoos for you to choose from I have selected some of them and put them in pictures under this article I hope that these pictures help you to find the right sun tattoo, thank you for reading. Until next time… Sonne Desgin am Rücken Sonne Tattoo am Finger Sonne Gesicht Tattoo Desgin am Unterarm Sonne mit Wellen Tattoo Dotwork Desgin Kleiner Sonne mit Wellen Tattoo Desgin Sonne Desgin auf der Bein schwarz Tattoo Sonne mit Wolke Desgin auf dem Arm Japanische Sonne Desgin mit Wellen Sonne Desgin im Nacken für Frauen Sonne Desgin am Rücken Sonne Desgin am Unterarm Schwarz Sonne und Mond Desgin am Unterschenkel Schwarz Kleiner Sonne Desgin Tribal Sonne Desgin auf dem Arm Sonne mit Sternen Desgin am Oberarm Mandala Sonne Tattoo Design am Rücken {24 } Tribal Sonne Desgin am Oberarm Schwarz Sonne im Gesicht Tattoo Design am Unterer Rücken Frau Sonne und Mond im Gesicht Desgin am Unterarm Wasserfarben Sonne Desgin im Nacken.

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