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Goat Tattoos and Meanings

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Our long history with these animals means that goats have come to embody a wide variety of spiritual and economic traits, including having these meanings in tattoos as a motif.

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The meaning of goat tattoos

  • Curiosity
  • Intelligence
  • Ambition
  • Fertility
  • Provision of food and shelter
  • Spiritual cleanliness
  • Playfulness
  • Wealth

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The History Goat Tattoos

Goats were the first animals to be domesticated by humans. They were our source of milk, food, and shelter, and in some places, one of the goats was worth gold. These little animals were such an important part of the development of human civilization that many myths, legends, and religions arose in their honor. According to Nordic folklore, Thor, the god of thunder, rode a chariot pulled by a herd of goats. The Greek god of the wilderness and the hunt, Pan, was a lustful half goat, half human. Pan is just one of countless hybrids in the Greek tradition. Capricorns (for the zodiac sign) and satyrs are all elements of this culture.

Pentagramm mit Ziege Tattoo am Rücken

The goat eventually became an integral part of Masonic works. In the Christian tradition, the pagan god Baphomet was inextricably linked with Satan, the occult, and all evildoers. The practice of assigning pagan gods to the devil was often done in an effort to establish Christianity over the ancient religions. Ironically, in the Jewish tradition, goats are a prime animal to be considered for religious sacrifices and were reserved for guests of honor. The term “scapegoat” actually comes from a Babylonian tradition that was picked up by Jews during their time in the empire. Once a year a goat was allowed to “escape” from the village, symbolically carrying the sins of the villagers with it.

Pentagramm und Ziege Tattoo am Oberarm

Unlike their sheep counterparts, goats love to climb and mountain goats spend their days at lofty heights foraging. In many cultures, this behavior is seen as a sign of ambition and encouragement for those who want to achieve more in life. These little animals are naturally curious, and that natural curiosity is bred by a level of intelligence. They nibble on any object near their mouths and this has led to the mistaken belief that goats will eat anything from paper bags to pieces of metal. Of course, it is doubtful that a can of e is a tasty meal.

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Goat tattoo variations

Whether you want a tattoo of a Billy Goat cartoon or a goat skull, goat tattoos come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Most tend to play on your jovial nature they seem great while others listen back to pagan symbols. Popular goat tattoo variations include goat skull tattoos Skulls have long been linked to death and humanity’s mortality. A goat skull tattoo is usually confused with the goat skull tattoo and in some circles both are believed to be a way to mentally process your mortality. An Aries is fearless in the face of danger, as such a goat skull tattoo symbolizes your intrepid approach to death.

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Before you decide on a goat tattoo research the meanings. So that you don’t regret your decision in the end. I have given you a few examples, I hope they will help you.

Cartoon Ziegen Design am fuß

Cartoon Ziegen Design am Schulterblatt

Origami Ziegen Design

Ziegen Tattoo Design am Handgelenk

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Abstract Ziege mit Halbmond Tattoo

Tribal Ziege Tattoo am Schulterblatt

Ziege mit Sprüche Tattoo am fuß

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Ziegen mit Herz Design am Oberarm

Ziegen Design am Oberarm Schwarz

Ziege Tattoo auf der Hand

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