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Beetle Tattoos Designs and Meanings

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The types of beetles on the face of the earth are as numerous as the amount of sand on the beach. But for each variety of these crawly animals, there is a plethora of symbolic meanings that you will see in the article below.

Käfer Design Altes Ägypten hinter dem Ohr

The history of the beetle tattoos

When Ferdinand Porsche put together the prototype of the Volkswagen Beetle in 1933, he couldn’t have realized that he had created one of the world’s most iconic cars. After the end of World War II, the little beetle found its way across the world’s oceans and into people every country on the planet, soon adding their personal touch to the “People’s Car”. Porsche gave its new “wonder machine” the classic shape of a beetle and this may have been a stroke of genius from a man who realized that humans were in love with these amazing creatures. Long before the ancient Egyptians lined the tomb of their pharaohs with these golden insects, primitive man made tools and pendants that looked strangely similar to the general outline of a beetle. Their status as a reliable, abundant source of food during the lean times meant that beetles were revered. Shamans and early medicine men saw them as elements of the gods because beetles spent their days humming in the sky.

Käfer Design mit Sprüche schwarz und weiß

Beetles come in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors, making them the perfect accessory for the fashionista caveman, a trend that is still alive and well in fashion – metropolitan areas of this day and age. In the early 1900s, the Art Noveau movement popularized jewelry made from bits of insects (including beetles) and in 2012 that made maquech brooches the new twist on an old trend used by live beetles adorned with precious stones and metals. Sales of both antique Beetle jewelry and maquech brooches have skyrocketed.

The Importance of Beetle Tattoo Designs

  • Nobility
  • The divine
  • happiness
  • love
  • Prosperity and Abundance
  • Strength
  • Creation
  • Organization and discipline

Käfer mit Auge des Re Tattoo auf der Bein

Beetle Tattoo Design Variations

From the fine contours and bright colors of the ladybug to the strong contour of the scarab beetle, these tattoos come in all colors and sizes. Whether or not you add other elements in your design will largely depend on the type of bugs you want on your body. Scarab beetle tattoos are usually elements that can be easily identified as ancient Egyptian symbols of authority (images, Eye of Re or The Ankh), while it is more likely that ladybug tattoo designs are abundant with feminine elements such as flowers, fairies or dragonflies can be displayed.

Käfer mit Auge auf dem Arm

Popular beetle tattoos are:

Scarab Tattoos

It’s hard to make up ancient Egypt and the famous tombs of their pharaohs without the iconic image of the scarab beetle. From grave walls and chariots to official seals, the scarab beetle was a reminder of the divine power to the ordinary citizens of the pharaoh. Scarabs are totems of Atum, the creator god and represent a connection to the powerful forces of creation, renewal and transformation. Scarab – beetle – tattoos are closely related to spirituality and the divine.

Legend has it that if a ladybug lands on a person, you will bring good luck and prosperity. The Irish believe these little beauties offer shelter and farmers are overjoyed when they see ladybugs in their fields. But ladybugs not only bring happiness, they also bring love. Look at the pictures that I have put in for you as an example, see you next time.

Käfer Design Tattoo Ägypten schwarz und weiß

Bunte Käfer Altes Ägypten am Oberschenkel

Käfer Design am Kopf

Käfer mit Totenkopf am Oberarm

Käfer Design am Rücken

Bunte Käfer Design auf der Bein

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