20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings

Men prefer these tattoos for their presence meaning the symbol of strength, courage, courage and family protection. Others prefer to think of it as a tattoo that represents them. wisdom, nobility and courage of a legendary protector.

20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings

These tattoos on men have various meanings, but the truth is they look great if you mix them with bright colors, you will get a more finished job. Check out these dragon tattoos for men that you will definitely like.

Dragon tattoos for women and their meanings

​​Instead, women prefer it for other reasons, which I will explain below.Perfect offer if you want to show off with a beautiful woman dragon tattoo for women Check out these designs and tell me what you think.

20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings
20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings

The meanings of dragon tattoos on the arm

The tattoos of these dragons on the arms convey incredible power and are also of immense beauty. They are closely connected with the spiritual, sacred and mysterious world. Other favorite places to get a tattoo: chest, forearms and shoulders. Here are some examples that may serve as inspiration.

20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings

Full back tattoos of dragons

If you are brave and plan to choose a tattoo design with a dragon that covers your entire back, I must say that these combine two aspects that are very important when choosing a design for a tattoo. On the one hand, it has a great visual and aesthetic impact, on the other hand, it has broad meanings according to different cultures with which you can feel identified. My advice is to choose the design well and get to work.

20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings
20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings 20 Dragon Tattoos and Their Meanings

The meaning of the different types of dragons to tattoo

There are several types of dragons, which should be considered when deciding on one or the other design depending on the meaning , here is a list of the most used:

  • Snake Dragon: This is in the early stages of growth.
  • Horned Dragon (Lung): They are the strongest .Finally, its head points south and tail points north.
  • winged dragon (Ying-Lung): This dragon has evolved, has more experience and wisdom.
  • Sky Dragon: Protect the gods.
  • Spirit dragon: Makes rain and wind for humans.
  • Dragon of Hidden Treasures: Represents abundance and the guardian of wealth.
  • dragon Live Streams (Chiao).
  • Yellow dragon: The one who came out of the water and showed Emperor Fu Shi the secrets of writing .
  • Last but not the worst dragon king: Consists of four separate dragons who are guardians of the seas.

As you can see, these creatures are assorted to be beaten, each more interesting than the last.

Tribal dragons and their meanings in design and tattoos

Tattoos with tribal dragons have a more aggressive visual impact than others, as their expressions include fierce features, sharp claws and visible teeth. Basically, it’s mainly a matter of taste. In this gallery, I leave you some of the best tribal tattoos with dragons for your enjoyment.

Amazing 3D dragon tattoos

3D tattoos are usually very cute, they should be as realistic as possible and leave that feeling of movement. definitely a 3d dragon tattoo Below is a recommendation to consider and not be overlooked to make your decision easier.

Colorful dragon leg tattoos

as in dragon back tattoos, tattoos on the leg can cover it completely or only partially, this is the personal decision of each, I will only present some design variations and shapes that may be of interest to you. Tell us which of these variants do you like the most?

Small dragon tattoos

If you are a fan of modest tattoos and are interested in one of them small dragon tattoos, I suggest you review a selection of the images I left you below. It contains several small and simple examples of sketches that can serve as a guide or example.

Best tiger and dragon tattoo designs with meaning

Tiger and dragon tattoo designs are very attractive and have great meaning. Many people often beat both monsters facing each other to represent the balance between the two immense powers. In this way, the perfect balance between good and evil is manifested, just as the Yin-Yang symbol does. The latter often accompany such tattoos. If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some, I hope they serve you.

Dragon tattoos: origin and meaning

As tattoos symbolize, dragons wisdom, power and freedom. In ancient eastern mythology, the dragon represented the four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Besides the four main points: North, South, East and West. However, in Western culture, the dragon has been used in both flags and insignia to symbolize the strength of armies. In accordance with the above, dragon tattoos symbolize nobility, strength, magic, courage and the ability to overcome any difficulties. legend The origin and existence of dragons is based on various legends and artistic representations scattered between western and eastern cultures. The explanation for this phenomenon is based on the discovery of dinosaur fossils, which caused these cultures to imagine these mythical creatures. Now that you know its origin and different meanings, shall I show you some of the most popular places where you can get one of these tattoos?

The difference in tattoos between dragons of eastern and western cultures

Eastern dragons (Japanese, Chinese and Korean). They are mythological creatures that protect human life and carry fertility and luck. dragon tattoo is the most represented Chinese design. It has a long snake-shaped body, normally four small legs, and symbolizes wisdom and goodness, in addition to supernatural energies that can control the elements of nature. It is very common to see it related to the yin yang symbol. The image of the dragon in Western Europe dates back to the Middle Ages. These fantastic mythological animals are viewed as negative characters as they represent the fear of being eaten by humans’ flames. As you can see, for each culture there are different representations of these fantastic animals. You choose your favorite one to give meaning to your tattoos.

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