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New School Tattoo: The coolest designs and tattoo motifs for your next tattoo appointment!

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New School Tattoo: Die coolsten Designs und Tattoomotive für Ihren nächsten Tattootermin!

New School Tattoo: The coolest designs and tattoo motifs for your next tattoo appointment!


The world of tattoos is incredibly colorful and diverse.In addition to the various motifs, colors and shapes, there are also a variety of different styles, so that every tattoo fan can find something suitable for his taste.Just like in fashion, it is normal for tattoo trends to change and evolve from year to year.While our own tastes are primarily important when choosing a tattoo, staying up to date and catching up on the latest trends wouldn’t be a bad idea.While some styles are being forgotten, others are experiencing a revival.As a relatively young style that only developed at the end of the last century, the New School Tattoos established itself fairly quickly in the tattoo world.Strong and bold contour lines, bright colors and brightly colored designs – there is nothing impossible for New School Tattoos!Are you looking for ideas for your next tattoo?Then you’ve come to the right place – we’ve put together the coolest designs and tattoo motifs for you!


Löwe Tattoo Bedeutung New School Tattoos Geschichte 

A tattoo does not always have to have a very deep meaning, but can primarily be just fun.So it’s no wonder that the New School Tattoois gaining more and more attention and appealing to many tattoo fans.The tattoo style is mainly known for pushing boundaries and transforming otherwise classic motifs such as anchors, lions or flower tattoos into bright works of art.Due to the vivid color scheme, the crazy designs as well as the clear, thick outer lines, the New School Tattoo is always very easy to spot.It doesn’t matter whether it’s a little Disney fairy on your wrist or a large work of art all over your back – the types of motifs are a refreshing and very cheerful enrichment for all tattoo enthusiasts.


New School Tattoo: Where does it come fromthe tattoo style and what makes it different?

  New School Tattoo Bilder Disney Tattoos für Frauen 

Although the New School Tattoowas particularly popular in California in the late 1970s, it is unfortunately not possible to say exactly where the tattoo style originated or fromwho invented it.However, the color gradients in the New School Tattoo are much livelier and more realistic.Further distinctions to the old school tattoos are the detailed work, the depth and the three-dimensionality.All these features make the New School tattoo design something quite unique.

  Disney Tattoodesign Ideen New School Tattoo Bedeutung Tattootrends Frauen 

What is certain is that the New School tattoois full of influences from different styles.The motifs contain many elements of folk and comic art.Due to the bright colors and the thick outer lines, the tattoo style is often associated with the graffiti scene.While old school tattoos mainly have a small range of the well-known heart or anchor symbols, there are absolutely no limits to the choice of motifs for the new school tattoo.The trend is more in line with the current zeitgeist and you can get pretty silly and crazy and get pricked on just about anything.In addition, the tattoo styleis heavily influenced by pop culture and most people who choose a new school tattoo are fans of anime, comics, and computer games.


The tattoo style is incredibly colorful and diverse

  Disney Tattoodesign Fuß-Tattoo für Frauen New School Tattoo

When you decide on a tattoo, besides the motif and design, choosing the right one also plays a roleTattoo artist plays a very important role.To get a high quality and beautiful new school tattoo, you should choose an artist who is deeply familiar with the style and has years of experience with it.Take enough time to compare different artists and their work – this is the only way to ensure that you will enjoy your new tattoo forever.


The New School Tattoo canvery easy to combine with other tattoo styles

  Blumen Tattoomotiv Unterarm Tattoodesign für Frauen New School Tattoo 

One thing that can easily be said about the tattoo trend is the obvious passion and the detailed work behind itthe designs.Comic heroes or Disney characters from our childhood are among the most popular motifs and evoke a feeling of nostalgia.As I said before, anything goes with the New School Tattooand the tattoo motifs can range from crazy and cute to creepy.This allows the tattoo style to be perfectly combined with other colored tattoo styles.The realistic tattoo and watercolor tattoos are particularly suitable for this, but neo-traditional tattoos also work in most cases.Unleash your creativity and work with your tattoo artist to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art that really stands out.

  Fuß-Tattoo für Frauen Tattootrends 2021 New School Tattoo

Without a doubt, the New School Tattoois fun.However, most of the designs are pretty colorful and noticeable when they are visible.Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on a topic when choosing a tattoo and to choose a motif that is really important to you.Any pop culture icon, Disney princess or even your dog can be transformed into a stylish and beautiful New School tattoo.


Which parts of the body are suitable for New School tattoos?

  kleine Oberarm Tattoos für Frauen New School Tattoo Trend 

Because of the bright colors and the attention to detail, the New School Tattoois the best possible option for larger and eye-catching works of art.In order for your tattoo to show off, you should also think about the placement when choosing the design.Make sure you choose a part of the body that offers enough space for your tattoo artist to fulfill your wishes and bring your tattoo to life.

  Lotusblume Tattoodesign Bedeutung New School Tattoo Ideen 

When choosing a tattoo, also keep in mind that the tattoo style is known to be bright, eye-catching, and bold.Few styles use as many and bold colors as the New School Tattoo.But that doesn’t mean that your tattoo should be a colorful mess – the colors should harmonize with each other and result in a uniform appearance.


The coolest ideas for New School Tattoo at a glance

  Anime Tattoodesign kleine Tattoos für Frauen New School Tattoo Bilder 

The bright colors and eye-catching designs make the tattoo style perfect for a cute Disney tattoo

  Disney Tattoos klein Unterarm Tattoodesign für Frauen New School Tattoo Trend 

Or how about a cool and quite unique friendship tattoo for you and your best friend?

  Freundschaftstattoo Ideen Tattootrends 2021 New School Tattoo Bilder 

And here a New School Tattoo for all Harry Potter fans!

  Harry Potter Tattoos New School Tattoo Trend 

Most New School tattoos areinfluenced by video games and cartoon characters

  New School Tattoo Ideen Oberarm Tattoodesign für Männer 

The strong colors transform your tattoo into a real eye-catcher

  New School Tattoo Bilder Tattootrends 2021 

There is nothing impossible with the New School Tattoo and the design always looks stunning

  New School Tattoo Bilder Schulter Tattooideen für Männer 

Also the classic rose tattoocan be brought to life in a unique and creative way

  Rosentattoo Bedeutung New School Tattoo Bilder Tattootrends 2021 

Unleash your creativity and combine several styles to createto create a beautiful work of art

  Tattoo am Rücken Frauen Tattootrends 2021 New School Tattoo Bedeutung 

comic heroes also go perfectly with the New School Tattoo

  Spiderman Tattoodesign New School Tattoo Bilder 

Full of meaning and alive – Hourglass New School Tattoo


Sanduhr Tattoomotiv Bedeutung New School Tattoo Trend


Or put your pet at the center of your new tattoo


Unterarm Tattoodesign für Frauen Hund Tattoomotiv New School Tattoo


The tattoo style is perfect for a colorful oneSleeve tattoos for women


Tattootrends 2021 Ärmel Tattoodesign für Frauen New School Tattoo Bilder


There is hardly any other tattoo style that is so coolreative and colorful like the New School Tattoo


Unterarm Tattoo für Männer New School Tattoo Bilder Tattootrends 2021


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