10 Wrist Pulse Tattoo Designs

Pulse tattoos and similar compositions with motifs are the apple of the eye of those who will get a tattoo. With its meaning, meaning can be added in many ways and the popularity of this type of tattoos is quite high. The most common pulse tattoos are usually found on the wrists and sometimes on the feet, abdomen. Such compositions can be used or shaped with many colors. Pulse tattoos can be customized completely according to your imagination.

Heart Rhythm Tattoo Meaning

The meaning of heart rhythm tattoo, which is generally associated with love, shows the pulse and heart rhythm with broken lines. Having many broken lines indicates that the heart rate is beating fast. But these lines indicate that when you are straight, the heart is dead and life is over. In this sense, it symbolizes meanings such as pulse, even rapidly changing life, instinct to live.
Heartbeat tattoo designs generally print the names of the people they love in the form of a pulse. People who have pulses engrave the names of their loved ones on their bodies by having them designed in the shape of a heartbeat. In addition, tattoos in the form of a heartbeat can be combined with a heart figure, and in many models, pulse tattoos can go there. This type of tattoo is also a couple tattoo. Two people can perpetuate their love by making a heart pulse tattoo.

Where Can Pulse Tattoos Be Made?

Pulse tattoos or types of heart tattoos can be made in the form of city buildings or human figures by showing them as pulses. This type of tattoos do not look good as large tattoos, they are generally set in small sizes. It can be done in many places such as ankles, wrists, neck, inner parts of the arms. At the same time, the pulse tattoo is a low-cost tattoo that can be applied to the full chest area. People can add hearts, birds, inscriptions to their pulse tattoos.
Pulse tattoos, which are among the tattoo models, can be designed with many compositions, especially for women, such as under the breasts.

Pulse tattoos, which tell many people the value of life, may remind some people of the deceased. They get their pulse tattoos while mourning the death of their personal loved ones. Thus, they express that their love will last forever. In addition, this type of tattoos are easy to make because they are low cost.

1. Pulse Tattoo on Ankle

ayak bileğine nabız dövmesi

2. Wrist Pulse Tattoo

bilek nabız dövmesi

3. First and Last Pulse Tattoo

bilek nabız dövmeleri

4. Less Is More Pulse Tattoo


5. Wrist Pulse Tattoo For Valentine

sevgili için nabız dövmesi

7. Complete Pulse Tattoo Design

komple nabız dövmesi

8. Tattoo For Dated Wrist

tarihli bilek dövmesi

9. Letter Heart Tattoo For Wrist

harf nabız dövmesi

10. Cat Pulse Tattoo For Wrist

Kedili Nabız Dövmesi Bilek İçin

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