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Wolf Tattoo Ideas and Meaning

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These majestic creatures embody a multitude of human characteristics, the details of which they will find out in the article. The History of Wolf Tattoos In some cultures they are the robbers of the night, the hunters of our darkest nightmares. In other lands, they are noble warriors, great leaders and protectors of the innocent. With such a varied reputation, it appears that the wolf is one of the most misunderstood creatures in ancient folklore. Wolfs hold a special place in our hearts, largely because they are the ancestors of man’s best friend, the dog. They are also closely related to another creature that deserves our admiration and respect, the coyote.

Realistisch Wilder Wolf Tattoo Design The word “Wolf” comes from Germanic pagan tradition and comes to us from the Proto-Germanic word “Wulf”. In this ancient cultural context, wolves were seen as fierce and fearless warriors, as well as natural enemies, thanks in part to humanity, these animals are tremendously feared. As such, many Anglo-Saxon kings and warriors called themselves, in an effort to channel their inner wolves, often using the word as a suffix or prefix to their own names. For this reason names like ‘Wolfgang’, ‘Wulfsbane’ and ‘Wulfmeer’ are still common names in some parts of Europe, especially Germany. But why are these innocent animals the stuff nightmares are made of? Our fear of these mysterious beasts began long before the ancient Greek historians and poets like Herodotus and Virgil, tales of a nasty race of people who turned into wolves once a year, according to the legend of the mountain werewolf long before Jacob invaded our hearts Twilight series.

Wolf Design auf Hand

In the Middle Ages wolves were seen as instruments of the devil. This threat, along with our instinctive fear of these animals, helped give the wolf a bad name in human society. Even today, most cartoons and children’s series are based on this concept that wolves are evil. Nine out of ten characters with wolf-like properties are seen as bad or evil crooks, rather than good scoundrels.

Meaning of Wolf Tattoos

  • Loyalty and Devotion
  • Family
  • Communication
  • Happiness and Fertility
  • Instruction and Guardianship
  • Predatory Power and Strength
  • Intelligence
  • Mercy

Kleiner Wolfskopf Tattoo auf dem Arm

Wolf Tattoo Variations

These tattoo designs can be as varied and interesting as your imagination allows. For the most part, humans tend to combine the tougher side of the wolf and view themselves as ferocious warriors or lone wolves. For these constructions, it’s best to place them over large muscle groups to make your wolf appear more menacing with each twitch. Wolf Skull Tattoos A skull is a symbol of death, human mortality, and destruction. Wolves have long been attached to the afterlife. In ancient Egypt the god of death, Anubis, was often pictured with the head of a wolf or a jackal (depending on your point of view). Wolves are spiritual leaders in the afterlife in many Native American and European traditions.

Wolf mit Schädel Tattoo am Brust

Moon and Wolf Tattoos The fundamental image of the power of a wolf is the sight of the beast howling on the moon. In many European and Native American traditions, wolves are creatures of the moon, so it is believed that humans could only transform into werewolves during the full moon. Wolf Moon, according to some Native American traditions, is celebrated in January and is symbolic of transformation. In Wicca culture, it is a sign of birth and femininity because both totems, in one or the other, are symbols of creation (wolf is an emblem of the family and community, while the moon is an ancient sign of the feminine divine ).

Mond und Wolf Tattoo am Oberarm Mond und Wolf Design am Unterschenkel

If you think wolf tattoos are not for you, feel free to read more of my articles because I have a lot of tattoo examples and their meanings, but if you think that would be something for you then have a look at the example below Pictures of that can make the decision easier for them.

Wolf mit Wellen Design am Unterarm Aquarell Geometrisch Wolf Design Abstract Wolfskopf Tattoo auf der Bein Bunte Wolfskopf Tattoo auf dem Arm
Abstract Wolf Tattoo auf der Bein Geometrisch Wolfskopf Tattoo auf dem Arm Wolf mit Feder Tattoo am Unterarm Tribal Wolf Design auf der Bein Wolf Design am Fuß Wolf mit Federn Design am Oberschenkel Wolf Design am Unterarm Wolf Design am Unterarm Schwarz und weiß Wolf Design Realistisch am Unterschenkel Wolf und Blume Design am Unterschenkel Bunte Wolf Design am Oberschenkel Wolf Tattoo Design um den Hals  Aquarell Wolf Tattoo auf dem Arm Wolf mit Mandala Tattoo Design am Oberarm

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