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Winter Hair Color ideas

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Winter hair color ideas

When we begin to prepare for the time of year when the weather will get cooler. The season that sweaters come out, even ugly Christmas sweaters. We have the list of the most perfect hair colors for winter.

Winter is my favorite season and, to be honest, the most beautiful. People are friendlier during this gift giving time. Well, winter is just around the corner, maybe you still have a few things on your Christmas present list and a new hair color is one of them. The hair color for fall is over and now we might want to change something and welcome winter with a new hair color.

One of the wonderful things about fall hair color is that you can enjoy many different shades, regardless of your original hair color, you can make it one of a kind. Winter is a cozy and icy season of the year, time to deal more with your winter nails that go with that hair. Some of the most popular hues are dark maroon, balayage, caramel, and blonde hair colors for winter. There are many looks to choose from to find your desire, you can achieve these this season. This post will have many options to choose from, yes it will be difficult to choose just one.

1. Pretty blue winter hair

This is a snow lover’s dream color. The blue symbolizes the cold temperature.

Hair Color for Winter

2. Dark reverse balayage

This chocolate hair color is stunning and a perfect hair color for winter. This hair color is lovely natural looking brown hair and it reminds me to drink hot cocoa in winter.

Hair Color for Winter

3. Stunning dark blue hair with black undertones

If you are a natural brunette you will love this mix of colors. The tone is a nice color idea for brunette ladies. I love this color and I can see it keep coming back, timeless hair color.

dark blue winter hair color

4. Ash blonde hair colors for winter in low light

This color is another great choice for any blonde lady. I love how the lowlights are done on this hair color. If you’re thinking of making a little color change, here is a nice example of how you can achieve that winter fresh look.

blonde hair colors for winter

5. Shiny dark raven hair color

You can upgrade your already dark hair, taking it from dull and limp to luscious black that contracts against snow. The perfect hair color for winter doesn’t have to be much different from your natural hair color.

Hair Color for Winter

6. Spice Cider Hair

This color is on trend this year and makes a cute hair color for winter. This style looks really great on long to medium length hairstyles.

winter hair color ideas 6193b1c4a39ee

7. Coppery Winter Hair Color Ideas

Copper red hair has been around for many years. I love the color and it’s a lovely fall color that can transition well into the cozy winter season.

Hair Color for Winter

8. Gray and Blue Ombre Winter Hair Color

Have you seen how popular gray hairstyles have become over the past two years? This is good for old and young, the lack of the ombre makes it even more modern and trendy. I love how flattering ombre hair looks when done in the right color balance.

winter hair color ideas 6193b1c77153e

9. White blonde

White blonde hair colors for winter are stunning and I love this particular one. The style is cute on this bob cut hair.

blonde hair colors for winter

10. Edgy Burnt Orange

This next hair color is deeper burnt orange and is great for those with darker complexions. If you fall in love with this color, you might want to keep it up with an Overtone Orange for Brown Hair Daily Conditioner.

winter hair color ideas 6193b1ca249e8

11. Cozy blonde with a hint of cinnamon

Here is another stunning shade of blonde hair colors for the winter idea to try out. If you’ve ever been curious about going blonde or just wanting to lift your own blonde hair, this is the perfect choice.

blonde hair colors for winter

12. Funny blonde winter hair color for brunettes

Brunettes can also be blonde and start the winter with a new hair color.

Hair Color for Winter

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