What Should I Do to Lose Weight Fast?

What Should I Do to Lose Weight Fast? Which of us does not wish to get rid of our excess weight, to wear our mini dresses in summer, to use our favorite bikini while swimming in the sea these days when the hot weather is starting to show its face? At this point, although we want to benefit from shock diets, because of the unhealthy nature of shock diets, especially those of us who have a chronic illness; We avoid going on shock diets. If you are also looking for ways to lose weight quickly in a healthy way; We strongly recommend that you read this article to the end. Here is our list of things to do in order to lose weight fast:

Those Who Want to Lose Weight Fast Let It Go

If you want to lose weight fast, I want to share with you what you need to do. Here are ways to lose weight fast;

  • Consume at least 2-2.5 liters of water a day

Scientific studies; It almost reveals that a lot of water should be consumed per day at the point of losing weight quickly. Regular consumption of water both cleanses the intestines and body of toxins, and accelerates metabolism and shortens the fat burning process. Drinking water, especially 30 minutes before meals, makes people feel full and helps them consume less food in their meals, thus reducing their calorie intake. If you consume at least 2-2.5 liters of water during the day, you can both meet your body’s daily water and moisture needs and lose weight more easily.

lose weight fast

  • Drink 2-3 glasses of Turkish coffee a day

To speed up your metabolism and focus on your work better during the day, 2-3 glasses of Turkish coffee a day You can drink coffee. Turkish coffee containing plenty of antioxidants; In addition to protecting the heart and vascular health of the person, it prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and severe fat in the body. It accelerates the burning of regional fats and protects your tissues from the destructive effects of free radicals. However, if you want to speed up the calorie burning; You should never add sugar to the coffee you drink.

  • Do not include refined carbohydrates in your meals

White bread, pastries, pastries, pastries, bagels, etc. Consuming refined carbohydrates, which have lost most of their fibrous feature, quickly raises blood sugar, causing the person to feel hungry quickly during the day. Foods containing refined carbohydrates, which have a very low glycemic index with satiating properties, lead to an easier progression of obesity as well as type 2 diabetes. Therefore, if you wish to lose weight quickly; You should avoid consuming foods such as pastry, white bread, cake, muffin, which contain a large amount of refined carbohydrates and adversely affect intestinal health, as much as possible!

  • Calculate calories

No matter how small amount of food you consume every day to lose weight, if the products you consume are high in calories, you may find it difficult to lose weight. Therefore, you should not only reduce and reduce your portions in your diet, but also calculate the calories of the foods you consume during the day. For example, if you have consumed a high-calorie food such as pasta at lunchtime; You should prefer plenty of salad and vegetable meals in the evening, and take care not to exceed the amount of calories you need to take daily. If you are a woman, if you plan to lose an average of 1 kg in a week; You should not consume more than 1500 calories per day.

  • Try to consume plenty of spicy foods

Spices such as paprika, mint, basil; It is among the most important spices that suppress appetite and accelerate metabolism. If you add plenty of spices to the food you consume in your diet, it is possible to burn fat more easily! But you have gastritis, reflux etc. We also want to remind you that if you have stomach problems, excessive consumption of spicy food can increase your symptoms. Beware of!

  • Use smaller plates

If you can’t feel comfortable eating 2-3 plates for lunch or dinner; you can use smaller plates and relax psychologically. If you reduce your portions, you can successfully complete the weight loss process.Foods rich in fiber; It increases the number of probiotic bacteria in the intestines and improves the functions of the intestines. Kefir, yoghurt, tomato, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower etc. Let’s take food as an example.

  • Use probiotic food supplements

Probiotic foods and supplements that increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut; In addition to preventing constipation, it accelerates metabolism. Probiotic foods that naturally improve the low metabolic rate, which is one of the most important reasons for not being able to lose weight and gaining weight; It also prevents weight gain caused by constipation. When you use probiotic food supplements both during and after your diet, you can clean your intestines from harmful waste materials and prevent these bacteria from leaking from your intestines to other organs of your body and causing more serious diseases.

  • Consume plenty of low-calorie vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits that heal the intestines with their fibrous structure and are a source of vitamins and minerals; With the high amount of water in its components, it increases the metabolic rate as well as meeting the body’s water needs. Vegetables and fruits that stand out with their satiety and nutritiveness; They extend your lifespan and strengthen your immunity. Especially citrus fruits such as oranges and tangerines, dark green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, dill, cauliflower and black cabbage lead you to lose weight with their low calories. You can lose weight quickly as long as you frequently include vegetables and fruits in your meals and stay away from pastry foods, oily and salty foods.

  • Chew your food slowly

Eating fast food; It makes it difficult for the food to be digested because it causes the food to pass to the stomach and then to the intestines. At the same time, since plenty of air enters the mouth, indigestion, gas, stomach bloating, etc. cause digestive complaints. Chewing the food slowly, that is, digesting it, protects the intestinal and stomach health and improves digestion. At the same time, they provide more secretion of the hormone that increases with weight loss. When you chew your food slowly, you can extend the time you stay at the table, feel full in a shorter time and reduce your daily calorie intake.

  • Don’t forget to consume protein foods

Protein-containing foods that you can consume together with low-carbohydrate foods accelerate your metabolism exponentially. The fact that at least 25% of the foods consumed during the day are protein-weighted prevents the storage of carbohydrates and fats taken into the body in the liver and body. During the day, you can add low-fat or lean meat, fish, chicken, etc. to your meals. You should never forget to include foods of animal origin. If you are vegan or vegetarian; You should definitely include protein ski and vegetable protein sources such as mushrooms, dried beans, chickpeas, broad beans in your meals.

  • Do not consume foods with additives, sugar and salt

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should never consume foods with additives sold in the markets. At the same time, you should definitely avoid the consumption of sugar, salt and flour trio, namely the 3 whites. In this process, you should prepare all the foods you consume with your own hands. In this way, you can both lose weight more easily and reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart, blood vessels and obesity.

  • Do not consume acidic beverages

In addition to highly acidic beverages such as cola, fanta and soda, even ready-made fruit juices, which we think are innocent, contain plenty of additives and sugar. they contain. Intensely sweetened fruit juices and acidic beverages invite obesity even in children. In order to lose weight and protect yourself from the harmful effects of acid and sugar, you should remove acidic drinks and fruit juices from your life. Pineapple juice, carrot juice, parsley juice, etc. that you can prepare yourself from fruits and vegetables during the day. When you consume beverages, you can both cool down and lose weight quickly.

  • Try to sleep well

Many scientific studies; It shows that there is a parallel relationship between insomnia and weight gain. Irregular and insufficient sleep can cause more stress hormones to be secreted, triggering weight gain.At the point of having a strong immune system, it is also important what time you sleep at night. You can prevent weight gain if you are asleep between 22.00 and 03.00, when the body is repaired and the hormone melatonin is secreted. You can lose weight more easily by sleeping at least 8-9 hours at night.

Try to sleep well

  • Get plenty of exercise

If you want to lose weight quickly, you should not forget to exercise a lot during this period. In order to lose weight, we recommend you to do aerobic exercises to melt the fat in your belly and hip area. You can lose the weight you want by eating regularly and correctly, taking walks for at least 30-40 minutes during the day, and doing plenty of exercise.

  • Consume herbal teas

Green tea,   fennel tea, etc. You can get a better result from your diet if you drink 2-3 glasses of herbal teas that accelerate metabolism.

  • Never forget the importance of breakfast

A hearty and nutritious breakfast not only makes you spend the day more positive, but also limits the amount of calories you take during the day. You can lose weight quickly if you consume low-calorie and nutritious foods such as boiled eggs, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados in your breakfast.

  • Manage your stress

Extreme stress, panic attacks and tension; leads to an increase in cortisol levels. Excess secretion of this hormone significantly slows down the metabolic rate and makes the person fat. If you continue to gain weight despite eating less and eating a balanced diet during the day, you should learn to control your stress as soon as possible, as this may be due to your extremely stressed mood. If you cannot achieve this on your own, you should definitely seek psychological support.

  • Take a chance with detox drinks

By adding plenty of detox drinks to your diet, you can both cool off in the summer heat and burn calories quickly. When you consume 2-3 glasses of delicious flavors such as cucumber detox, blackberry detox and orange detox, you can remove the edema in your body and purify your body from toxins.

  • Eat little and often

When you eat 3 main meals and 3 small snacks a day, instead of eating 3 meals a day, you get more nutrients. You can digest easily, feel fuller, and get fewer calories during the day.

  • Consume nuts between meals

Almonds, pistachios, etc., which are extremely rich in protein. Nuts keep you full until dinner with their filling properties. You can lose weight in a healthy way by consuming nuts, not exceeding 8-10 pieces in your snacks. What should be done to lose weight fast in this article? How to lose weight quickly and permanently? etc. We tried to answer the questions.

Things to Do to Lose Weight Fast

Remember that in a short time, shock diet practices will never benefit you and even harm your body. When you decide to lose weight, the first thing you need to do is to apply the substances I have listed and to organize your life. It wouldn’t make any sense on its own. In order to lose weight in a healthy and regular way, it will be enough to apply the methods I gave you regularly.

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