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Whale Tattoos and Meanings

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Long before humans conquered the seas, we were fascinated by this beautiful creature of the ocean. Mankind first fell in love with whales the nanosecond we heard their siren songs and saw them rise magnificently from the unknown depths. Indigenous tribes with close ties to the sea see whales as reincarnations of revered ancestors and all powerful gods. It’s easy to see why early humans thought that the humpback whale’s siren songs or the quick clicks of a beluga were messages from the gods. It is believed that the ancestors, in the form of whales, protected the coast and villages from disturbances on land as well as at sea.

Aquarell Wal mit Halbmond

Whales are also prominent characters in many mythologies of creation such as the Inuit legends. In parts of Vietnam, full-scale funeral services are held for stranded whales and it is considered a mark of arrogance and disrespect when villagers fail to come to the aid of a stranded whale. They are totally devoted to their calves, who often put themselves in great danger simply to protect their young. Much like elephants, certain species of whales travel in close-knit family groups that, more often than not, consist mostly (but not exclusively) of several generations of women. It is for this reason that whales have strong family ties – they symbolize closeness to family.

Aquarell Wal auf dem Arm Blau

Bunte Wal am Unterarm

The meaning of whale tattoos

The Mothers of the Sea embody a variety of characteristics including:

  • Motherhood
  • Protection and guidance
  • patience and understanding
  • intuition
  • Communication
  • Peace and Harmony

Wal mit Schiff am Oberschenkel

Whale Tattoo Variations

By far one of the most popular designs is that of the killer whale. Whales have a look that is both aesthetically pleasing and instantly recognizable. Occasionally, whale tattoos have more colorful nautical motifs, and it’s not uncommon to have designs that just highlight the beauty of these magnificent animals. The most popular whale tattoo variations include: Killer whale tattoos Of all the whale species in the sea, none have captured our hearts quite like the captives of the ocean. Many indigenous cultures hold them in high regard as noble warriors and honor them like chiefs.

The most popular and best known is the killer whale, a vibrant black and white coloring and playful demeanor that makes them prime headliners in public aquariums and water theme parks worldwide. The Kwakwaka’wakw people of British Columbia believe that they are the rulers of the sea because they personify the souls of past tribal leaders. To the Yupik of Siberia, whales are like wolves, regularly turning into killer whales in winter and then back into wolves in the summer months.

Wal mit Schiff am Schulterblatt

An ocean whale tattoo embodies power, strength, intelligence. Tribal Whale Tattoos From the Haida of Canada to the Māori of New Zealand, tribal whale tattoos are the most popular designs of the genre. Each pattern is clearly identifiable with a particular culture and is a common way for tribe members and spiritual leaders to pay tribute to their ancestors and gods. Below you will find photo examples of whale tattoos that will hopefully make your decision easier. Thanks for your visit.

Wal mit Kompass am Rücken

Wal schwarz und weiß am Unterarm

Wal schwarz und weiß am Oberschenkel

Wal mit Anker am Unterarm

Wal am Brust schwarz und weiß

Tattoo Wal am Rücken

Aquarell Wal auf der Hüfte

Wal Tattoo Blau am Unterarm

Weißwal am fuß

Wal am Unterarm

Bunte Kleine Wal am Knöchel

Kleine Wal am Oberschenkel

Wal Tattoo am fuß seite

Kleine Wal am Knöchel

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