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Turtle Tattoo ideas and Meanings

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Throughout human history, the turtle has been an inspirational positive change agent. They may not be the world’s most fond of animals in the animal kingdom, but they have keen instincts to survive – they can “go with the flow” and this attitude makes these delicate beings powerful totems in indigenous tribes around the world.

Schildkröten im Röhricht Tattoo Design am Obearm

The story of the turtles

The turtle has a powerful spiritual symbol worth worldwide in a number of traditions and cultures. From the Indians to the Japanese, there are innumerable creation legends that show the turtle as a key character. In some Native American stories, the turtle is the deity of the world’s coasts. Tradition has the animal brought mud from the bottom of the vast global ocean and used it to form continents. This association with mother earth and the sea is the reason why turtles have the female cycle and the movements of the moon. This concept is not unique; in fact, many African and ancient Greek traditions are filled with tales of the turtle. On average, turtles live to be 150 years old, which is why they are revered as symbols of health and longevity.

Aquarell Schildkröten Design am Rippenbogen

The meaning of turtle tattoos

  • patience
  • Longevity
  • wisdom
  • Peace
  • innocence
  • stability
  • Endurance
  • Feminine Energy

Different turtle motifs

Many other cultures have incorporated turtles into their myth of origin. It is often said that the turtle carries the world on its shell or it is said that the turtle protects itself with the shell on its back. The turtle is also known for its steadfastness. Turtle tattoos stand for endurance, bravery, relaxation, courage, security, perseverance, longevity and security.

Schildkröten Tattoo Design auf der Bein

The good thing about turtle tattoos is that the tattoo artist can intrigue another tattoo into the turtle. This means that the tattoo artist can put other motifs or symbols in the shell of the turtle, such as letters or a clover leaf or dear symbols, whatever you want, so you can reproduce your message on the hand of the shell.

Abstract Schildkröten Design am Rücken

You can of course also choose something that is very personal for you. That is also the reason why you get a tattoo so that you can convey your personal message or set an example for what you have experienced in life. You can choose a large turtle or a very small one that is entirely up to your taste.

3D Schildkröten Tattoo auf fußsohle

I am sure that you now understand why so many people have turtle tattoos. If this tattoo interests you, you should take a look at our pictures and choose the right turtle for you and off to the tattoo studio and do not forget that you can personalize the turtle by finding a tank with something personal. Have fun and see you next Times.

Tribal Schildkröten Tattoo Design auf der Bein

Tribal Schildkröten mit Blumen Design am Oberarm

Tribal Schildkröten Tattoo Design am Unterschenkel

Schildkröten Design am Bauch Schwarz und weiß

Tribal Schildkröten Design am Rücken

Mandala Schildkröten Design auf dem Arm

Tribal Schildkröten Yin Yang Tattoo auf der Bein

Kleiner Tribal Schildkröten Design

Tribal Schildkröten mit Blume Design am fuß

Kleiner Schildkröten Tattoo am Knöchel

Schildkröten mit Blumen Tattoo am Unterschenkel

Kleiner Schildkröten Design am Unterschenkel

3D Kleiner Schildkröten Design am Schulterblatt

Schildkröten Design am fuß

Cartoon Schildkröten Design am Handgelenk

Aquarell Schildkröten mit Anemonenfisch Design

Cartoon Schildkröten mit Fisch Tattoo auf der Bein

Schildkröten mit Kompass Design am Oberarm

Schildkröten Design am Oberschenkel Schwarz und weiß

Schildkröten Tattoo Design auf der Bein

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