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The meaningful symbolism behind Hold Fast tattoos, plus some cool designs

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Die bedeutungsvolle Symbolik hinter "Hold Fast" Tattoos, plus einige coole Designs

Phrase tattoos are quite interesting on the body as they have different and unique meanings.You can even add different elements to them.”Hold on” is a very popular term that dates back to the time when sailors believed he would keep them away from evil forces and guard them at sea.Nowadays, many tattoo enthusiasts are referred to as a tattoo.

Hold fast tattoo on finger for men

Most people opt for this tattoo on their knuckles as it suits this placement.As more and more designs have been added to the mix, they are not only used on sailors but also on different body parts.This unique tattoo has numerous beautiful meanings.The motivational meaning behind it really compels you to get one.So if you want to try something new and learn more about the Hold Fast tattoo, read below.

The Meaning of Hold Fast Tattoos

The Hold Fast Tattoo has a rich history from the time seafarers spent months at sea.To know the true meaning of this tattoo and its background, you need to see it from the sailor’s approach before delving into other meanings.In the early years, sailors were always despised, and many saw their job as something casual, even though it was pretty tough.In order to stay positive and motivated at sea, they have come up with numerous stories and superstitions.

Hold fast tattoo for men at back

In addition to the Hold Fast tattoo, the sailors believedof many other symbols that helped protect them from evil forces.Sailors saw the Hold Fast tattoo as a sign of good luck, just as they saw other symbols.When sailors got this tattoo on their knuckles, they believed in using one hand on the ship to protect themselves and the other to help their shipmates.For them it also symbolized defending their position and keeping their balance.

The Hold Fast tattoo also has a nautical version that symbolizes that you stay tough and dig in the place where you are.That means staying in the position you are in, stopping whatever you are doing and getting away nautically.The main purpose of this Hold Fast symbol was for people who worked as deckhands.It was a token of luck for them and encouraged them to keep a good grip.

These meanings mostly apply to seafarers, but they are also very different.Therefore, they also get many people whose great-grandfathers were not seafarers.A reminder to keep your balance in life and defend your position is something everyone can relate to.You have to remember this all the time.This tattoo also means to secure your beliefs and values ​​and never deviate from your personal truths and beliefs.

Bold Hold fast tattoo for men

People are very good at associating these meanings with their daily life, and it is a good way to gain hope and believe in some luck.As this tattoo has undergone modifications over the years, many tattoo lovers have incorporated various elements to make the tattoo more meaningful and exciting.From ship ropes to anchors, you can add anything you think fits the tattoo and reinforces its meaning.

Old tattoos hold a very special place in the hearts of tattoo lovers.After all, most of them have a very significant meaning.The best thing about such tattoos is that even if the meanings revolve around a specific purpose (in this case for sailors), you can still apply them to your daily life and seek hope from them.When you’re confident enough to get a Hold Fast tattoo, your next step is to decide on the design, which you can find inspiration for below.

Ideal placement for “Hold Fast” tattoos

The traditional placement for Hold Fast tattoos are the knuckles, as they are also used here by sailors.The ankle seems to be the most suitable place for these 8 letters and is also very visible that way.But as this tattoo gained popularity and artists introduced more designs, people get it on different parts of the body.If you want to try a unique placement and not stick with the traditional knuckles, consider other options like your chest, arms, back, and legs.

Classy Hold fast tattoo for women on finger

The sticking tattoo would go anywherelook good because the main thing people would be curious about is the meaning.The symbolism of a tattoo will stand out no matter where you place it.But the ankles are historically the most appropriate place to get this tattoo unless you planned on getting a different design on your ankles.Whichever placement you choose for this tattoo, make sure to display it comfortably and relaxed in a certain area.

Types of “Hold Tattoos”

Anchor Hold Fast Tattoo

Add a unique addition to your body art with this Anchored Hold Fast Tattoo.This design includes the words Hold Fast in black ink and an anchor in place of an O. The tattoo artist added some subtle details to the letters for a unique touch.If you are getting this tattoo from a seaman’s point of view, anchors are a good symbol to incorporate into this tattoo.Anchors also provide stability, which is an excellent feature of the Hold Fast Tattoo.

Anchor Hold fast tattoo on hands

Traditional Hold Fast Tattoo

The traditional oneHold Fast Tattoo includes the 8 bold letters on the knuckles.To give it a bold look, your tattoo artist will use black ink.For an added touch, they will bring in some unique details.You can also add pops of color for a more attractive look.Or, opt for finger placement if you don’t want to go after your knuckles.Keeping this tattoo simple without too many extras is the best way to get amazing body art and stick to its meaning.

Hold fast tattoo on arm for men

Closing words

Now that you ‘re aware of the historical and beautiful meaning of the “Hold Fast” tattoo, it is time to prepare for your tattoo.As you can see, there’s a lot more to this 8-letter phrase and you may notice a difference in your perspectives after you’ve tattooed them.Choose the design that suits you best and show off your “Hold Fast” tattoo by making an appointment with your tattoo artist.

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