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Taurus Tattoo Designs With Meanings

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Mankind has been fascinated by these animals since prehistoric times. The same is also true with the tattoos – it is a very popular motif with the men. In this article you will learn the history of the bulls and learn how the tattoo motifs mean in each case. Realistisch Stier Design auf dem Arm The History of the Bulls Some of the earliest cave drawings of the bulls were found in France. The mysterious bull of heaven is a prominent sign in the Gilgamesh epic, which seems to be a close parallel to the biblical versions of the great flood and the story of Adam and Eve. Many ancient cultures and modern religions around the world believe that bulls are sacred; In ancient Egypt, the cult of the bull deity Apis was an integral part of religious ceremonies in the country. In the Hindu tradition, the mighty god, Shiva, is often depicted as riding a bull. To symbolize their entry into manhood, boys jump over the back of the strongest bull in the village. Numerous important religious festivals and rituals include a healthy bull as the highest and noblest form of animal sacrifice. Stier Tattoo Design um den Hals

The Meaning of Taurus Tattoos

In the picture on Wall Street, bulls represent power and strength. It is no wonder that individuals with a fighting spirit and a never-down attitude, like former WWE wrestler The Rock, identify with these majestic beasts. Taurus tattoo designs symbolize:

  • power
  • strength
  • sexual performance
  • spirituality
  • elasticity
  • providing
  • protection
  • death

3D Stier Design am Oberarm

Taurus Tattoo Design Variations

Taurus Tattoo Designs have a multitude of elements, each of which has a different meaning to the wearer. Popular variations are: Tribal tattoos, taurus Tribal patterns have a strong connection with the indigenous cultures they came from, whether it is the plains of North America to the highlands of Nepal. Tribal bull tattoos are deep in nature, rooted in paganism and spirituality. These designs are also associated with power, vigor, and fertility, all of which have been integral to countless pagan cultures.

Tribal Stier Tattoo Design am Oberarm

Individuals who identify with these animals have an air of danger and excitement. The allure of a powerful, raging creature to conquer gives those who overcome this challenge the feeling of invincibility. A wild bull symbolizes raw male energy.

Wütender Stier Tattoo Design am Oberarm

See also with the riders bull tattoos. Individuals with this tattoo design will identify strongly with the characteristics of a Tauern; they are powerful, robust and steadfast in their actions, regardless of external influences.

Stierkopf Design auf der Hand

Celtic bull tattoos with Celtic influences are deeply rooted to spirituality and paganism. These designs may include a picture of the bull or a series of Celtic knots that have been shaped to resemble the outline of the animal (namely the head).

Keltisch Stierkopf Tattoo Design am Rücken

Taurus Skull Tattoos Although a skull is the epitome of death and destruction, a bull skull – much like a buffalo skull – symbolizes life and prosperity in Indian American folklore. In fact, the two are often interchangeable. In contrast, seeing a bull skull during the days of the Wild West meant death was near, as these bones were typically found in parched, unbridled lands.

Stier Totenkopf Tattoo Design Cartoon Stier Sternzeichen Design am Handgelenk Bunte Geometrisch Stier Tattoo am Oberarm

Stier Tattoo Design am Oberarm Rot Geometrisch Stier Tattoo am Unterarm Abstract Stier Design am Schulterblatt Stier Design am Oberarm Dotwork Stier Design am Unterschenkel Wasserfarben Stier Design am Schulterblatt Tribal Stierkopf Design auf dem Arm Stierkopf Tattoo Design auf der Hand Aquarell und Geometrisch Stier Tattoo Design am Unterarm Stierkopf Design auf dem Arm Tattoo Wütender Stierkopf Design Stierkopf Design Tattoo Idee Stierkopf Design Tattoo am Oberarm  Abstract Stierkopf Design am Rücken Stierkopf mit Banderole Design auf der Bein Tattoo Stier Design am Oberarm Kleiner Tattoo Stier Design am Handgelenk Tattoo Stierkopf Design am Oberarm Tribal Tattoo Stierkopf Design auf der Bein Stierkopf mit Stacheldraht Design am Arm Stierkopf Design am Brust Cartoon Stier Design am Oberarm

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