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Sunflower tattoo: meaning and the most beautiful motifs at a glance!

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Sonnenblume Tattoo: Bedeutung und die schönsten Motive im Überblick!

Sunflower Tattoo: Meaning and the most beautiful motifs at a glance!


New School, Old School, Watercolors, Fineline Tattoos – tattoo designs and styles are a dime a dozen.All tattoo fans would definitely agree – getting a new tattoo is without a doubt one of the most exciting experiences of our lives.But choosing the right motif, which not only looks beautiful, but also has a meaning for us, can sometimes be a real challenge.Flowers are not only very popular on balconies and in the garden, but are also among the most popular tattoo designs.You think flower tattoos are beautiful, but the classic roses and lilies are too “mainstream” for you?So how about a sunflower tattoo?In the following, we will reveal the meaning behind this and the most beautiful tattoo ideas!

Sunflower tattoo meaning


Sonnenblume Tattoo Frauen kileine Fuß-Tattoos Bilder

Sunflowers are a very special kind of plant and were extremely useful to humans in the past.It is therefore no surprise that the beautiful bloom is one of the most sought-after tattoo motifs of the year.In Greek mythology, the sunflower is attributed to a tragic story of the unrequited love between the sun god Helios and the water nymph Clytia.Despite all her best efforts, Cynthia failed to win the affection of Helios and has condemned herself to spend the rest of her life following him on his daily journey.After all, the gods of Olympus transformed Clytia into a sunflower that always follows the splendor of the sun.

  Realistic Tattoo Bilder Sonnenblume Tattoo

The French word for sunflower is “Tournesol”, which means “to turn towards the sun”.One of the most famous properties of the beautiful flower is its ability to move into a position where it receives the greatest amount of sunlight in order to make the most of solar energy.In addition, in many cultures the sunflower stands for worship and the absorption of positive energies.Since yellow is the color of happiness and vitality for the Chinese, the sunflower means hope, healing, longevity and loyalty.

  Schulter-Tattoo Frauen Sonnenblume Tattoo Bedeutung 

A sunflower field oreven a beautiful bouquet of flowers immediately puts most of us in a good mood.A sunflower tattoo looks warm and cheerful and usually sends an uplifting message.One of the best things about the tattoo theme is that you can change or add to its meaning by adding other elements.In combination with various insects such as dragonflies or beetles, the sunflower tattoo symbolizes growth, transformation and joy.The colors used can also greatly influence the appearance and meaning of the tattoo.

  Sonnenblume Tatatoo Bedeutung Watercolors Tattootrends 2021

In ourTime, the sunflower tattoostands above all for a good mood, joie de vivre and is also associated with the environment and nature.The colorful flowers are also an important symbol for the hippie movement of the 70s and can therefore also embody “love and piece” or self-love.So a sunflower tattoowould be the perfect way to put our skin in a good mood and hold onto this inner satisfaction forever.

Mandala Sunflower Tattoo

  Sonnenblume Mandala Tattoo Bilder Tattootrends 2021 

For whatever reason you have chosen a sunflower tattoo, there are many creative and unique ways to make the subject your own work of art.Since the sunflower itself is very symmetrical, it is often combined with a beautiful mandala tattoo.Mandala is a mystical Buddhist symbol that represents the completeness and harmony of the universe.The mandala tattoos are always round and oriented towards a design center and would therefore be the perfect addition to any colorful sunflower tattoo.

Sunflower and skull tattoo

  Sonnenblume Tattooiden Frauen Tattootrends 2021

Although skull tattoos look pretty creepy and gloomy at first glance, they have been one of the absolute classics among body decorations for years.In fact, the motif is very popular with both men and women and the meaning is not as negative as you might think.So a skull tattoo can stand for a positive change and the transience of life.In some cultures the skull is even interpreted as a good luck charm.So a sunflower tattoowith a skull could be seen as a symbol of life and death.Sometimes the skull can represent the renewal and in this sense the two motifs go very well together.


Which part of the body should you choose for your sunflower tattoo?

  Traditional Tattoodesign Tattoo am Schlüsselbein Frauen 

The sunflower tattoohas a particularly cheerful look.Do you like filigree and minimalist designs and want to hide your decoration every now and then?Then the wrist, forearm and upper arm as well as a tattoo behind the ear would be the best possible choice for you!The back, on the other hand, offers plenty of space for large-scale and detailed works of art.Since the curved lines of the sunflower perfectly match the natural shape of the shoulder, this area is also a very popular choice for a beautiful sunflower tattoo.

Sunflower tattoo: The most beautiful designs at a glance!

  Fuß-Tattoo klein Sonnenblume Tattoo Bedeutung 

This finger tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants something minimalist yet powerful

  Finger-Tattoo für Frauen Sonnenblume Tattoo Bilder 

Van Gogh’s stunning sunflower paintings always make for a unique and original tattoo design

  kleine Tattoos für Frauen Sonnenblume Tattoomotiv Bilder 

Sunflower tattoo on the back in black and white for women

  Rücken-Tattoo für Frauen Sonnenblume Tattoo 

Add further elements to give the sunflower tattoo a personal touch

  Blumen Tattoo Bilder Sonnenblume Tattoomotiv Bedeutung 

The sunflower as a symbol for eternal love

  Sonnenblume Tattoo Bedeutung Blumen Tattoodesign für Frauen 

The motif is ideal for a fine fineline tattoo

  Sonnenblume Tattoo Bedeutung Tattootrends 2021 

The back is the ideal canvas forvivid and detailed tattoo designs

  Sonnenblume Tattoo Bilder Rücken Tattooideen für Frauen 

Sunflower and dream catcher tattoos for women

  Traumfänger Tattoodesign Frauen Sonnenblume Tattoo Bedeutung 

Small tattoos are great for your first tattoo

  Unterarm Tattoos für Frauen Sonnenblume Tattoo Bedeutung 

toothe magnificent flower comes into its own as a foot tattoo

  Watercolors Tattoos Trend Sonnenblume Tattoodesign Bedeutung


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