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Spider Tattoo ideas and Meaning

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From the indigenous cultures of the Pacific islands to the indigenous peoples living in the depths of the Amazon jungle, people all over the world hold the fascinating spider in high regard. The Story of Spiders A nest of spiders is a stuff of nightmares. Even the presence of a single being can send grown adults into a frenzy. From brown recluse to tarantula, they have inspired fear and horror in the minds of countless people. Spiders are small and fragile, but once grabbed they are very strong.

In fact, some of the venomous spiders are some of the smallest in the world. But they’re not as terrible as they are in the media, or a few horror stories have led us to believe that they are very dangerous. Spinne Tattoo mit Netz Design auf Hand Many cultures around the world have sects that have dedicated their religion only to the spider. In West Africa, the Caribbean and the southern United States, the legends of Brer Anansi still reign supreme. Today, Anansi is a popular feature of children’s books, but the story of the shape shifting trickster originated in the Ashanti tribes of Africa. The Lakota (Sioux) people of North America speak of the dream catcher spider, Iktomi, who teaches mankind infinite wisdom and patience. The spider has links to Abrahamic religions as well.

3D Spinne Design Idee am Handgelenk

There are stories in both Jewish and Islamic oral traditions of how a humble spider helped cover up a prominent religious icon through its web. In Islamic tradition, the Prophet and his companion, Abu Bakr, sought refuge in a cave to hide from Quraysh soldiers. In the Jewish tradition, it was David who was persecuted. In both stories it is said that after the men found safety in a cave, it is said that a spider – under the guidance of God – spun a path at the cave entrance that ultimately deceived the soldiers, spiders, although not sacred , special mention are given in both religions.

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Although the legendary Spiderman is a hero for all time, the spider is not always mentioned in connection with good deeds. In Europe, spiders are a bad omen for most people. This mood is believed to be a holdover from the time of the Black Plague, when many people thought that the evil spider, an emblem of the devil, brought disease to earth. Brought Shelob, the evil spider from the Lord of the Rings trilogy, is a play on this tradition.

3D Spinne Tattoo um den Hals für Frauen

For some spider tattoos (especially cobwebs) are a symbol of physical, emotional, or mental incarceration. They are symbols for unable to escape entanglement that accounts for why criminals love spiders and spider web tattoos. These insects are poisonous and deadly, and gangs attached to the image of arachnids as their qualifications, often with racial effects. Whether you are fascinated by the skillful antics of Anansi or feel bound by life’s intricate twists and turns, these tattoos are great ways to show the world that you are much more than a delicate, little spider.

The Meaning of Spider Tattoos

  • Ingenuity
  • Intelligence
  • Femininity
  • Temptation and Danger
  • Death
  • Protection
  • Tricks
  • Wisdom

Kleiner Spinne Design um den Hals

Spider Tattoo Design Variations

Artist and tattoo connoisseur love a variety of features to add to their designs. If you think spider tattoos are not for you, I would say first look at the pictures I have selected for you under this article, if you still think that it is not for you I have prepared many other motifs for you will definitely find the right one for you.

Spinne Design auf Hand

Spinne Tattoo Design im Gesicht Spinne mit Netz Design am Schulterblatt 3D Spinne Tattoo hinter dem Ohr Spinne Design am Ellbogen Schwarz
Kleiner Spinne mit Netz Design am Unterschenkel Schwarz Spinne Tattoo Design auf der Bein 3D Spinne Tattoo um den Hals für Frauen Spinne Tattoo Idee am Knie Spinne Tattoo mit Totenkopf auf dem Arm Spinne mit Totenkopf Design auf der Bein Spinne Design am Oberschenkel Spinne mit Netz Tattoo am Rücken Tribal Spinne Tattoo am Oberarm Spinne mit Netz Design auf dem Arm Spinne mit Auge Design am Unterschenkel  Spinne Tattoo am Ellbogen Vogelspinnen Tattoo am fuß Blau

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