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Small insect Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Small insect tattoos and their meanings
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Being afraid of scary crawly animals is one of the most common phobias. On closer inspection, however, you can see their amazing properties, such as the loyalty of the bees and the skill and perseverance of the spiders. These characteristics have turned into incredible symbolism, and as such, insect designs are popular tattoo options.

From colorful butterflies to the Egyptian scarab beetle, let’s dive into the meaning of insect tattoos.

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Butterfly Tattoos

Many cultures throughout history have ascribed a deep meaning to butterflies; the Celts are an ancient society. As Mind Body Green explains.

Butterflies can show people that a process of testing and change can lead to a beautiful result.

Because of the strong symbolism behind butterflies, butterfly tattoos are one of the most popular insects to be inked.

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This tattoo choice is a great opportunity to get colorful. Custom tattoo design says.

A butterfly tattoo works well as a tiny tattoo on the wrist, behind the ear, or on the ankle and can act as a reminder to trust your path and believe in the challenges you face.

Bee Tattoos

Bees have been part of human cultures for centuries, in part because of their honey-making skills. Even ancient civilizations like the Sumerians and Babylonians referred to honey in their scriptures.

In order for honey bees to actually make honey, they have a compliant society that is very loyal to their queen.

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Because of their devotional and consistent nature, bee tattoos are often an expression of loyalty and family.

A bee tattoo can also mean hard work and dedication – it takes a long time for a bee colony to build a beehive, form a honeycomb and start producing honey.

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Honey bees are also a matriarchal species, which means that everyone is subordinate to the queen. Hence, a tattoo of a queen bee can signify feminine strength and power.

Spider Tattoos

While spiders are technically arachnids, let’s leave the technical details of this arthropod behind and still go through its interesting symbolism.

Spiders often get bad shells, and there are many people who are not too happy to see them crawling around their homes.

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So it’s pretty interesting to note that the symbolism of spiders doesn’t involve a lot of negativity.

These creatures can weave the most intricate patterns to catch their prey – and they won’t just give up when their web is torn off. You keep building.

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When it comes to tattoos, spiders aren’t the most common choice.

However, if you’re looking for tattoo inspiration for a design that symbolizes hard work and dedication (and you’re not afraid of spiders) this spider is a great place to start.

Scarab Beetle Tattoos

The scarab beetle is another name for a dung beetle – an insect that spends a lot of time with feces. Why was it such a strong issue in ancient Egypt?

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The scarab beetle motif was popular in ancient Egypt for seals and amulets, many of which have survived.

A scarab beetle tattoo can symbolize rebirth, growth, and the cycle of life.

Cicada Tattoo

Just like the butterfly, cicadas are winged insects that are undergoing a transformation – however, the metamorphosis of the cicadas is different in that it does not contain a pupal state and has been compared to a more human displacement.

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Tattoo SEO points out that a cicada tattoo can also act as a reminder of the moment of significant life changes. Because this insect seems to know exactly the right time to reproduce offspring: when the fewest predators are around.

A cicada works well as a delicate, black and gray tattoo – its patterned wings can be created with elegant, detailed fine lines.

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Small insects can mean great symbolism. The world of insects can hold a ton of inspiration for your next tattoo design.

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