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Small Ankle Tattoo ideas

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Small ankle tattoo ideas
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When it comes to tiny tattoos, placement is a huge consideration. If you are getting your small tattoo on a large area – such as the thigh, back, or forearm – you need to think about future tattoos that you would like to have in that area as your mini tattoo will affect what other inks you can get.

Places that stand out as great tattoo placement options for small tattoos are behind the ear, wrist, and ankle.

The ankle has long been a popular placement choice for small tattoos for a variety of reasons.

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First, a tattoo is easy to hide here – all you have to do is wear long pants and your conservative family or work colleagues won’t be the smarter.

Second, when it comes to aftercare, very little gets in the way of your tattoo artist’s instructions. Areas that are not easily accessible (such as your back) can be difficult to follow up with and you may need the help of someone to wash and moisturize your tattoo.

A tattoo on the ankle is easy to get hold of, and breathing without tight clothing is easy to get to – just avoid socks and try to hold onto flip flops.

However, this placement also has some drawbacks.

The ankle is rather bony, which can make for a more painful tattoo experience. If you get inked in a place like your forearm or thigh, there will be more layers to absorb the impact of the needle. In an area with thinner skin and less fat, the needle will have access to more nerves and bones.

However, there are a few things you can do to help ease the pain of the experience. Drinking water (moisturized skin is easier to tattoo), getting enough sleep the night before your appointment, and not drinking alcohol for at least 24 hours before inking (because alcohol thins the blood) are good ways to get your tattoo done. Facilitate session.

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Foot and ankle tattoos also tend to fade faster than other tattoos. Tattoo artist Leo Palomino explained to Bustle that due to socks and shoes, it is a high friction area that can cause the ink to smudge.

Of course, taking care of your tattoo can go a long way in helping it withstand the test of time.

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Anklet Tattoos

An anklet tattoo can take many forms, such as flowers, simple fine lines, bolder tribal designs, or a geometric motif.

For those who want a subtle tattoo, simple dainty lines that mimic a real jewelry anklet work well, and you can add a “charm” that means something to you, such as a tattoo with a mandala, a Hearts or a star, to name just a few options.

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Snake Knuckle Tattoo

Snakes are often portrayed as a devious, evil character in folklore. However, they also have positive connotations – they don’t all want to try to get you to eat the forbidden fruit.

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These reptiles go through a shedding process that causes a layer of their skin to peel off as it no longer fits the snake’s growing body and to get rid of parasites on the skin. This can be powerful symbolism when placed in the human context.

“Just as a snake sheds its skin, we have to put our past aside again and again,” said the Buddha.

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wing knuckle tattoo

With his winged sandals he could cross heaven, earth and the underworld.

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A single small wing on the ankle can symbolize this ancient god and represent a love of travel and a need to explore.

Wing tattoos can also represent divine guidance due to their association with angels, as well as freedom as you are not tied to the ground with wings.

Anchor Knuckle Tattoo

An anchor is a popular nautical symbol to get tattooed, but it’s no longer just attractive to sailors.

Seafarers preferred anchor tattoos to symbolize their time at sea. Tatring notes that this was a mark of achievement for sailors crossing the dangerous Atlantic.

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However, this symbol was used long before the sailors. In the childhood of Christianity, the anchor was used instead of the cross as a symbol of faith to avoid persecution.

Now a tattoo on an anchor can represent stability in troubled times. When the waves get choppy and a ship needs to remain stable, the anchor is dropped.

small ankle tattoo ideas

While the ankle is a sensitive part of your body to be tattooed, it can also be the ideal location for your chosen minimalist tattoo design. Remember, one of the best things you can do to ensure a comfortable experience and a tattoo that you love is to choose a skilled tattoo artist. Don’t rush to take your time looking through portfolios – it’s worth it.

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