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Simpson Tattoo Designs

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Simpson Tattoo-Designs

Have you ever thought about getting your favorite character from the TV series tattooed on your body? Well, you can use one of the most watched and popular TV shows, The Simpsons. Apart from the futuristic episodes and hilarious dialogues, the characters in this show exude a very realistic atmosphere. Many viewers can relate to the characters’ lifestyle and traits despite having a unique appearance.

Simple Simpsons Tattoo on arm

There are over a million Simpson tattoos. From tattoos of characters like Homer, Bart, and Lisa to certain iconic scenes from the show, they all exist. Now all you have to do is decide what is more attention grabbing and which you can relate to. There are many reasons you might want to have a Simpsons tattoo and if you are still not sure why and what to get then this article is a must to read. Here, you will learn the different meanings and ideas of the trending Simpson tattoos.

Meanings Behind Simpson Tattoos

Simpson tattoos come with a lot of variety. Hence, each tattoo has a different meaning, but they actually represent you as a die-hard Simpson fan. Getting a Simpson tattoo would make you stand out as a fan and show your appreciation for the hit cartoon.

# eye Simpsons Tattoo on forearm

It’s been quite a while since the show first started, so maybe a Simpson tattoo might remind you of the good old days when you waited anxiously for the new episode and spent your weekend watching it . Such tattoos remind you of how easy life was back then and keep such small but fun memories engraved on your body.

Colorful Simpsons Tattoo on leg for men

Some people get these tattoos to remind them of someone they would watch the show with. Your relationship with this person could have started while you were watching the show, and getting tattooed on this would definitely help you achieve inspiring and meaningful body art.

Bold Simpsons couple Tattoo

Some cool Simpson tattoos are made up of iconic scenes from the show, like when Krusty and Homer rode a tricycle or some other memorable scene that made you laugh. These type of tattoos bring out the hilarious side of you and create the impression that you are more of a fun, rather than boring, guy / girl.

Simple Simpsons Tattoo on chest

You can also get a Simpson tattoo of any of the characters you may identify with. Such tattoos show others that you have similar traits to the Simpson character you have chosen. However, you can also get it just because it is your favorite character.

Homer Simpsons Tattoo for men

The Simpsons were and are best placed to feature various celebrities as Simpson characters in some of their episodes, and they’re actually pretty hilarious. You could get tattooed on some famous Simpsons like Marc Jacobs, Dawn Lewis, or any of your favorites who appeared on the show.

Simpsons Tattoo leg

To this day, The Simpsons are still airing on television, although it’s been years since the show first started, and given the number of episodes that keep being released and won’t end anytime soon, it’s more likely that the People get Simpson tattoos. If you want to keep up with the trend, a Simpson tattoo is your best bet. These tattoos will certainly never go out of style. Simpson tattoos are too popular and have influenced pop culture which is why you should definitely get them.

Simpsons family Tattoo on leg

These Simpson tattoos have many meanings and symbolisms, but what overshadows more is the appreciation for such an amazing television show that has entertained the lives of people all over the world. Now that you are aware of the importance of Simpson tattoos, it is time to choose your tattoo designs from below.

Ideal Placement Options for Simpson Tattoos

Simpson tattoos come in so many variations. So you have several placement options in front of you. You can choose any placement on your body, keeping the design, size, and comfort in mind. The most popular placement for Simpson tattoos is on the arm, especially if you’re getting a medium-sized character tattooed.

Simpsons face Tattoo for men

The arm is perfect for any medium-sized Simpson tattoos made up of quotes or symbols from the show. You can also consider your hands, neck, legs, and collarbone area for other small or medium-sized Simpson tattoos. If you prefer something larger and more noticeable, the back, chest, stomach, thighs and sleeves are perfect options. Such placements give the artist the freedom to create your design and would look super cool.

Types of Simpson Tattoos

Bart and Lisa Simpson Tattoo

If you want to touch and match one of the characters with someone, this Beard and Lisa tattoo is the ideal choice for you. This tattoo includes a colored tattoo of Bart with his mischievous smile to annoy Lisa and a tattoo of Lisa making the loser mark on her forehead. You can combine this fun tattoo with your siblings, and any of you could combine it on your legs or hands. Such tattoos represent the relationship between two siblings and can also strengthen your bond as any kind of art always brings people together.

Bart and Lisa Simpsons Tattoo on thigh for women

Minimal Homer Simpson Tattoo

You can achieve something minimal and cool at the same time with this little Homer Simpson tattoo. This tattoo is small in size but has some interesting details in it. In this tattoo you can see Homer screaming out of a small dark hole. The tattoo artist did a great job showcasing Homer’s facial expressions and creating a black circle. You could get this tattoo all over your body and maybe have a nice laugh every morning if that is the first thing you see when you wake up.

Simpsons Tattoo on leg

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