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Ship Wheel Tattoos Designs and Meanings

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The wheel of a ship is and will remain one of the most popular maritime symbols. Ship wheel tattoos have been popular with sailors and fishermen for many years, and are now worn by men and women in all walks of life. They can be worn simply decorative or symbolic and inspirational.

Schiffs-Rad Realistisch auf dem Arm

Since ship wheels can be drawn large or small, you can have it tattooed almost anywhere on the body. Take the time to get to know all of the different designs and check out this article and all the ideas and inspiration for your tattoo.

Ship Wheel Tattoo Meanings

The ship wheel tattoo can be used both decorative and symbolic. But it can also have a lot of personal meaning to the person wearing it.

Schiffs-Rad mit Anker und Schiff am Rücken

On a sailing ship, the helmsman gives the direction, but not the power. Nature decides and the wind and waves will help him on his journey. The ship’s wheel can represent your way through the rough seas, just like in real “life”. It reminds the wearer that all must find a path in life, right or wrong, through the invisible dangers while at the grace of powerful forces beyond our control. We are on a constant journey in life to find our way and make the most of life’s opportunities.

The ship wheel tattoo, represents a variety of different meanings; Here are some.

  • Navigation
  • Purpose
  • direction
  • trip
  • Path of Life
  • Fate
  • Opportunity
  • Discovery

design decisions

A variety of different elements and symbols can be incorporated with a ship wheel tattoo. As a maritime symbol, it can be combined with an anchor, a pinup girl, sailing, stars, waves, a storm, a compass rose, a lighthouse, or a mermaid. The design can include animals such as: a shark, a ray, a swallow or other bird, a sea turtle or an octopus. With so many different options, you should be able to find the right combination for your tattoo.

Kapitän und Schiffs-Rad mit Blume auf der Bein

Before getting a tattoo, take your time to make sure that it is right for you and that you fully understand what your tattoo is and what it stands for. If you have a tattoo done on the impulse, whether man or woman, you usually regret it in the end. Therefore, take the time to research it thoroughly and do not forget that you are fully committed to your choice. Because once the tattoo is on the body it becomes difficult to remove it can be more expensive than the tattoo itself. Below are some examples in pictures that can help you decide.

Schiffs-Rad mit Anker am Unterschenkel

Schiffs-Rad und Schiff am Handgelenk

Schiffs-Rad mit Federn und Polarstern am Oberschenkel

Schiffs-Rad und Küste auf dem Arm

Schiffs-Rad am Unterarm

Schiffs-Rad mit Polarstern auf der Bein

Schiffs-Rad mit Blume am Fuß

Schiffs-Rad am Fuß Schwarz

Leuchtturm und Schiffs-Rad auf dem Arm

Schiffs-Rad mit Kreuz am Oberarm

Schiffs-Rad am Schlüsselbein

Tattoo Schiffs-Rad am Ellenbogen

Kleine Schiffs-Rad und Anker am Handgelenk für Familie

Anker und Schiffs-Rad am Unterschenkel

Kleine Schiffs-Rad und Anker auf Finger

Kleine Schiffs-Rad hinter dem Ohr

Schiffs-Rad um den Hals

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