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Ship Tattoos and Their Meanings

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Nautical tattoos have a long history of popularity among sailors and other seafaring professions. Although it is traditionally worn by men, during this period they are also very popular with women. She can be represented using a variety of different elements and symbols, including pirates, swords, ship, wheels, anchors, stars, and compasses. Although they can be worn on any scale because of the shading and detail, they tend to end up being medium to large in size. They’re not considered a mainstream design, but they’re always popular and represent a lot more than just the ocean.

Kleine Segelschiff am Oberarm schwarz und weiß

History of the ship tattoo

When it comes to a ship tattoo it is one of the best and most popular tattoos of sailors, it is one of the things that sailors are identified with and that makes them unique. For the seafarer and fisherman, it represents your way of life, and your way of being. You are out on the oceans to survive and to take care of the family. In a sense, the ship tattoo is a symbol of that.

Kleine Segelschiff auf Hand schwarz und weiß

Schiff am Oberschenkel schwarz und weiß

Many cultures have long histories of tattoo art, but in European culture, seafaring has developed its own culture of its own unique style of tattooing. The tradition can be traced back to the 1700s when Captain James Cook visited the Maori of the South Seas and his tattoos were often very peppy.

Mond Seestern Wal und Schiff am Oberschenkel

Schiff mit Blume am Oberarm schwarz

The sailing ship tattoo

The most popular nautical design is the sailing ship. These tattoos can be designed with realistic looks, or like a caricature, sometimes with just a few sails, and sometimes with many. Some are extremely detailed, while others look very stylistic or abstract. Most are drawn in the water and with waves, but some are not. You can also use ropes, flags, anchors, bow figureheads, crows nests, or other details. Some have billowing sails while others have empty masts. You could also choose birds, lighthouses, rocks, mermaids, thunderstorms, sirens, the sun or moon, or maybe a coastal landscape.

You can add whatever you want and make your design meaningful and very personal. You have seen for yourself how many examples are possible if you research properly. So you will have a better idea and you will know exactly what you want as I said, take time for your own inspiration and innovation.

Ship tattoo meaning and symbolism

Meanings may vary depending on which ship you choose. In the end, her tattoo symbolizes what you want. Here is a list of the most common meanings:

  • New trip
  • New beginning
  • Good luck
  • Embedded in nature
  • Way of Life
  • Independence
  • Self-sufficiency
  • honor
  • Bravery
  • direction
  • Troubled past
  • The challenges of life

They can also serve as a memorial to friends and loved ones who were lost at sea, lost in our lives. This is a way to honor someone who lived on the open sea or near the open lake. Perhaps the person has no connection with the sea, but they just want a ship as a memorial.

Segelschiff am Oberarm schwarz und weiß

As you can see, these designs vary from one person to the next. Some believe it stands for life. For some, it embodies the idea of ​​you carrying your world with you through the storm. Perhaps anger and turmoil became a part of your life lately and you would like to embark on a new journey: and symbolize that with a ship, no matter what you want, you can do anything with the ship tattoo and you can find photo examples below that can help you make a decision more easily.

3D Schiff am Oberarm schwarz und weiß

Tattoo Schiff am Unterarm schwarz

Segelschiff mit Rose auf dem Arm der männer

Tattoo Bunte Schiff am Oberschenkel

Aquarell Schiff mit Kompass am Unterschenkel

Segelschiff am Brust der männer

Schiff am Rücken für Frau Blau

Schiff mit Kompass am Oberarm Blau

Schiff am Oberschenkel für Frau Blau

Aquarell Schiff am Unterarm gelb

Kleine Schiff mit Anker am Unterschenkel

Kleine Schiff mit Anker am Unterarm

Kleine Schiff am Knöchel

Schiff mit Rose am Oberarm

Kleine Schiff mit Sonne auf Hand

Segelschiff mit Blume am Hals männer

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